1. G

    Recommended clutch for stage 1

    Hey, looking for a bit of buying advice before I order a new clutch. Started slipping yesterday on boost so having to nurse the car about since it's my daily. Anyone got some recommendations for a stage 1 clutch? Not looking to spend more than £300, found these 2 online and wondering if anyone...
  2. F

    S15 Horsham development maps

    Anyone got any links to the hd maps? Currently got updated fuel pump , air filter , intercooler full exhaust with down pipe , what stage map could I get without changing injectors?
  3. Chriscooke

    FS: Stage 3a Parts for sale gt2871r etc

    Hi guys I have a full stage 3a bolt on package available from my s14a. This package made 344 bhp!!!! The package Includes .Genuine Garret GT2871r .64 trim .Genuine Z32 AFM with pigtail and modified elephants trunk to turbo .Nismo 555cc Side feed Injectors .Stainless exhaust manifold (Apex I...
  4. A

    Need Your Help to get to SEMA

    Hello, My name is Alex and I competing in Performance Auto and Sounds Magazine's Tuner Battle Grounds. The way it works, is they have 5 Stages, with each stage, they eliminate half of the field. I am currently in Stage 4 which ends tomorrow at 3:00 EST. The only way to advance is by getting...
  5. S15Cro

    Open Event: Gatebil 11th-13th July 2014

    Don't have the time or money at the moment but just wondering if anybody on here is going? :) Its one of those events you have to go to at some stage if your into drifting/partying :D Site: Here
  6. L

    Help needed please with Stage 1a / Mapping

    Hi all I bought my S15 pretty much stock bar Cat back and filter. Basically my question is if i fit all the parts for stage 1a that i already have (walbro, ebc, elbow, downpipe,decat) and run the car at 1bar without having the car mapped for a month or 2 am i going to have problems on the...
  7. billy_t15

    new clutch

    Hi after a bit of advice, going for a new clutch as mine is slipping even on low boost I want something fairly user friendly as ill be using the car daily in traffic etc currently around stage 3a will be looking to go towards the 400bhp mark and I know its always good to over spec what do you...
  8. DeviouS15

    Another whiney 6 speed!

    Hi everyone, ever since i picked up my S15 which was 50,000ks ago it had a slight whine coming from the gearbox. Over the years it got louder and louder, so recently i took it to a mechanic and got all the bearings in the box replaced as well as a Xtreme heavy duty clutch and flywheel kit...
  9. T

    Rudi's new S15 - Current and future plans :)

    Hey guys, I am a new member to these forums, but I noticed there are a lot of people from New Zealand around, and I have a feeling some of you might even know me from back in the day when I was part of the NZ Silvia club. For those who don't know me, I have had an S14 Q's, which I turned into a...
  10. K

    WTB: Wanted BLACK,GREY s15 SPEC R

    Hi guys im new too the sight, i use too own a blue 14a, but sold that a few months ago now, however i am wanting back too be back in a 200. so i thought il go up one stage. so now im looking for either a nice looking black s15 spec r or a grey one got about 8500 too spend on a car, dont mind...
  11. M

    paint code for pearl white s15

    hello all, my mate is going do some painting on my car for me and he says the paint is a two stage pearl but the paint code on here says that it is a 3 coat pearl, just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this matter, he is worried that he wont be able to match the colour. if it is 3...
  12. J

    Now stocking exedy clutches!!!! Forum deal!!!

    HEY SXOC!!!! :sxoc: We pride ourselves on selling the ultimate performance products and to go in-line with this we are now stocking EXEDY clutches for all Makes and Models. EXEDY was founded over 50 years ago by Kazuma AdachiMore who strived to provide a better clutch for the Japanese Auto...
  13. justin666

    FS: H-Dev Stage 2 S15 Spec R ECU (Nicely's old one) and Z32 AFM

    Hellooo Well, Time to sell up on a couple of bits I have about the house and not on the car. Got hold of these a while back when I had bigger plans for the car but for one reason or another I just never got round to it!!!! So First up we have one HDEV Stage 2 ECU for a spec R. Got this from...
  14. pegliobaglio

    A question of size

    Hey guys just a quickie,does anyone know what size the standard speakers are?? Just my car had all the stereo stripped from it and need to sort some replacements at some stage
  15. sands

    FS: s15 parts

    oem rear spats some marks on under side to the paint and crack on one of them on side that faces wheel see photo some one glued it at some stage 100 euro + shipping front spot lights 50 euro +shipping
  16. G

    engine rebuild with nitto parts

    hey just wondering if any one has used nitto pistons or con rods before, as im just in the stage of picking my parts out for my bottom end rebuild, cheers
  17. C

    my silvia at long last

    my silvia finally:nod: how are we all lads thought it was time i fired up a few pictures and spec of the car.i have it the best part of 8 months now and have serious work done to it,it was bogo spec when i got it with tan leather:hurl:so the first thing was to get rid of that front seats back...
  18. K

    Just had my first good drive :)

    Wow is all i can say. Handles soooo much better than the 14 did. Feels much more planted and sure footed. I'm running pretty much standard at the mo and it still feels as quick as my 14a at stage 1 !! All i can say is that i'm loving it. Taking it easy though and avoiding the deers over...
  19. A

    WTB: Wanted: S15 Wing Mount Intercooler

    Does anybody have a S15 WMIC they want to part with? I'm seeking one as a small upgrade on my S14a 200sx whilst I consider where I want to go with the car, it would be a nice addition to my stage 1 modifications particularly in this warmer weather. Have money waiting, must be in good condition...
  20. D

    Prodrift Irl Round 2 photo's

    Round 2 was on in Mondello park at weekend last. Great Day weather was unreal. Drifting was top class. I saw Tom's car but no sign of driver bar a blonde at one stage. There was another 3 or 4 S15's. All white and lovely looking aswell as mine. Enjoy!