1. Barnesy

    WTB: Left side door + OEM side skirt

    Looking for pewter grey preferably but any will do as my mate put a dent in both while "looking after it". Not sure if it matters but I have a spec-s. Willing to buy a pair of skirts for the car if they'll fit. Cheers
  2. Barnesy

    Barnesy's Spec-S (for a good reason)

    So the story goes that my mate has recently bought a looking chassis with the veil side fortune kit for the Supra and we've started moving everything. He then convinced me I needed a japanese RWD beauty so I started looking and fell in love with the S15's lines (the only thing I'd change is I...
  3. matt1966

    FS: silvia s15 spec s aero

    2001 spec s aero sports auto box 52,000 miles japanese service history + full uk service november 2013 taxed + tested very smooth great condition £5000 or vno contact matt richards775@btinternet.com [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]...
  4. R-Spec

    Autech Spec-R A-Style

    Wiki: "The S15 line was later expanded to include various luxury and upgrade option packages for both the Spec-S and Spec-R. Autech, a specialty car developer, also offered several tuned versions of the S15; one with body and interior trim modeled after the Ferrari 456, called the style-A...
  5. T

    Here's my Spec-S from Finland

    Hello, here's my Spec-S model that came from Japan this summer. It's completely stock engine wise and as of now I'm not planning to make any mods expect maybe a new exhaust at some point. I'm planning to keep it somewhere between a daily driver and a weekend driver. Here's what it looked it...
  6. D

    S15 Spec-S brakes question!

    ok i have a Spec-S and looking to get some redstuff pads for the front befor a track day. my question is this, are the pads the same as a 180sx? my old 180sx calipers look the same as whats on my s15 spec-s and as i cant seem to find uprated pads to the spec-s, this maybe a way around it...
  7. U

    Spec-S - what exhaust

    What exhaust system would you recommended for the Spec-S? I want something LOUD that doesn't hang too low; meaning the pipe should use the same tunnel as the stock exhaust. I know I wont gain any BHP but I just want it to be louder. I haven't seen anyone selling exhausts for NA S15 in Europe...
  8. eiden88

    Greddy e manage ultimate on turbo'ed spec-S

    Hi all! Felt my "hybrid" s15 needed some better electronic control over the engine. It's a turbo'ed spec-S with an apexi afc neo 3 as engine controller So I decided to go for a greddy e-manage ultimate with an aem uego wideband to speed up tuning with an a/f ratio target map and a z32 maf...
  9. P

    WTB: S15 engine bay fusebox and loom

    Give me shout if you have S15 fusebox from enginebay with all the loom that leaves from it. Spec-R one if it does differ from Spec-S.
  10. A

    Help me out guys

    I need to know if the sr20de cylinder head as the same as sr20det cylinder head? My friend wants to buy the cylinder head from my s15 spec-s to put in his S14a. Will it works?
  11. koullis

    300zx brake servo.

    Hi guys, i have D2 8 piston front brakes (same as ksport) with 330mm discs and standard rears. Brake pedal almost go all the way down. I am thinking of installing a BMC from a 300zx. BM57, 1 1/16. Car was a spec-s so the BMC might be smaller than a spec-r. What are the advantages of fitting the...
  12. J

    Spec-S diff ratio?

    Iv just upgraded my standard diff to a vlsd unit, I just wanted to know if its bad to do this as I feel the ratio is different and the car is more sluggish. I seem to lose power in 2nd when I am drifting? I have another standard open spec-s diff, would it be possible to swap over the crown...
  13. S

    Thinking of buy a Spec-S

    Hello Im thinking of buy a spec-s s15. But I wonder what compares the spec-s from spec-r? I know the spec-s is N/A and not 6speed gearbox and another diff. But except from this? Will all the aftermarketparts for spec-r fits the spec-s like bodyparts,brakes and chassiparts? Please show me...
  14. S

    FS: Silvia S15 Spec-s

    I have got a fresh Japan imported Silvia Spec-s for sale. Pewter grey. Volk Racing rims. Totally unmessed standard S15.[/IMG] Great base for driftcar.
  15. B

    s15 spec-s pinout

    hi...did anyone have a s15 spec-s pinout? we need to know: PIN 104, 114, 42 anyone know that? thanks
  16. C

    spec-s tranny

    Is the s15 Spec-s 5 speed the same as a s14 SR20DET tranny? strength wise? and will it bolt up to a spec-r motor or s14 motor? thanx!
  17. W

    WTB: Anyone selling their Spec-S

    Hi guys, anyone selling their S15 Spec S atm? Cheers
  18. slammedmind

    WTB: spec-s shift boot

    Looking for a spec-s shift boot if anyone has one, that or a spec-s chassis number so i can order one from nissan cheers Rob