1. C

    24 Hr Le Mans 2017

    Anyone planning on going this year? Been the last few years and has always been a fantastic trip. Going to be strange not seeing Audi there this year. It has pretty much been the Audi show for some time now.
  2. C

    Open Event: Niss Show Rockingham 14/08

    Anyone planning on going along to this? I was thinking I might being as it's so close to me, although I don't know whether it's any good? if you've seen any of my earlier threads you might remember I'm planning on getting a Spec-R (hopefully...
  3. B

    Hi, Northwest

    Hi, looking for a good source of information on the s15. Not owned one before but just imported this spec s. Im planning a sr20det conversion after I've sorted out some bodywork mods I've been planning. Maybe upload a bit of a project thread as I've never done one before, always bought cars that...
  4. D

    Scottish newbie. Red spec-R

    Hey guys. I'm Derek, just picked up my fresh import spec-R today. Got the car from down in Birmingham and drove it back home to Aberdeen. My 1st jap car so was fun getting through a city getting the wipers and indicators mixed up. :annoyed: Previous cars my LCR I broke to find the S15...
  5. L

    New member, S15 resurrection.

    Hi guys. New member, Just joined as I'm attempting to breathe some life back into a pretty tired S15 that I've acquired. Car is originally a spec-S that at some point got converted to a turbo, at which point the loom was hacked up pretty bad, was then bought by a guy who was planning to put...
  6. A

    New spec r owner from devon

    Hey im anthony i bought my car a few weeks agos and loving every second behind the wheel. Just wanted to say a quick hello. I also wondered if anyone on here is planning a stand at japfest as id love to tag along. Hopefully if its dry the weekend ill take some pictures and get them up thanks
  7. 2fst4u

    Fuel pump rewire opinions

    I suppose this is an electrical question. My mate has an R32 that he modifies heavily and he gave me a suggestion for my new s15 that I should rewire the fuel pump to be constantly on (while the car is on of course) to provide as must pressure as possible to the rail 100% of the time. I've...
  8. H

    planning to paint S15 in Lamborghini (arancio Atlas)

    hi, i am a new member here. i just bought S15 few weeks back and i'm planning to paint my car in orange lamborghini (Arancio Atlas) . Does anyone know the paint code? :) something like this:
  9. Cris69

    Meet: Tunnel run!!!

    I'm arranging a tunnel run with a few mates, all have jap motors :) from civic type R to r33 skybus and me in my s15... We are going to meet at the ace cafe in London and then go have some fun :) All welcome!! Planning for end of October and a Saturday evening... as soon as I have more...
  10. T

    Here's my Spec-S from Finland

    Hello, here's my Spec-S model that came from Japan this summer. It's completely stock engine wise and as of now I'm not planning to make any mods expect maybe a new exhaust at some point. I'm planning to keep it somewhere between a daily driver and a weekend driver. Here's what it looked it...
  11. T

    Which lines do i require if i fit 350z brembo calipers???

    Planning on upgrading my brakes to 350z bembo's but just wanting to know now what brake line i require. planning on getting some braided line from either goodridge or hel but just wanting to know will the ones designed to fit the 350z plumb up to the s15? or will i require custom jobbies...
  12. adz87kc

    Open Event: JAE this year?

    Hey guys, anyone planning on going to JAE this year? Myself and a couple of mates in their cars are planning on going :thumbs: Will be my first time going -and my first car event I've been to- so I'm really looking forward to it. Also if anyone can recommend a decent hotel or whatever near by...
  13. G

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi people :wave: Im the Grifta and ive just swapped my 440+ bhp pulsar for a s15 spec R std except for aftermarket sideskirts and rear bumper which i have no idea of manufacturer, not planning to go to town on it after having such a powerful and harsh riding pulsar, just plan on making it a...
  14. S

    Spitfire or not to spitfire

    Right im having a slight problem with the car when im running high boost .98bar roughly, when the car hit 5000/5500 rpm the car seems to be misfiring and was wondering if this could be caused by it not sparking proparly. Im already running uprated plugs (densos iirc) any sugestions would be...
  15. xlr8

    Open Event: car show

    Is there anyone from england who could tell me if there is a JAE carshow on around august sometime.lotta lads around my way planning on driving over to it.its meant to be all jap cars.weekend event or something
  16. Big Ned

    HKS Blow off valve.

    Hi. I was just wondering if anyone on the forum had a recording of what the HKS SSQV sounds like. Maybe a strange request I know, but I was planning on getting one some time after Xmas and was hoping for a preview. Thanks
  17. kimi


    Right guys just wondering if we are planning on doing anything for JAE this year ? your thoughts then gentlemen :D