1. Z

    WTB: Where can i find some of these connectors?

    Hi all! Looking to purchase a few of the connectors that connect the tail lights to the loom in the boot. Anyways. I was hoping someone might be able to guide me to a business that produces them, or somewhere where i can just get the bare connectors, and then wire in my wires myself. only...
  2. A

    How to helical and viscous

    Hello everyone How to know if car have Helical or Viscous LSD? Anything to test it? Like wheel moving and direction? Thanks
  3. D

    S15 SR20DET BlackTop Compression Results

    Hey guys! This is one of my first posts here but I really needed some clear answers. Have tried googling but everyone seems to have red-tops for this. Anyway, I was about to dump some money into my car (front mount, cams, ecu, injectors etc) but decided to do a compression test first to make...
  4. J

    Hello from Holland

    Hello, My name is Josca and I'm from Holland I'm 28years and I love Silvia's and Skylines. I recently am a owner of a Nissan Silvia S15 spec-R. My boyfriend imported the car himself from Japan. I can't drive in it yet because it doesn't have a License plate so I need to take care of that...
  5. S

    FS: S15 sr20det engine

    For sale i have a very good condition Sr20det from an s15 which is fitted in my s14, it has an s14 rocker cover so i can run s14 coilpacks. The engine was bought complete with new pistons, rods, springs and valves, 264 cams, and also new oil pump and water pump. i do not have the proof of this...
  6. S

    test fitted new wheels

  7. L

    MAF Problem - High Idle

    Hi everyone, The problem: high idle (1800-2000 RPM) Car: Silvia S15 Spec-R (Manual) Modes: Nistune ecu Type 4 Greddy bov type R (without recycling) Z32 MAF HKS Intercooler What i have checked: 1. TPS on idle 0.5v 2. MAF on idle ~1.6v (increases when i put on pedal) 3. MAF (engine off) -...
  8. 2fst4u

    Possible stupid question to follow

    The stupidest questions are those that aren't asked though. Should the Air con relay "click" audibly when the "AC" button is pushed, while the HVAC is on and blowing air and set to 18 degrees Celsius? Regardless of all other factors such as pressure in the system and engine running? If I'm...
  9. S

    blue smoke

    Hi sorry if its been covered , but I need some thoughts I have a 01 spec r blows blue smoke on start up once its warm and sorta clears when driving till I decell and then take off boom smokes again when on highway it seems clear , it did it with old turbo so I replaced that a week ago still...
  10. Jay-pan

    FS: HUB boss kit

    Bought this to fit to my car tried it out and felt a bit stiff so went back to my old wheel. These go for £20 on ebay, only opened and test fitted once all the stuffs included £10 posted paypal gift or add 3% for paypal fees. Or £10 at Japfest...
  11. S

    FS: Nissan 114.3x5 15mm bolt on spacers (brought from driftworks)

    Don't need these so I'm taking a hit on what I paid only test fitted pic to follow £80 delivered
  12. N

    Bonnet problems

    Well guys I failed the test because my bonnet lever won't open my bonnet, you have to open it from under the bonnet, it's a carbon fibre one, any ideas?
  13. S

    Decat come mot?

    Hi. Just de-catted my Silv, and wondered if I could gamble mot-ing it with this fitted? Anyone put their car through a test and passed, or should I not be so lazy and just swap it when the time comes? :) thanks mike
  14. V

    What's needed for an IVA test

    Morning guys. Does anyone know what a freshly imported S15 needs doing to it to get through an IVA test? I've got a document stating what is inspected during the IVA but I have minimal knowledge of the S15. All helps is appreciated.
  15. Mike

    Interior light

    Just test the water with this one before i investigate a bit more tomorrow. Just gone to put fuel in my car this is the first time i've driven it in the dark for as long as i can remember and the interior light doesnt come on when i open the doors, works when you push the button. Like i said...
  16. $

    FS: Beautiful Yellow Spec S - For Sale

    Guys, Selling my beauty, absolutely gutted to have to sell her. :( Changing circumstances with work mean i need to start saving up and investing into a car to make motorway journeys and cant afford to run both her and the runaround and spending the money i intended on doing on the car. :(...
  17. vinnie

    Test drove the new Honda Civic Type R

    Hey I had some time off work this morning so I thought to myself, I feel like driving something new. I drove down to my nearest car garage, which is the Honda dealership. Got talking to the salemen and he said it was fine to test drive the new Civic. The car does look cool, it's well funky...
  18. tooley

    Auto test - Snow S15 + S13 = fun

    YouTube - Snow auto test slalom YouTube - S15 Auto test snow rhys s13 boot view :D jamiw k driving YouTube - Jamie k driving rhys s13 auto test snow YouTube - Auto test s13 boot snow
  19. JaseYpk

    Boost Gauge Self Test? Or is it Kaputt?

    When i'm driving its just started going crazy! The needle will be sat wherever it is normally, then drop straight to -7, then wind itself up at a constant rate right up to +1, then back to -7, where it will stay until i turn the engine off and back on! Is this some random self test or is there...
  20. andeep

    Open Event: DWYB Wed 15th September

    Anyone else going to this? Just finished completing my suspension and transmission setup, so can't wait to test it out! :thumbs: