1. P

    Car Covers

    Hi, Generally my personal cars sit on the driveway and get driven once or twice a week, sometimes once a fortnight due to travelling for work and company cars. Im debating getting a car cover for this one. Anyone got any experience of any? Any recommendations? Cheers
  2. B

    Mapping Options North East

    Morning Guys, Recommendations on equipment needed for my Silvia s15 sr20det to map and where to get it mapped in and around the Newcastle area. Ta,
  3. C

    1.5 Way LSD Recommendations

    Hi All, I am currently looking to purchase a 1.5 way diff. I was considering the Nismo GT LSD PRO - 38420-RSS15-D5 or the Kaaz Anyone any experience with these or similar that could make some recommendations. Cheers :wave:
  4. S15AK

    outdoor car covers?

    Hi guys Anyone had a decent out door car cover? I've got one but had it for a good few years now and it could do we being replaced. So anyone got any recommendations please? Cheers
  5. Jaydej

    DRIFTWORKS coilpack any good?

    As the titles says are they good? Also if not any recommendations ? cheers everyone

    Exedy organic clutch

    Anyone running this clutch ? I've got a HKS twin plate in atm and find it is total overkill for a car to be driven daily. Want something a little easier to use in traffic . Any other clutch recommendations ?
  7. W

    FS: Where are all the S15s that are for sale?

    I'm looking to buy a S15 spec R with low mileage. Let me know if you have one or know of one. Recommendations to websites are appreciated; i check eBay, piston heads, gumtree etc
  8. S15AK


    Hi Guys, I reckon my 5 year old DB power rad is on its way out, so looking to upgrade it. Recommendations please? I'm thinking Koyo but open what other people have used in the past..
  9. Lai

    Where to buy brake discs and pads?

    As above Can anyone recommend where to order discs and pads? Don't really want to buy on ebay so any recommendations would be muchly appreciated Thanks, Lai
  10. Jaydej

    Exhaust gaskets

    Hey people I'm buying a 3" system and I need some gaskets for the downpipe and decat does anyone have any recommendations of where to buy them from. cheers
  11. B

    Rusty rear arch coming through!!!

    Hi, Got the rust problem on the arches.. Starting to bubble the paint.. Any recommendations on who to go to in the southern / Surrey area? Many thanks in advance..
  12. fez06

    car battery recomendations

    Think my batteries fecked its flat everytime I get to it even after a good charge or run, so I'm going to try a new battery. As anyone got any recommendations on batteries, needs to be another small one like the original. Cheers John
  13. Jordan

    Good powder coaters needed - any recommendations?

    Preferably local to Northamptonshire :D
  14. Fruitbooter

    Tyre recommendations

    Hi Guys Okay here's the problem, I fitted brand new Michelin Pilot Sport 2's in Feb and they need replacing already.. That's normal daily driving too, no streeto or alignment settings are off a tad but mainly camber where as the wear on the tyres is very central (the 3 tread...
  15. Tommy Kaira

    Audio upgrade

    Hello boys and girls, I want to upgrade the stereo in my S15 but it's been years since I've done anything like this so I'm after some recommendations. Head unit: I was looking at the Pioneer AVH-X5500BT. Anyone got any experience or recommend anything else...
  16. pegliobaglio

    Brake pads

    Right guys, have bought some new discs for my evo calipers but am not sure which pads to go for , have been looking at hawk hps , stop tech street, ebc ndx blue stuff any other recommendations at all? Don't want to spend an absolute fortune as the car is only used on the road and I doubt I will...
  17. JaseYpk

    Brake Discs - Servicing Info?

    Bonjour! I've never had to change my brake discs, and i think the time is due. I've been told they need changing when a lip starts to appear on the edge. this is now happening. I've got R33 (non brembo) brakes at the moment, and just after any old disc that works. doesnt have to be anything...
  18. L

    Nurburgring Tours?

    Hello, I'm from Australia, traveling to europe in July for the first time. I will about a week to myself where I can do as I wish. I was looking at going on a nurburgring tour due to my interests in cars/S15s. Any recommendations on what to do? Or on the tours themselves?
  19. E

    Rear diffuser

    Has anyone post something similar? Need info on rear diffuser.. any recommendations? :D
  20. pegliobaglio

    turbo elbow

    Looking into an aftermarket turbo elbow,any recommendations as have heard some can crack etc