1. meddler

    Rules Reminder

    All, Just a reminder to make yourself aware of the rules, especially the for sale rules and the rules highlighting the use of text speak. If you are unsure what I am talking about there are links at the top of the forum page or in my signature. meddler p.s. Yes, the text speak nazi is back!
  2. meddler

    Amendment to Forum Rules

    All, There has been an amendment to the For Sale rules. Please read the rules (including the Forum rules) to make yourself familiar with the changes. If you have to ask what the change is, then you haven't read them before. You should at least have a fair idea of what is in the rules. It is...
  3. J

    best oil?

    hi, whats the best engine oil to use on a s15, spec r? reason being is everyone i speak to at a shop doesnt know lol.
  4. Havoc


    Hello everyone! I have not yet purchased myself a S15 but iv got my eyes on a few Spec R's and are chasing them as we speak. Will probably have one within the next month so thought id sign up and say hello. :wave:
  5. eiden88

    nissan silvia club italy

    italian silvia club www.nissansilviaclub.it foreign section at the top of forum index page forum in italian language but all users are able to speak english EDIT: users are kind of able to speak english :D :D :D
  6. JonoS15

    Hey all!!

    Hey everyone! just thought i'd take a min to say hi as i have just signed up to S15OC after buying my new S15. My name's Jon and i come from swindon in the UK. Just got back from Japfest and what a cool day that was. I'll speak to you soon. Jon
  7. S

    help needed asap.....

    alri peeps i need to know wat oil is required for the standard s15 diff, help needed asap as car up on the ramp as i speak..
  8. K

    Passed Esva!

    Yeehah !! Being undersealed as we speak and MOT'd tommorrow. Getting nearer :)
  9. M


    my mate got his supra of him top bloke ask to speak to jurgen, he is currently importing one to denmark.