1. T

    FS: S15 Rocker Cover + S15 Airbox For Sale

    Hi, I have an S15 Rocker Cover + S15 Airbox For Sale. Rocker cover is in good condition, I'm looking for £60 + postage. Airbox is also in good condition, I'm happy to take offers on this. Cheers
  2. Packham

    WTB: S15 rocker cover

    Need an an S15 rocker cover quite desperately! Not fussed about condition. Thanks
  3. D

    WTB: Tomei Rocker Stoppers?

    Has anyone got any Tomei Rocker Stoppers?
  4. Surfing Boris

    Rocker Cover Torque Settings

    Hi guys, I am having my rocker cover dipped and I have ordered new rubber gaskets and some flange sealant ready to put it all back together but does someone know what torque setting the torque wrench should be? I have read some advice that you should just use a normal socket set and go finger...
  5. K

    WTB: z32 afm and sr20 rocker stoppers

    Hi guys and girls, I'm looking for a good working z32 afm with pigtail and a filter if possible.. also looking for some sr20 rocker stoppers cheers kev
  6. Joe_S15

    Rocker cover painting, help please

    My friend is powder coating my rocker cover and a few other bits for me this week but isn't sure whether you need to remove the small plastic bit thats riveted on the underside. He's concerned that it might melt when they bake it in the oven, but i would have thought it gets pretty hot anyway...
  7. G

    mechanical check up, need help with what it all means

    hey guys so i found a car that i think looks nice and all, owner seems like a good kid too had a mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection and the report came back with some problems 1. Near side front ties rod end 2. crank seal leak 3. rocker cover gasket leaking 4. rear shocks leaking 5...
  8. Jordan

    Rocker cover baffle question / powder coat question

    Lads, going to get my rocker cover powdercoated and wondered if I need to remove the riveted baffles from the underneath of the cover? one of the, has a plastic oil outlet which I believe will get melted to all **** when in the oven. advice please lads! I know some of you have had your...
  9. Jordan

    WTB: Wanted: rocker cover swap!

    Ok so I've been looking for a standard s15 rocker cover and cannot find one anywhere. Mine has been smoothed and wondered if anyone out there was planning on smoothing there's out and would be interested in a straight swap? It could do with a fresh lick of paint but has been smoothed really...
  10. Jordan

    WTB: S15 rocker cover

    Anyone got one?
  11. eiden88

    WTB: specR rocker cover

    Hi guys, looking for a specR rocker cover as it looks like s15 sr20det coilpacks won't fit onto s15 SR20DE rocker cover :( cheers all :wave:
  12. pegliobaglio

    WTB: Rocker cover

    Anyone got a spare 15 rocker lying about??
  13. katten6

    painted rocker cover and brakes with blue pearl :D

    hi there my new paint on the rocker cover :) and brakes :)
  14. s15Irl

    So I finally got my rocker cover Sprayed and fitted!

    Right so got my rocker cover back today, looks amazing! Candy red pearl.. Its a nice upgrade from my original corroded one! Still have to get the letters painted but couldnt wait to have it fitted! So here it is with a few little bits of engine bay dress up I got over the last few weeks...
  15. D

    FS: SR20DET low miles

    As above, just been removed from my S15 with around 68,000kms which is just over 42,000 miles on the clock :) No knocks or noises, only change is the rocker cover will be changed to a blue one. Both are to suit S15 coils so if you want to fit this to an S14 you'll need to use your rocker...
  16. s15Irl

    What colour to spray my new rocker cover??

    Looking for some advice for what colour to have my rocker cover sprayed??? Was thinking colour coded brilliant blue or candy red? Any ideas appreciated!
  17. JonoS15

    Rocker cover refitting

    Hi All i may be being a complete spanner here but i have just refitted my rocker after being painted but now the car wont start, it ticks over but now start up.... Am i missing somethin stupidly obvious?? cheers jono
  18. DeanS15

    WTB: Rocker cover

    S15 rocker cover please, dirty/grubby is fine as long as it's not got any broken tabs. What have you :)
  19. JonoS15

    WTB: Painted rocker cover

    Hi all Does anybody know where i can get a painted rocker cover from? or know someone that will be able to paint one for me? cheers jono :thumbs: