1. laimis

    FS: For sale S15 LHD shell this roll cage

    Car body is rewelded, homologate roll-cage Registration is possible with sport car passport Custom made fuel tank with external Alloy Fuel Swirl Pot Custom made place for radiator in the trunk with header tank. custom made aluminium water rail from engine to radiator. Aluminium fan shroud with...
  2. Mike_Pap

    NISSAN Silvia S16 Concept

    Hello all, Iam a proud owner of a Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R from Cyprus. · NISSANshould continue in the same way the success of the R35 GT-R and introduce a newSilvia S16 and continue the legacy of the best drift car ever engineered. An FR sports coupe, with 4-cylinder engine -...
  3. Jay-pan

    Clutch Nismo advice?

    Well got the old engine out the car new ones going to go in now the clutch is an organic exedy but its about 70% worn so best do things right once and take the opportunity to change it two clutches i am looking at are... Nismo super coppermix and lightweight flywheel & Nismo sports coppermix...
  4. N

    Widearch bodykits

    Where can I buy them from in the uk??? I've tried EP racing, knight racer and aerokit and had no luck. They've all never got any in stock and I've been asking for 9MONTHS now!! If anyone knows someone high up in these company's could they inform them. I'm after the BN sports Blister kit, but...
  5. S

    Recaro "Sport Frame" Seat Rails... Do they fit?

    Hi all, I'm about to buy some Recaro SR-7 seats, but I have a question about the rails. There are two different rails you can buy for the reclining buckets like the SR-7, the "Normal Rails":, part number 2081.087...
  6. Hunts15

    FS: Bn sports s15 (must see)

    staying in australia so have to move this on as its a sin having it in storage car is currently in ireland and can be brought to a port or airport with a deposit from buyer, i am currently the 3rd owner from new and iv not had the chance to even drive it as i never returned to ireland, car was...
  7. Fruitbooter

    WTB: Big Brakes

    After some big brakes such as R33 GTR Brembos, K Sports or general big brake upgrades. :thumbs:
  8. Hunts15

    Bn Sports S15 (My Phat Girl)

    Well after trawling the net for the last 5 months searching and trying to figure out how id replace the S15 i sold two years back and regreting it soon as it left the driveway, i made it a mission that it would be replaced one day. Im in australia at the moment and been workin like a black...
  9. Darren_S15

    I now come in a 2 wheel version

    Not been on here for a while for various reasons. One of which is that I now have my full bike license :D So bye bye little CBR125 and hello something else... Wondered if there are any bikers on here who have any suggestions what to get next? Ultimately I want a nice sports bike (CBR...
  10. G

    Gielie's Silvia S15 with RB25DET!

    Hello, My name is Giel, Im from Holland 23 years old and got since a few weeks a Silvia S15! A few spec's of the car; Pewter grey, forged RB25DET engine, T3/T4 Hybrid turbo, 550cc injectors, Z32 AFM, HKS FMIC, Apexi power FC, Works emotions 18'', Tein coilovers, Z33 front and rear brakes, GP...
  11. pegliobaglio

    nismo sPorts resetting ecu?

    Hey guys, There is a sticker on my engine saying sports resetting,thought someone had just got a bit happy with the sticker book lol but I was in the process of taking my interior out today and spotted on my ecu that it says nismo sports resetting on it? Now the only info I can find on this is...
  12. M

    New Photos

    I was just taking some pics of my old car today to put it up for sale. So I thought I would take a few snaps of the s15 also since it has my new personal plates on there now. Thought I would post some of them up on here. :) This 96 Honda Accord was so so good to me. Although it...
  13. koullis

    FS: SARD 850cc injectors for sale and Circuit Sports Rail

    I have a set of 850cc SARD injectors and a Circuit Sports Rai with 500miles on them. Reason for sale is that my new plenum works with top feed injectors. Injectors £270 posted Fuel rail £170 posted
  14. AllanOrr

    WTB: Genuine Steering Wheel, Hub & Snap Off

    Wondering I any of the Traders on here would be able to get any of these parts? Nardi Classic 330 Punching Leather Flat Type Steering Wheel HKB Sports S15 Hub Adapter (Air Bag) Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release
  15. Aurora61

    Hi from japan

    Hey guys. My name is Ken, and i moved to japan about 6 months ago from New Jersey (america). But more importantly, i bought a s15 spec-R aero about a month ago. Back in america, i used to own a 240sx (180sx for those of you not from the US), so im pretty familiar with the S-chassis. I bought...
  16. B


    Right i was going to turbo my s15 spec s.. eg take a 14 engine and put it in but now im thinking of upgrading a good bit and puting in a supercharger in it... ive googled it and there is not recent things about supercharging a sr20de... i have heard of mini sports s/c working and a s/c off a 1...
  17. F

    Need Help with seat rails

    Hello, I have Recaro bottom mount seats (Sports) which rails/sliders should I use? Thanks in advance
  18. T

    Hello from Holland! :)

    Hi guys! I've been looking around here for several months now. But since i recently took delivery of my car, i'm now joining. I ordered my 15 around april this year. It has come straight out of Japan. I'm very pround to say that since 3 weeks I now own the ONLY blue S15 in the Netherlands...
  19. K

    Reapiar coilovers??

    One of my colivers have started leaking.... Its a set of R Racing High quality motor sports. JTC N1 Circut damper. Does anyone konw anyone that can repair em? Regards.
  20. K

    Reapiar coilovers??

    One of my colivers have started leaking.... Its a set of R Racing High quality motor sports. JTC N1 Circut damper. Does anyone know anyone that can repair em? Regards.