1. J

    Detailing vs. S15 and MR-2 Turbo

    Was a busy weekend for me, and a little rain dodging too. First was this MR-2 Turbo which was already in stunning condition, so getting the most from the silver paintwork was the order of the day: Then on Sunday was Nickichi's lovely S15, which had the full works of exterior, interior...
  2. R

    Bolt on turbo on S15 NA

    HI guys, I own a stock Silvia S15 Spec S Automatic as a general everyday car. Was thinking of having a bit of fun with it so was wondering is it possible to put a bolt on turbo on it? I am not looking to make it a monster track car or anything. Just a bit of a boost. I don't want to consider...
  3. C

    FS: Standard S15 turbo

    On behalf of a friend.. Standard S15 turbo in VGC. No smoke and normal anount of shaft movement. It is a standard spec turbo but a replacement. Unsure if it's the roller or journal bearing as not sure how to tell. Can get photos and more details if required. £320 delivered
  4. S

    Sean's S15

    Picked the car up the other day and have enjoyed driving around in the good weather. She is a 2000 Spec R new import close to stock. Aero kit Tinted rear windows Turbo Timer Alloys Kenwood DVD/TV/Sat Nav unit. Had to give her a clean today as some birds made a mess of her. One thing I hate...
  5. dudley97

    Hi from northern ireland

    just found the forum and it is super i own a 2000 s15 turbo will try to grt pics up many thanks :nod:
  6. J

    WTB: t28r turbo needed a.s.a.p :(

    cash is here waiting. needs to 100% working nothing dodgy. thanks
  7. JaseYpk

    Problem Child Returns Again.... *sigh*

    Someone please. grant me some more sanity because mine is starting to run out. All i can do is laugh now. ha ha ha. So oil pan and return hose form the turbo were replaced, and its now not leaking any oil. hurrah! but no. she's content with spitting something out. So this time, today. its...
  8. S

    Next mods???

    bought a spec r jdm just has a turbo back exaust thats pretty much it. THINGS I BOUGHT SO FAR THAT NEED TO BE INSTALLED HKS SUCTION RELOADED KIT HKS EVC-S BOOST CONTROLLER HKS TURBO TIMER factory boost (.7 highest) am wondering what fuel pump I should buy or if is needed if im going to...
  9. Tony

    Oem injectors.....

    Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone knows how much our oem injectors can take..?+ I'll be running about 1,1 bar on turbo this summer.. and maby with a chip from H-dev..
  10. JaseYpk

    Turbo dying?

    Yeah... Its always my car isnt it? So. one of my mates told me i had a blue puff come out the exhaust a few days ago, and now today we had some white smoke. So instead of automatically going HEAD GASKET. Could it be that the turbo is weeping coolant and oil? just from wear and tear? i mean...
  11. K

    differences on S15 subframe

    is there a difference at all between S15 turbo rear subframe and S15 non turbo rear subframe? im guessing theres no difference, but thats just a guess. i need to know, im planning on using it on my S13 and i found a non turbo one.
  12. B

    WTB: s15 turbo lines oem

    any one got oem turbo lines + banjo bolts going spare thanks steve
  13. M

    FS: turbo elbow, FATT, aem tru boost

    got a few bits i need to get rid of, i have priced them at what i think is fair but i am open to offers so if you thin there over priced make an offer. collection welcome in Gateshead. blitz fatt turbo timer, came off my s15 may fit other s bodies SOLD aem tru boost, gauge type boost...
  14. pegliobaglio

    fitting braided turbo lines

    I am going to fit braided lines on my turbo when I change my mani,. Quick question,obviously the hoses have oil and water running through them,just wanted to make sure that I don't need to drain the whole system first? How does it work does It pump oil/water flows through it when the engine is...
  15. adz87kc

    FS: T28r, stock injectors with rail and fpr

    Hey, I'm upgrading my turbo so today i removed my t28r and fuel rail. The turbo has approx 75k on it and worked fine before i removed it- will come with the standard actuator. Doesn't smoke and just has the usual bb play. I also have a stock fuel rail with FRP still attached and oem 480cc...
  16. JaseYpk

    Big turbo = big power?

    Ok, this 'ere graph is one i robbed off rhd japan. I was aimlessly browsing and came across the Yashio YP turbo.. and on the top of this graph its got the engine specs, the boost, and the power outputs.. (1st image low boost, 2nd image 1.5bar) I was under the impression with only the basic mods...
  17. AllanOrr

    FS: Red M-Reg S14 For Sale

    Red M-Reg S14 For Sale Have decided it is now time to sell my S14 after buying it in March and putting to the standard it should be I really dont want to strip the car as I dont have another one to get to work etc so please dont as for parts off it. Main reason for selling is pritty much I...
  18. R

    S15 spec r information

    G = Coup BY = SR20 engine A = 2 wheel drive R = Right hand drive U = spec S or spec R A = 4 speed auto, Y = 6 speed manual S15 = model U = Turbo, E = NA D = Domestic model, M = Australia 4 = 4 seats I want to know what the last 5 letters/numbers means except for the NZ (YNZ2Z)? Also the turbo...
  19. JonoS15

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Turbo 6 Speed for sale - Needs to go ASAP

    The time has come that i have to sell my pride and joy :-( i am buying a new house and so she has to go ASAP. Extremely good car, still runs and drives awesome considering the age. Well looked after, with no major mechanical problems. Tax until end of march 12 MOT till end of April 12...