1. S

    rear pillar rust

    Hi anyone ever had rust bubbles appear on there rear pillar? Hoping it's not coming from the inside.
  2. Johnny

    WTB: Right plastic pillar(driver side) from Spec-S

    Hi I need right pillar without any gauge..there was in spec s version PM
  3. H

    WTB: A pillar without gauge pod

    not sure if they exist, have a standard A pillar with a pod looking for one without
  4. S15AK

    WTB: Dirvers A pillar with boost gauge holder

    Hi I'm after the drivers side A pillar from the spec R which has the boost gauge, not bothered if the gauge is broken as I will be upgrading it anyway. Cheers Edit - I will have a flush one as exchange if anyone wants to swap..
  5. M

    WTB: Spec s A pillar trim and some other interior bits

    Looking for a spec a A pillar trim without gauge, or a part number. Also one of the three clips that holds the headlining up at the back to the roof. Door handle pull surround for passenger side also. Thanks.
  6. N

    FS: exchange pillar s15 with oil pressure against a pillar without gauge! (bargain!!!)

    hi guys,i've this one in great condition and working gauge and i would like to exchange it against a pillar without the gauge (on a spec S i think) no money on the exchange,so i think it will be a bargain for someone!:thumbs: thanks to let me know if interested!
  7. armouredsnake

    WTB: Spec S pod-less drivers side a pillar

    Hi guys, Been a while since I last posted. Ive got a big build list coming together which i will get started very soon as things start to move. I am at the moment looking for a spec s drivers side A pillar without the boost gauge holder. I started to mod my current A pillar and get it...
  8. paddyb01

    C pillar brace for a s15?

    seen loads for 14s with them, any one seen one in a s15?
  9. dudley97

    Boost gauge?????

    Hey guys What boost gauge fits into the oem pillar mount in a s15??? Thanks
  10. dudley97

    were to get the correct pillar mount??

    were can i get a pillar mount for my s15 i can get any to fit properly ??? many thanks dudley97
  11. L

    WTB: S15 rear quarter panel and A pillar window left side (passenger)

    Hello, :annoyed:I wrecked my s15 to a pole so i need the whole cutout or OEM rear quarter panel and A pillar window left side (passenger). Please let me know if you have them. I will pay for shipping and insurance anywhere around the world. I am located in Washington D.C. USA. Thanks!!! -Akin...
  12. J

    WTB: Spec S non boost gauge A pillar panel

    Looking for a drivers side Spec S a pillar panel as im removing the stock boost gauge and panel etc which is also now for sale in mint condition. thanks :)
  13. R

    WTB: wanted a pillar

    looking for a pillar with or without gauge
  14. B

    WTB: Wanting a JDM 'A' Pillar Mount!

    Have been looking for ages to go in my ADM. Does any one have one they want to sell???? Cheers:nod:
  15. Y

    Gauges...Once again!

    I dont want to install in the vents because I luv my aircon too much. I like the cold! Where can I get an A pillar gauge pod thingy. CHeers guys!!
  16. TriniGT

    Gauge Setup Small Project

    So I have picked up a set of Defis, all used but in excellent condition and all 60mm. My plans are to mount two on the pillar and three on top of the dashboard. Originally I wanted to get the DIN setup but since I got these for a good price I decided to go for it. I need ideas for the...
  17. DeanS15

    3 gauge pillar pod?

    does anyone know if these are available to buy for the s15? basically im looking for one to replace the pillar where the stock boost gauge is, but preferably with 3 52mm gauge holders. after some thought i would rather this and fit a double din head unit than fit a single din stereo and din...
  18. mint

    WTB: OEM A Pillar thing + Window Wiper thing

    Looking for an OEM Gauge holder (A Pillar) for the boost gauge, also a cap for the window wiper (Driver side- prob same but meh) That covers the bolt that holds it on. Ta :wave:
  19. sushiming

    How to remove OEM boost gauge and fit Defi gauge in....

    Firsly how the standard Oem gauge sits and looks I know most of u know that but have to say it dont I :D Get a flat beded screwdriver either on the side or bottom gently push it in and remove the front face or the plastic which holds the Oem Gauge in.. There one bolt which needs to be...
  20. sushiming

    Defi gauge

    hey guys i need to fit my degi gauges but just wanna see how u guys have fitted ur ones...on the standard a pillar??