1. JaseYpk

    FS: Japspeed 50mm Rad (popped..)

    cheeky punt.... I was going to launch this into a skip, but then figured i might get a few quid for it if someone wants to fix it lol Its in good condition apart from the pop in the centre of it. cant see the hole as its in the fins somewhere, but trust me, there is one haha. RadWeld wont fix...
  2. Fasthands

    Fitting HID's guide..

    Right chap's I have done the search and only found a post about fitting HID'S to S15 headlights and people asking if it can de done.. Well I did it yesterday and took some pic's to help anyone who may want to do it themselves. Parts needed, Pop revets, X2 Some strips of metal needs to be quite...
  3. S

    Popping noise from rear drivers side..

    Just fitted a hks ssqv, don't know if this has bought the noise on or not, but I can now hear it, when I change gear (mainly from 2-3 3-4) I get a loud pop noise coming from the rear drivers side, only happens if I'm touching boost it seems, is it the diff? Any ideas? Cheers x
  4. DeanS15

    removing standard aero skirts?

    i need some info..... has anyone removed the standard skirts without damaging any clips etc? it looks simple enough with the end caps and underneath having the self tapping screws but i see that there are clips that pin it to the bodywork - do these simply pop out when you pull the skirt...
  5. JaseYpk

    Rear Light Reverse -> Foglight Mod

    Im hoping someone has already done this and can provide some pointers? If you look at the clear section on the OEM rear lights, its made of a different piece to the rest, so i was wondering if its possible to just 'pop it out', colour it red, and pop it back in! change a bit of the wiring...
  6. mook

    Are my screens going to pop out?!

    I've noticed, more recently since the cold weather with ice forming on the car, that when I reverse off my drive (which is on a slope downwards) onto te road (which is on another slope left to right) that I get some right old creaking from the front and rear screens as if they're ready to pop...
  7. subzero

    Low beam bulb removal

    Low beam bulb removal (pt 2 where to get hid bulb?) how the hell do you remove this cover without breaking it ... got the full beam bulb out no bother , this one turns fine but dosent pop out, is there a nack to it ??
  8. J

    Removing airbag

    Has anybody tried to take the passenger airbag lid out? Tried to take the dash out there but dont want to set off the airbag. Does it just pop out?
  9. J

    WTB: Factory Pop Up LCD screen from S15

    I have seen a picture of an S15 with a factory option'd pop up LCD that comes up out of the dash above the 3 centre air vents. Has anyone else seen this? I spied it on a Jap spec pictured in an Australian High Perfermance magazine and really want one. I would imagine it would require...