1. B

    FS: C's S15 6-Speed Shifter & S15 OEM Rear Bumper (With Rare Heat Shield)

    S15 6-Speed C's short shifter available. Bought this from an Owners Club member, but ended up going 5-speed so I no longer have any use for it, unfortunately. Looks to be in good condition and will be a great upgrade for a 6-speed box. £200 inc P&P to UK mainland Also got a cheap OEM...
  2. A

    Coil pack wire harness + exhaust manifold shield removal

    noob questions! So I decided to buy a new harness to go with my new coil packs...why not, its old as f**k. It looked simple to do but I see the earth wire disappears round the back of the engine, under the cowl & I cant see where it goes or how I would get a spanner in there. Anyone tell me...
  3. N

    WTB: windsheild for 99 spec R

    I am located in Richmond Hill Ontario Canada. Need a wind shield for my car. Any help would be greatly appreciated 1-647-226-7236.
  4. jake

    FS: Abs heat shield

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  5. Max

    FS: 2 x aftermarket sumps, replica Aero bumper, carbon heat shield

    Mini garage clearout to raise funds. Greddy replica cast aluminium SR20DET sump. Small leak from one of the through bolt holes. (the one with the red sealant on) Surely can be repaired easily. Sensor and valve not included, 4 x long allen bolts included. £35 posted Canton SR20DET sump. Amazing...
  6. NICKO

    WTB: Carbon ABS Heats Shield

    Im after a New or used Carbon ABS heat shield for my S15, let me know what you got :nod: cheeeeeers
  7. S

    FS: Weld ABS heat shield for S14/S15

    I am changing my plans for heat shielding due my installation set up so I have for sale a Weld japan ABS heat shield for S14/S15. I a very nice bit of kit. its new un-used... it was trail fitted and that's it. SOLD
  8. Jay-pan

    Flame on....

    Exhaust heat shield?...Nahhhh be alright :wave:
  9. Fasthands

    WTB: Heat shield

    I want a heat shield that protects the fuel tank must be in good condition.. anyone got one?
  10. P

    Heat shield problems

    Heat shield on the exhaust mani is rusted through. Where would the be the best place to get a new one or can I just use bit of heat tape around the mani?....
  11. JonoS15

    Heat shield rattle question

    I have a bad rattle at high revs, coming from what i think is the turbo heat shield. would it be ok If i took it off and fitted a turbo blanket instead. Or does anything else need covering??.... or is that just a stupid idea lol cheers jono
  12. JonoS15

    WTB: Turbo blanket

    Hey all anyone know where i can get hold of a turbo blanket? or know anybody thats selling one fairly cheap? I've got a rattle from my turbo heat shield so i'm just gunna remove it and put a blanket round it instead. cheers jono :thumbs:
  13. Roots82

    Heat Shield

    Hey guys, I have a loud vibration noise coming from the engine bay since my accident, and i'm pretty sure i have narrowed it down to being the exhaust manifold heat shield, is this an essential item or can i remove it and still use the car with out too many worries? Idealy i will get a new one...
  14. LuPix_S15

    Heat Shield For Air Filter

    Hi peeps :wave: Anyone bought or got a heat shield fabricated to keep the air induction kit filter cooler? I want this to be one of the first performance related mods I get done before turbo elbow/downpipe, front pipe and de-cat etc. If anyone's got pics so I can at least see how this is...
  15. K

    Nicely: Where did you get your abs shield from?

    as title really :thumbs:
  16. D

    dirts inside s15 headlight

    as time passes i notice there r dirts gathering inside my headlight shield for both of my headlights as there anyway i can clean it? or should i ask is there a way to take my headlights apart so i can clean the inside shield? its getting anoying as im putting on HID kit and the dirts seem in the...