1. R

    S14 Gearbox In S15

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. Just thought someone might be able to help me out because i can't seem to find out anything online!. Anyways I bought a s15 about a month ago, the man who i bought it off had a s14 gearbox put in it because the 6 speed couldn't handle the power (so i was told)...
  2. vinnie

    new guy from the uk...

    hello everyone i have just imported an s15 spec s from japan. i will post some pics of her in due time.. just a quick question tho, its a 1999 model so do a need a SVA test? i know a still need a MOT test.. thanks in advance
  3. zero260

    WTB: Standard S15 (444) injectors

    Has anyone got a set of the standard injectors for an s15, I think they are 444's and are that naff browny red colour? Must be in full working order and cheap as we just need them to test a fueling problem.:nod:
  4. LuPix_S15


  5. LuPix_S15

    Interested in getting vids from track/drift days?? READ THIS!!

    A mate sent me this link from thread on SXOC... looks like brilliant value for money way of getting action vids from track/drift days. I've ordered a couple of these babies from eBay (link is in first post of the thread) - for a little over £9 you really can't complain. Can't wait to test...
  6. DeanS15

    test fitted - pleased with myself :)

    i've been beavering away for ages now studding out, re-wiring and boarding my entire garage (its been a storage house for all my tools and decorating stuff since we moved in 3 years ago :rolleyes:) and now that the floor paint is cured i thought i'd do a test fit as i was panicking about whether...
  7. A

    Horn Not Working

    Hopefully it's not a hard fix, my horn is not working. When I press the horn you can hear a click in the engine bay. The horns are both connected via a single wire each (the wire is red and black so I'm assuming its power/earth in one)... also looks like it has an oem plug connection on the end...
  8. adz87kc

    Can i borrow some wheels? Reading area.

    Hey guys, I need to borrow a set of wheels for the IVA in a week or so time. Doesn't have to be s15 wheels can be s14 ones but the tires need to be the oem size 205 55 R16. Anyone got a set I can borrow for the test? cheers.
  9. V

    checking spec r for probs

    hey folks if everything goes to plan i could be looking at a spec r this week, is there anything specifically i should look for? i know the usual previos accident damage and that, but how can i tell while on a test drive if there is anything wrong etc, looking forward to your replies dave
  10. J

    is there OBD2 or not?

    Hi all! I'm currently looking at buying a 2001 spec-r but our new laws here say that all cars registered after 01.01.2001 needs to have an obd port so they can run the tests on mot test. (every year here) does the S15 even have one or does this mean that it's pretty much impossible to reg these?
  11. I

    Any West Midlands owners? Favour needed

    Could I blag a passenger ride with someone, will buy some beers for said person. I am in two minds about buying, but there is non locally for sale to go test drive. Just wondering what the seating position is like mainly as I have an MR2 and you are sat in a cockpit pretty much.
  12. S

    Filter Info

    FILTER TEST Sorry guys if this have been posted before. http://www.mkiv.com/techarticles/filters_test/2/index.html
  13. A

    Defect proof s15?

    I have owned my s15 for 6 years now. I have been defected twice in that period for the same things by the same cop. My standard bolt on of ARC intercooler, tomei injectors, tomei fuel pump, power FC, AVCR, Apexi super suction kit with airflow meter are all defective items. I wont pass engineers...
  14. C


    Hi everyone :wave: I've recently sold my civic vti and am looking to get a S15 as my next car but am a bit worried about getting one imported, so i thought I would join the site and find out as much info as i could. If anyone could tell me if they had any problems getting there S15 though an...
  15. slammedmind

    cleaning a MAF

    ok well i got a z32 maf for free by stripping it from a mates breaker. The problem is its a little dirty and now im wondering what is the best way to clean it? Also is there a way to test and see if its working?
  16. Nicely

    JDM Digital Climate Control Diagnostic

    Just found details of this on NS.com :) To run a self-diagnostic for the Digital Climate Control: Turn DCC temperature knob fully left. Turn engine on. Within 10 second of starting engine, press and hold 'OFF' button on the DCC for 5-10 seconds until all segments on the display light up...
  17. P

    WTB: URGENT: S15 standard rear lights

    anyone wanna sell the standard rear lights to me please? need these ASAP to pass local test as my aftermarkets aren't e-marked apparently...
  18. K

    Differences between S14A/S15 FMIC

    Are there any. I need one for the ESVA test. If there are diffs then i'll have to source an S15 one instead on an S14A. Help.
  19. N

    Test Drive..!!

    Well I went for a test drive yesterday of a spec R s15... And all i can say is wow... I found it real comfy, nice driving position, and the engine pulled really well... I though my mind was made up, until last night, when i went to the jap meet at Bluewater, and there was Kierans s15...
  20. Yakozan

    Top gear test Swedish car :)

    Top Gear test the only Swedish car brand left. As both Volvo and SAAB are American owned nowadays. Enjoy :) click me Edit: This one is pretty old but still worth seeing :)