1. S

    WTB: Washer Pump.

    My front washers have died. Swapped the pipe onto the rear and that's now dead too... Anyone have any replacements lying round? Price posted please :)
  2. S

    WTB: Washer Pump.

    My front washers have died. Swapped the pipe onto the rear and that's now dead to... Anyone have any replacements lying round? Price posted please :)
  3. J

    Josh's Spec S Project

    Hey people! Bit of back round info about me; Live in Bristol, Recently purchased the car in about May time, and finally got it registered around June. I purchased the car off Dean who was a sound bloke! ( Think he might be on here), Anyway as soon as I saw the car I had to have it! Popped...
  4. B

    Rear Shocks Bottom Mount which way round

    Hi I have checked the "Useful Threads" and done a search but have not found this covered. I have stupidly removed both rear shocks and when I have come to fit the replacements the bottom of the shock mount is different each side, one side has a sort of countersink and the other is straight. I...
  5. S

    FS: xxr 526 18x9j et 20 18x10.5j et25 5x114.3

    £950 collection only can send your own courier at your own expense but full payment will need to be made first New falken tyres all round the white marks around the edges is just tyre sealant sorry if...
  6. K

    WTB: side SpecR badge please

    As above, I brought one on here for £5 last year and never got round to fitting it and have obviously misplaced it :)
  7. Parky

    FS: Rays TE37 18x8.5 for sale

    I have a set of Rays TE37 in black, 18x8.5 offset 30 all round, in good condition. PCD 5x114.3 One centre cap is missing. 245/40 all round. Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres, 2 tyres are decent the other two don't have much life left. £1250 Ono. Will split into pairs if I get two buyers.
  8. A

    slippery roads?

    Is it just me or are the roads super slippery at the moment? Even though the roads are dry I cant put any power down round here without spinning the wheels, my tyres & the road are covered in salt.
  9. O

    s15 in Stevenage area?

    The missus rekons she saw one the other night in stevenage town? Ive never seen one round here so just wondered.
  10. T

    FS: Chargespeed fibreglass bootlid

    I have for sale a chargespeed fibreglass s15 bootlid. I bought and fitted this when i had the intention of making the car lightweight and adding power, i have since taken a different direction and am making a more comfortable daily so things like amps and speaker systems have been added and as...
  11. N80Jamie

    Wheel Fitment Question (Another one, sorry!)

    Just seen a set of alloys over SXOC which i'd love to have on the S15 but i'm worried about fitment.. The size of them are: 18x9.5j et10 all round. Tyres on them currently are 225/40/18. What sort of work would be needed (if any) to get these to fit? Thanks!
  12. pegliobaglio

    FS: Rota gtr

    For sale rota gtr's 18x8.5 f 18x9.5 r et30 all round 225/40 f 255/35 r falken fk452 with 4-5mm all round ( one rear has some Camber wear could be flipped on rim would be fine) perfect fitment for s15 3 wheels have been painted in custom black pearl and are pretty much mint , the last wheel has...
  13. C

    New Spec R owner

    Hi All, My name is Ant and i'm from East Yorkshire Bought a Spec R a few weeks back and have only just got round to getting signed up on here. Here's a photo of it.
  14. O

    FS: GTR R££ white wheels for sale

    ​Hi Guys selling these GTR wheels off my S15 5X114 R17X9J +30. they sit pretty much flush on my S15, rears has no spacers and front has a 10mm spacer to clear the coilovers I don't get any rubbing. Tires are still good 225/45 R17 all round. They are in good condition slight curb rash on 2...
  15. Parky

    Where is the earth for the horn?

    So my horn is intermittent at best. Press it and no sound most of the time, but then every now and again it gives a little bip after a few tries. I'm assuming a dodgy earth, so whereabouts is it? Or any other suggestions are welcome if anyone has come across this before. Kind of important as...
  16. JDM_virgin

    Common SR20DET oil leak?

    Fez06 noticed this on my car at the jap show on sunday and said that his does exactly the same there seems to be a slight oil leak on the front of the engine, i will grab a picture in a bit but its to the right hand side of the block behind a pully, i think its the AC pully? not pissing out but...
  17. T

    newbie from the Edinburgh area.

    hi my username is toolboxtrev, i own an s15 spec s in black, i bought it off of a friend of mine needs some work for m,o,t and it needed a new front bumper, that was a nightmare to get, i work away from home so i will get round to it soon along with working on my nissan 300zx x2 that i also...
  18. dave_t

    WTB: S15 nismo extended studs (front)

    Im needing some Nismo (to guarantee quality) front extended studs, so i can run slip on spacers. If anyone has a set they havent got round to using, or knows a UK supplier, drop me a pm thanks
  19. CMR

    FS: 18" Advan RG Wheels for sale

    Advan RG 18" 5x114.5 18x8.5 ET31 and 18x9.5 ET35 Very good condition, however they do have marks where the wheel nuts have been fitted, also minor curb rash on a few rims nothing major. They clear my R33 GTR Brembo's by miles, so will clear Ksport setups etc. Have practically new...
  20. P

    Anyone running Falken FK453's

    My current tyres (FK452 front, ze912 rear) are nearing minimum tread depth and I have a track day booked, thinking of getting the new fk453's all round, anyone with personal experience of these on an S15?