1. S

    TV3 blue touch up kits?

    hi all, any fellow owners of TV3 blue S15s used touch up kits? im always skeptical of colour match quality so wondered if anyone has found a decent kit they can recommend (UK based)? suppose this question applies to all colours really as i would assume there are more reputable brands etc. will...
  2. F

    Nismo s tune suspension

    Anyone know what there worth? Possibly thinking of getting coilovers , can anyone recommend any? Thanks
  3. chris2287


    Hi! After doing research on here and SXOC and finding many older posts about coilovers I wanted to know what people are currently running? Intended use for car is fast road/track. My newly imported car currently has Apexi N1 2000spec coilovers on it which I suspect might have seen better days...
  4. Lil SpecR

    Recommended dump valves...

    Hello :) Im just looking for which brands people here recommend for their S15s when it comes to replacing their dump valves... IVe seen Horsham developments crop up on here often (for good reasons lol!) and they do a kit - is this good? I see it prevents the suspected boost leak when over 1bar...
  5. Lil SpecR

    What aftermarket seats do you recommend...?

    OK, so although shes not here yet I am on the lookout for a pair of front seats for my S15. Shes coming with a single Recaro seat which is lovely BUT I like things to match so I want a pair. However I have been informed that the Recaro that has been fitted is one from an Evo, which causes me a...
  6. Mycool

    Full service question

    Hi guys, i'm about to fit a new gt2560r onto my 15 but whilst at it i might aswell do a full service aswell. Can any of u guys please recommend me the best oils to use? The car is running around the 300bhp mark. Cheers :)
  7. S

    Modified Insurance

    Hello, I insured my S15 with Need to Insure and they covered all modifications and offered track days aswell which was a bonus! They gave me a really good price and know their stuff! Highly recommend them. :nod:
  8. S

    Anyone recommends a good ECU?

    Hey I have a N/A S15 2000 model and I want to buy an ECU that will work on sr20det as well because I am going to be doing an engine conversion I am willing to spend $2000 any recommend ECU or brands that are good?
  9. J

    flywheel help

    How's things. I am changing my clutch to a act 6puk and I am thinking about changing the dual mass to a lightweight solid flywheel. Any pro's or con's to it and what would be recommend to chance to. I was looking at the driftworks 1 any ideas on it or any other company that sells flywheels. Cheers
  10. Tommy Kaira

    Spoiler needed please

    So...after getting rear-ended 3 hours after getting my car back and on the road I've started rebuilding it. But I've decided I'm over the BGW and fancy something different. I found this pic and wondered if anyone could ID the spoiler? Or, feel free to recommend something else!
  11. ChrisKnottIns

    CHRIS KNOTT - signing up 4 in every 10 quotes again!!

    Just to let you know 3 quick but important things: 1. :( Unfortunately, we won't have a forum presence between 17/8 and 1/9 due to holidays 2. :) That doesn't affect our ability to quote - keep calling us for quotes on 0800 917 2274 or 01424 200477. 3. :) We have great rates available and...
  12. M

    WTB: R33/R34 Rear hub assembly

    Hi Guys, I probably would be better off posting this in a skyline forum, but thought i'd ask just incase! I'm after a rear hub assembly from a r33 or r34, including handbrake cables. Calipers too if possible. Think its time i finally increase my breaking power and swap my single pot rears...
  13. Cess

    D-max clear repeaters?

    Hey, can anyone recommend a company that sells D-max clear side repeaters? I'm struggling to find anywhere that has these for sale. Or alternatively, what clear repeaters would you recommend? Thanks Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  14. Jordan

    WTB: Manifold gasket help

    Anyone got a Nissan manifold gasket knocking around? If not ill have to grab one from Nissan unless people can recommend a different aftermarket one which is as good as OEM?
  15. P

    undersealing recommendations plz - Berks/Ox/Surrey/WestLondon

    As title - my S15 spec R has been in the country since Jan 2010 and has not had any extra underseal applied and I think I should get this done, particulary as my other car needs some work and so I might be driving the S15 more than I would like this winter. Anyone recommend anyone to get this...
  16. JaseYpk

    New Clutch Recommendations

    I think my clutch is on its way out, not sure how long its got left, but the bite point seems to be slumping. So what clutch do you guys recommend for fast road use (needs to be suitable for a daily, including town use, nothing too firm)? I don't want to spend a fortune, and if one you...
  17. M

    New Intercooler And BOV

    Hi i was just after suggestions as to what intercooler and also BOV that you guys would recommend i get for my 01 S15 Cheers Matt...
  18. E

    Recommend place to buy Origin carbon bootlid lip ?

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good place to buy a Origin carbon boot lip wing, just the small slimline type ? The Origin importer in Aus has nil stock so interested to see if anyone know's were i can locate ... Thankyou !
  19. K

    LCD car stereo help

    hi guys just bought my s15 but didnt come with stereo system. could anyone recommend me a good lcd touch screen with navigation. thanks guys
  20. Fasthands

    Nismo injectors

    Hi folk's I am looking to buy some Nismo 555 or 740 injectors. can anyone recommend a good supplier in the UK? or a trusty over seas supplier.