1. T

    New s15 owner reintoduction big plans

    Just a re introduction I bought myself a genuine Spec r this week have huge plans for it safe to say I'm happy to be part of s15 ownership
  2. J

    Wheel Advice

    Hey guys, I have a Pewter Spec R and ill be having the vertex kit and yashio factory led rears put on soon :) The plans for the exterior of the car, are to get a carbon fibre bonnet with vent and front light eyebrows, undecided about a big spoiler to match yet, but also need new alloys, I'm...
  3. Shorty

    Hey from another one from Aberdeen!

    Hey people, Thought I'd just introduce myself seeing as I just bought an S15 from on here. :) I love yellow cars and love S15's... so I really had no choice! I'm gonna presume you guys will all know my other half Mint, he came with me to pick the car up and enjoyed his 5 minutes I let him...
  4. A

    couple of pics after a good clean and found a old air field

    hope you all like em, cars comming on, still have some big ( expensive ) plans for her
  5. D

    DET in DE head?

    Pardon me for the stupid question, but can cams which are meant for DET's be used on a DE? I am currently running a S15 SR20DE, and no i have no plans of going turbo as i have another S15 which is a DET (wife's actually!) Cheers! Greetings from Malaysia VJ
  6. S

    FS: Apexi power FC and handcontroller S15, 375 pounds shipped!

    Almost brand new, only 600 miles used, for sale because i changed my plans on the engine mods. It's an L-jetro. Needs to go asap cause i need the cash! :thumbs:
  7. N


    hey guys , just want to intrduce myself, new member and just bought a s15 1999 spec r few days ago (finally) . perfect forum for me since i got big plans on modifying it, . lol im form western sydney btw. blacktown area. Have a nice day :)
  8. S

    Hello! New from the states!!!!

    Hello Everyone! I'm from Chicago IL. Just wanted to come and say "HI" and whatnot I have a 99 spec s (thats going to be swapped very soon) I love it! This is what it looked like when I first picked it up This is what it looks like now. I have a lot of plans for the car and I cant...
  9. W

    Hi all

    Hey all, I'm will from Ireland and own a 00 s15 spec s! Some of you might recognise me from the sxoc where I've had a few s13s over the years! Silvia so far is basic enough spec, uras kit nismo shocks and springs rota torques on the rear and some lenso things on the front, have quite a few...
  10. craig_m

    yahoo japan

    i dont understand anything on there and can never get the translater to work. but wondered how much it would be to buy and get this shipped to the UK. im guessing it's for a sr20det. would go with the plans i have for the engine bay :)
  11. D


    Hi im dave from waterford,thats in ireland for people who dont know. got a 99 s15 spec r, like everyone got huge plans for it an small budget :rotfl:, no i do have big plans but got to do it up in stages, so far i have new headlights (other ones gone off color) HIDS hi/low, blitz dumpvalve...
  12. T

    FS: CARBON GEAR SURROUND - Dry carbon look

    Hi guys, Remember the long thread ages ago. This is the one that JP825 had made via a contact in Japan. This is the dry carbon finish, not shiny max power style. Quote from the thread "The problem is that it is not cheap...
  13. Nicely

    End of an era...

    Well, this rather blurred photo is what I saw as my S15 was driven away by its new owner this evening... :( I recently made the decision that I would be moving back to Oz next year :D Obviously, with that decision comes a load of other necessities, particularly cars. Until a couple of weeks...
  14. mint

    Silvia bros

    Howdy folkies!, my best mate just got himself a s-body (s14a) the other week!! He's loving it and with us both having a day off today we thought we'd wash the motor's up at mine then head up for a couple of snaps! We both have big plans for the s's however money is a bit 'short' for us both. So...
  15. A

    Alexfalk S15 Spec R -00

    Thought I?d post my ride here as well. It?s a Spec R that seem to have been driven hard on racetracks around japan. Here is the current spec list: HKS Coilovers HKS Air filter Greddy Racing Intercooler HPI Stainless exhaust manifold HPIFront pipe TRUST e-manage Ultimate LSD KOYO...
  16. slammedmind

    FS: hks actuator **SOLD**

    hks actuator still boxed and never used. The reason its for sale is i had planned on using it when the car was remapped but ive since changed plans yet again. ?100 thanks Rob
  17. meddler


    Hi Guys, This is the standard intro thread. I live in Australia. I have a blue '01 S15 which is practically standard except for a cat back exhaust. Had it for about 12 months now. I have a few minor plans, but nothing too outrageous. I suppose the biggest mod to the car will be the carPC...
  18. sushiming

    Any plans over winter??

    whats plans have ppl got for over the winter for the S15??? any big mods or just keeping it in the garage? untill i find myself a good roundabout i will be using my throughout winter and trying not to trash it hahaha cleaning mines gonna be like a b!tch
  19. K


    has anyone seen any? i would like some for the plans i have for the car, any links would be great :thumbs: thanks guys