1. Z

    Changing Coil Packs and fixing a misfire | S15

    Hi guys. This is probably a very commonly covered topic, but today, i wanted to make a video to document the matter, and help those who may not know how to do this. This tutorial will show you how to swap your Coil Packs in your s15 if you find that they are failing, or causing misfire...
  2. sniffy

    Washer pump plugs

    Anyone ever had to replace the plugs that connect to the washer pumps ? I have got a replace ment washer bottle and pumps but the plugs for them so bad on the car they cant be used and the pumps i got off another S15 did come with plugs. Just looking to see what others did ?
  3. JDM_virgin

    Think I've bought the wrong plugs

    Just bought a set of ngk6IEX's after a thread nicely started had them on there from spark or some website. I was trying to find copper plugs for the sr20 but kept just getting iridium results. Anyway thinking I should have got 7 or 8. Car will be running 300hp when mapped. Should I...
  4. Chriscooke

    WTB: Oem steering wheel plast covers

    Oem steering wheel plastic covers I'm after the two plastic covers that go over the airbag and horn wiring plugs on each side if the oem steering wheel if anyone has a pair lying around. Cheers
  5. oilman

    Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plugs now available

    In the past we’ve often been asked if we sell magnetic sump plugs? Well we have some good news – WE DO NOW and they're not just any magnetic sump plug they're Gold Plug all the way from the US of A! These plugs feature the most powerful magnets in the world and they knock the socks of their...
  6. s15Irl

    *HELP* Spec s spark plugs/ignition leads

    Hi, I have possibly asked this before but can anyone tell me a part number for as above spark plugs for a spec s? Will any sr20de plugs suit? Thanks!
  7. crazymat666

    anyone know the best plugs and coils to get?

    as the tittle says id like to know the best place to get the best plugs and coils from if possible :)?
  8. N

    Hid headlight issue

    Hello guys I just brought my missus a spec s with the hid's fitted but the connections don't want to go together even though they look like they should be able to fit together and the plugs are a different colour. Is that the hids arnt the original lights on the car? I'd look at my 15 but its...
  9. Krish

    WTB: Steering wheel spiral cable

    As above please, got the steering wheel just need the bit with the plugs in between! Thanks
  10. A

    HeadUnit Loom Adaptor

    Hi all, Bought a nice Alpine Double Din Head Unit and having a bit of a `mare finding a loom adaptor to fit. Halfrauds have nothing similar. Could anyone point me in the direction of one with correct plugs before I hack up my stereo loom. Thanks:thumbs:
  11. C

    FS: BKR7EIX plugs

    Set of 4 iridium plugs. Perfect for a mildly tuned S15. Same as these.. £30 delivered
  12. paddyb01

    lambda sensor plug help

    Need some help with this one:rotfl: The plug on my lambda sensor was all raped up with tape,took it all off only to find the casing of the plug broken, still plugs in grand just now i cant tell if its the wrong or rite way in and there's no plastic tabs to show witch way it plugs together if...
  13. paddyb01

    what are these plugs for?

    dose anyone know what these plugs are for there on the same harness as the wiper motor plug, i dont have abs so one must be for that heres pics anyway, thanks for the help
  14. A

    FS: Standard S15 Parts and Plugs For Sale (AUS)

    Full Set S15 Coilpacks, one seems to get a bit iffy when hot, other 3 are mint, from S15 with 90k's. $120 for all 4. Jap Spec S15 Stock Dump and Front Pipe, good nick, $60 the pair. Jap Spec S15 Radiator, Good Nick, few bent fins but no issues/cracks/leaks etc. $50. Standard S15 BOV with...
  15. meddler

    OEM Electrical plugs

    Guys, I am after some help in locating OEM electrical loom plugs. I know there is someone on here that works for a car manufacturer that may be able to point me in the right direction. The plugs that I am looking for are the electric window control panel, both the male and female side. I plan...
  16. D

    Which cable goes where for the 02 sensor?

    Hi guys, I've replaced my 02 sensor, and went to re-wire it.... previous owner had cut the plug, so now it's just wires > plug (building my own plugs). Coming from the wiring loom, there's one red, one black & red, and one thick black. On the plug for the sensor, there's two white and one...
  17. 70YSR

    HELP.... plugs? fuel filter? air filter? coil packs? or worse?

    i'll start of... all of a sudden my car looses all sense of power from about 4g+ and it sometimes splutters a bit through full acceleration. i'm about to change plugs and filters because they are about due anyway... but is it likely to be my coil packs or something worse?
  18. M

    spark plugs

    Hi mates, it´s time to change the spark plugs in my s15 spec-s and i was wondering wether they are the same as the s14 or not. Cheers
  19. S

    S15 problems

    Hi All, I've been having problems with my s15 lately. It's a problem that goes away and then comes back after a few weeks/months.:mad: Symptoms: - After a long cruise the car will start to drive rough, revs would go up and down both while cruising or idling. Even worse when idling, as it feels...
  20. Auss15

    Took the plugs out

    Took the plugs out to have a look at how they're running. Interesting result. It appears 1&4 cylinders are running rich, 2 a little leaner and 3 definatly lean. What do you think? Need to have my tune checked? If I do I think I need a new tuner