1. ArTo

    Blue Itasha S15 - SUKI

    Dear Guys my name is Arthur and I come from Germany. Just want to show my Silvia. I own this since 4 years now and a lot of happend since I bought it in 2013. A lot of specs in so if you want to know someting, just ask! Sponsors: and TEGIWA Currently I have finished the final...
  2. S

    Suspension Setup

    Hi all, Just posted another thread ( about wheel fitment and now Im looking to do the suspension at the same time due to wanting to run 18s hence looking to lower the car by around 25-35mm. I gather i cant do...
  3. E


    Hello, has anyone done, ITB's on a Turbo'd engine, and what brand worked best with your setup ?
  4. S

    Turbo Lag - how big an issue?

    Hi all, doing my research on S15's still before buying one and im now wondering what the turbo lag is typically like? If/when i get one I would want to be able to drive off-boost up to say 3500rpm (not sure what the stock lower limit is) for my daily commute but then engage the turbo after that...
  5. K

    FS: Brembo g35 skyline brakes, 6 speed 350z gearbox

    As title. I have a complete brembo g35 skyline brake setup in Gold for sale included is front brembo calipers, discs with pads. (Pads and disc's have wear). Have a lot of life left in them. Rear brembo calipers, with disc's,pads (again wear) internal drum handbrake setup, handbrake...
  6. S15_SAM

    WTB: Front brake upgrade Ksports, brembo, etc. bm57 and z32 booster, rear complete setup

    Hey guys after a brake upgrade for my s15. I warped my brakes after my last track day so need something beefier. I will consider rears too and also rear setup I.e r33 setup, caliper's discs pads etc.
  7. C

    Need some advice on an upgrade!!!!

    I have a s15 Spec s and my friend has a Spec r can i put his OEM turbo setup on my spec s??
  8. S

    FS: R33 front brake setup. fits s13/s14/s15

    R33 skyline front brake setup. Refurbed about 3k ago. EBC discs with pretty much new mintex pads. Goodridge braided lines. £200 Collection from portsmouth. can post at buyers expense. Came off my s15.
  9. NICKO

    FS: hks gtrs turbo and horsham developments manifold hks elbow

    Testing the water to see if anyone would be interested in this setup. includes a Horsham developments manifold, hks gtrs turbo, hks elbow, apex turbo lines All above parts were bought new and have covered around 2k and are still like new Good for a low lag 400bhp setup Cheers, nicko
  10. NICKO

    WTB: swap twin fan setup for standard cowling

    I'm after a standard s14/15 cowling and I'm willing to swap my apex twin 12" fan setup that includes the aluminium cowling, let me know guys :-)
  11. S

    WTB: Looking for a turbo for an SR20DET

    I'm in search of good conditioned, known working, turbo for my SR20DET. I have a feeling my turbo is running on it's last legs, plus the fact that it looks like a cheap China turbo (not saying all cheap China turbos are bad, just mine doesn't make me feel safe driving it). I prefer to buying...
  12. Joeh

    FS: Wanted: Standard Turbo (non bb is ok too) OR Top mount setup w/ turbo

    As described in title, can afford to pay for a good setup if it is worth it.. I'm in London, willing to travel (not too far) to collect Thanks
  13. B

    New member from Melb :)

    Hi all, My names bobi im 22 years old and ive owned my s15 for 2 and a half years now.. Also a member on and Im currently in the end stages of rebuilding my motor as i spun a bearing late last year. Quick specs of new setup: - Nitto 2.2L stroker kit with h beam rods -...
  14. spoonman

    Twin electric cooling fan from a AU falcon setup

    Here is a few pics of the twin electric fan setup i installed a few weeks ago. Personally i hate the idea of the water pump turning a fan to keep air flowing i know it works but it looks ugly as hell and adds resistance to the engine, i know its very little but i just don't like it, its a old...
  15. V

    mounting defi meters in a/c vent

    Is there any how to here ? i search gauge setup or meter setup with no results. thanks all
  16. Tony

    have any of ya S15s racing 402m against BMW M3 343 hp

    Hey guys.. Have a lil question,, How does our Spec-R:s stand against M3 E46 on a 402 race.. and what setup do we need to keep up with them..?? just a lil curious, A rich daddys boy wants to challenge me,, and I dont think I have a chance.... =)
  17. M

    Anybody can tell what size wheels and offset are these??

    Hi, Here's the beauty... I want this wheel setup so bad....:smitten:
  18. lvaleiron

    deal on a powerfc d-jetro unit

    Guys, i'm getting a VERY sweet deal on a power fc d-jetro unit with all the bits needed to be able to run it (map, intake temp., controller...) and would like to know what you guys think about it. Basically, i have all the breathing mods (fmic, intake, complete exhaust, manifold, 550cc inj...
  19. Shawnhalu

    Mid Or Front Mount I/C setups?

    Anyones here uses a mid-mount I/C Setup? 1. what the differences between the front & mid mount? 2. which location will u choose to set it in? (in between rad and a/c? or infront of a/c, rad and a/c remain same stock location) 3. better choices between the 2? thinking of changing a setup...
  20. JEZ 8553

    FS: KSport 8-Pots 330mm Front Brake Setup

    Selling my KSport 8-Pot front brake setup with 330mm discs as ive now got 350Z Brembos (a downgrade in performance ive now found). No need to explain how good this kit is, just check out the Time Attack cars :) Have covered about 6000 miles (mainly motorway), seen no track or drift days so...