1. H


    Hey folks, just getting around to putting up an intro now. I've been registered for years as I always liked lurking even before I got an S15. I've had a few s14a's in the past and loved them, always loved the shape of the S15 and wanted one but could never really afford one. Managed to pick one...
  2. F

    My pearl white aero spec r

    Hi,I'm Steve from Sheffield been a member on the sx0c on and off since 2006and recently been a member of this forum for a few months now, this is my 1st s15 but owned a few jap cars before, I've been looking out for the right car for over 2 years now since selling my dc5, and before that my...
  3. B

    Turbo elbow and downpipe assistance

    Can anyone help, I've done the det swap into my spec s s15 and have been using a s14 aftermarket elbow and downpipe which didn't fit great I've since found out I should be using a s14a downpipe, do I also need to get a 14a elbow as well Thanks for the help I'm all confused [emoji55] Sent...
  4. H

    Spec S to 3a SR DET (pic heavy)

    I wasn't going to post anything just yet, but I'm pretty chuffed with the progress of this i thought id post it on here :) I bought my Spec S about a month ago or so, really not been able to do that much to it until Saturday, been working on it constantly since then and finished this evening...
  5. L

    Driver's side Window motor

    i think my driver's side window motor has packed in. Does anyone know if an S14a motor is the same?
  6. D

    FS: For sale genuine nissan front wheel bearing(hub) fits s14 s14a s15

    For sale genuine nissan front wheel bearing(hub) fits s14 s14a s15 170gbp Posted for 1 piece Pair available
  7. J

    FS: S15 steering wheel

    Hey guys I have my s15 wheel up forsale Nice upgrade to the boring S14a wheel. £60 Any questions 07575560022
  8. Carta

    WTB: S15 ecu

    Does anybody have an standard ECU which I could purchase please? or if the S14a one is the same that too. Thanks
  9. L

    My S15 beater!

    Thought I'd share a few pics of my S15 as I've just got it running & ready to go. Bought it as a rolling shell from a guy who was planning a V8 swap which unfortunately left the wiring loom looking like this I already had an S14A with relatively standard and a bit rusty bodywork but a well...
  10. L

    New member, S15 resurrection.

    Hi guys. New member, Just joined as I'm attempting to breathe some life back into a pretty tired S15 that I've acquired. Car is originally a spec-S that at some point got converted to a turbo, at which point the loom was hacked up pretty bad, was then bought by a guy who was planning to put...
  11. Misiek_lbn

    WTB: Radio brackets s15

    Need them ASAP, as unfortunately from s14a don't fit. anyone??
  12. L

    S14a LSD centre into s15 diff to keep ratio

    Hi guys as above the s14a has a crap ratio compared to my spec s diff , trouble is mines open, is it possible to fit the LSD into mine keeping my ratio if so please explain how and a guide would be awesome thanks
  13. Chriscooke

    WTB: s15 Standard steering wheel

    As title, does anyone have their standard oem steering wheel knocking about not being used? I'm after one to fit to my s14a...
  14. R-Spec

    FS: Original Spec-R diff for sale £400 ono Cambridge or Brighton :-)

    In casing with half shafts. Ready to go (but S14a nose so will need swapping back for S15 fitting)
  15. Misiek_lbn

    Silvia S15 Spec S: project 300hp

    Hi everybody, I'am Michael, came to UK from Poland to be able to own Silvia :D Because we can't register RHD cars, so had to find new home for myself, but Australia was too far, so... here I am :wack: My story with Silvias started couple years ago when my friend bought nice zenki and showed me...
  16. C

    S14A coilovers on S15

    I there!!!!!!! I will know if I can fit s14a coilovers on s15 chasis, or its diferent fitting... Thanks
  17. Parky

    Turbo elbows...

    Couldn't find an answer to this, s15 elbows seem to be few and far between so when going aftermarket which is the correct one to fit out of the s14 and s14a elbows? I understand the 14a elbow is a little longer but that's it.
  18. M

    newbie from kent

    Hi I am Mark from kent Ive had a few s bodies in the past being s14 and s14a looking to get a track daily:)
  19. J

    Exhaust S14a on S15

    Hi everyone, I am looking at several possibilities to change my exhaust because I do not like the kakimoto i have right now, it sticks out too much. I noticed that the exhaust from the S14a and S15 are very similar. Are the interfaces at the same location or it there a real difference in the...
  20. K

    Black S15 outside Falkirk college

    Nice car, had a perv on my lunch. I've got a blue S14a that i'm currently rebuilding.