1. eiden88

    WTB: specR rocker cover

    Hi guys, looking for a specR rocker cover as it looks like s15 sr20det coilpacks won't fit onto s15 SR20DE rocker cover :( cheers all :wave:
  2. B

    WTB: S15 sr20det engine

    Hi I'm looking for an s15 engine , with or without wiring loom as I've got one! If anyone has one or knows of one let me know, thanks
  3. roachey

    FS: Tomei Turbo Brand new 420hp

    hi guys i sold a lot of parts now but still have this so thought i would put it here as it is actually really spec'd for the sr20det anyway, hope this will get put to good use, and im putting this up at £700 thanks.
  4. C

    WTB: SR20DET engine

    Seeking an SR20DET engine either from an S14 or an S15. Mine is fubar. If you have one in running condition, please get in touch.
  5. C

    WTB: SR20DET engine

    Hi, I'm looking for a good running SR20DET engine, either from an S14/a or an S15. Just the engine is needed as I already have gearbox etc, my engine is blown. Get in touch if you have one. Cash waiting. Located in the Midlands.
  6. Adam L

    FS: Tomei Poncams

    I no longer need these. They're brand new still in the box and wrapping. They're for the bent cam sr20det, S14 or S15 £350 delivered
  7. F

    FS: S15 SR20DET, S15 Spec-R ECU, S14a Gearbox, T28, Braided Lines, Japspeed Manifold

    S15 SR20DET, S15 Spec-R ECU, S14a Gearbox, Braided Lines, Japspeed Manifold Breaking Project - All prices are excluding postage. Open to sensible offers on the items listed. Based in the North West near Manchester/Warrington, ideally items to be collected but can post. S15 SR20DET, only...
  8. J

    FS: Hks fcon v pro gold s15 sr20det

    For sale. HKS FCON V PRO GOLD with loom. Was running an S15 SR20DET (unsure of spec). £450 posted, thanks.
  9. 2fst4u

    Brand new owner from NZ

    Hey all. I finally got my hands on an s15. I feel like I'm dreaming. These babies have been on my mind for the past few months and now I have one all of my own. She has a few wee niggles that need to be ironed out but that'll happen in due course. Here's a couple of pics I took today...
  10. AllanOrr

    FS: New HKS, G-Reddy Performance Parts SR20DET

    New HKS, G-Reddy Performance Parts SR20DETSelling a few high end performance parts I wont use on my S15 due to unforeseen circumstances HKS S14/S15 T4/GT Manifold Part: 14019-AN001 T4 Flange, 3.00mm wall thickness, 50.00mm Tube Dia. External Waste Gate 55mm Bolt Mounting (center to centre)...
  11. pinky15

    first S chassis

    whats up. Im Aaron and I live in Okinawa Japan. Sold my vip platform and picked up a na auto s15. Im looking into doing some upgrades after I get back from my deployment. So far I picked up some wheels and swapped to 4 lug ( due to the wheels I picked up) yea many say thats dumb but i got a...
  12. N

    Bleeding lifters

    Here is a video i found on bleeding an sr20det lifter if anyone needs the help
  13. J0R04N

    FS: J0R04N's For Sale Thread S14 & S15

    Couple of bits for sale; Stock cast manifold and elbow; Manifold £15 Elbow £10 Both for £20 Ash 28mm flexible hose 900mm long in blue. Came of my S15 using a HKS SSQV as a resirc. £15 SR20DET heat shield to go with the above manifold £15 S15 Standard Rear Lights £30
  14. M

    S15 parts prices

    Can anyone give me a rough guide price to what the following items are worth? Off an s15 with 45k miles Engine sr20det 6 speed box Spec r brakes Buddy club exhaust Thanks.
  15. D

    WTB: SR20DET complete engine

    as stated in the title really :nod: looking for a complete sr20det in good condition with wiring loom, ecu, turbo ect ect i dont mind if its a s14 or s15 engine i just need turbo power again lol :notworthy:
  16. spoonman

    How often do you see a autech engine up for sale, check this out

    Price is about what you can buy a SR20DET for in NZ
  17. richy200

    FS: garage clear out, some usefull bits maybe

    Trying to gather as much cash as possible for my s15. I Have a few bits and bobs which are taking up space, i will get some pics up tomorrow. sr20det bottom end, will need rebuilding, bought this to rebuild but never got around to doing it. I also have the water pump for the engine £40...
  18. N

    Tomei Metal head gasket SR20DET Brand new

    Tomei metal head gasket SR20DET 88.0-1.5mm Location-Malaysia Price-RM1100 Nakamaproshop Kinson mobile=+60164117720
  19. Havoc

    WTB: SR20DET engine.

    Hello! After a complete engine or majority from any Sbody. SR20DET only. Cheers.
  20. P

    S15 turbo outlet with screamer pipe SR20DET