1. K

    Temp VIN insurance companies

    Anyone know who will actually insure my car temporarily on VIN/chassis number? Phoned about 20 companies and they all said with insure it for 12 months of they need a Reg. Starting to give me a headache. Anyone any advice?
  2. Jaydej

    Interesting news from time attack would anyone else be interested in starting up?
  3. A

    starting problems

    Hey a couple weeks ago I had a breakdown caused by art of the wiring loom falling onto my manifold and melting through the clip* since then I've had trouble starting I've sorted the wiring out, replaced the spark plugs coil packs and a new...
  4. JaseYpk

    OEM Fuel Pump (full working order) 99p starting auction :)
  5. Krish


    Slowly starting to change things on the s15! Before After More stuff to be done over the coming weeks.
  6. JaseYpk

    Silvia 'S' Badge NEW

    99p starting auction. Cheers!
  7. JaseYpk

    FS: Aftermarket S15 Rear Lights (circle-type)

    Got these up on ebay! MINT condition, like new, not even a single scratch or spec of dirt. ;) Starting at £10, bargain! Have a dabble!
  8. J0R04N

    Strange starting problem??????

    I have been having some issues starting my at the past week :( The symtoms Stater is slow to turn sometimes you just get a click and the starter doesn't turn at all! When the starter does turn you get quite a few clicks inside the cockpit from relays etc??? Test's & Inspections so...
  9. Mike

    Tires and starting advice.

    Evening, Not sure if you saw my other post in general but i need two front tires, I've had a snoop around but just after some advice really, what do you run what would you buy in my situation? Car isnt commuted in, used 2-3 times a week, spirited driving when its actually driven on weekends...
  10. D

    FS: Pewter S15 Spec R Drivers side wing

    Hello I have listed a wing I have spare starting at £35
  11. Fruitbooter

    How long have you left your S15 un-started for?

    My car has been off the road since the end of December now, I started it a few times but up to date its been about a month without being started and the battery is flat now. How long can I safely leave the engine without starting it? Will it be okay if I don't start it and it takes...
  12. Y

    Hows all the people

    hello all. Killian my name from ireland currently living in galway. been on the site a month r so taught bout time i uploaded a few pics of me ride. S15 r starting to appear in ireland a bit now, We others out there with good taste.
  13. R-Spec


    Starting to get much more appealing. This could be a worthy looking successor to our 15's.
  14. A

    s15 wont

    Hey guys, yesterday evening after washing my car i tried strating it but when the key turned the annunciator lights just dim and a click sound comes without the engine starting. I assumed i had a dead battery so i proceeded to change the thing but now after connecting the terminals the car just...
  15. E

    got a couple of nice pictures in the mail today!

    I'm starting to believe that my project may actually happen :)
  16. S

    Hello there

    Hey all how are you going just thought I would introduce ones self, I am currently driving a S15 pewter, FMIC 3" exhaust, lowered, blah blah, just starting to put the good stuffin , any way hey there :thumbs: