1. FreakensNL

    Detonation Cans

    He fellow S-owners, I'm busy getting a good Knock-Detection-System, building this: Earmuffs with a air hose attached to the blok. Seems simple, and simple solution are the best! :D Anyone tried this on a SR20DET? any good results...
  2. sibbers

    Speedo dials... anyone know how to make them?

    I'm totally used to driving around using kph now, in fact it makes way more sense to me than mph which is something I'd never expected... I can completely imagine how far a few km's are whereas after all this time of driving I still can't properly imagine how far miles are. Trouble is we are...
  3. D

    Any cool ideas for the exterior of my S15?

    Hey lads! I am considering on ''upgrading'' the exterior on my S15. I really like the way it looks right now, but to be honest I think it's actually too simple for what an amazing car this is! I want it to be even more special then it already is. There are about 22 S15's in the netherlands but...
  4. R


    hiya again sorry to ask, but so many posts its confusing, for hid's iv sen some videos where they just replace the bulb and attach the ballast unit and bingo, but is it that simple? how do i change light lvl (dont have incar adjustment) and secondly can anyone recommend a place too buy them...
  5. J

    New Headlights

    I had a bit of an accident so I'm in the market for new headlights :(. I've been offered a set of factory H.I.D headlights but my original headlights were non H.I.D. Has anybody have any experience in fitting H.I.D to non H.I.D. Is it a simple plug and play or is it more hassle than what its...
  6. T

    New rocker cover

    My engine bay was looking very rough recently. It had a manky rocker cover, red and silver strut brace looking out of place, blue 'cusco' cooling panel and all the brackets rusty and dull as well as the bonnet stay. So i decided to do a little freshen up. I didnt want too much of an...
  7. Fruitbooter

    Whats inside your dream garage?

    Lets say your numbers came up and you could build / buy any house and have any cars to go inside...what would you have? :) For me personally I don't like the fancy garages with expensive marble floors, 10 Ferraris 10 Lambos and no space to move! I would go for something like this :nod...
  8. pegliobaglio

    passenger window

    Alright guys,gonna replace my passenger window glass today,just wondered if anyone had done it and if its a simple job?had a look can't find any how to guides ..
  9. S15AK

    S15 on speedhunters

    I don't normally post links, but you lot have to see this S15. looks so clean and simple, but has a monster spec :cool:
  10. S

    Cam belt

    Hi. Am I right in thinking silvia sr engines are chain driven, and don't have cam belts? How often do tensioners need replacing, Is it a simple job? When if ever do the timing chains need replacing? Regards mike
  11. Roots82

    Oil Filter

    This might be a big dumb question... but how do you get it off? i can't get my arms in to it from above or below? Am i missing something very simple? (i hope so) :D
  12. S

    Gear box and engine mount

    How do I change them? Is there any write up? Or is it too simple? What needs to be taken off?
  13. meddler

    Suspension setting record

    Guys, Don't know if you are interested, but I have done a suspension settings record sheet for my own car. It is quite simple but it is what I needed. If anyone wants to use it feel free. Feedback is welcome.
  14. Miss S15

    Irish newbie!

    Hey people Just joined,cant remember where I found out about this site! I'm Sarah,24,fromTipperary in Ireland,part own a car site over here link in my sig! not yet an s15 owner but hope to be sometime after christmas :) Cant wait! Will be simple sideways :) :notworthy: So thats me.. Hi...