1. R

    Clunking Steering

    I've had another problem recently. I noticed that if the car is at a standstill or moving very slowly or on an uneven surface, turning the wheel or full lock gives a clunking feel and sound through the steering wheel. I'm not sure what it could be, I know I've got a split in my track rod ends...
  2. L

    FS: Few parts for sale: work emotion, spoiler etc

    Hi guys, Picked my s15 up from torque gt yesterday so I've swapped everything out today with what i'd already bought. For sale I've got Works bell quick release steering boss, cones with all parts pictured excluding nardi wheel. It's small so I don't mind posting this part. £150 posted in UK...
  3. Parky

    Throttle body inlet pipe size..?

    I want to change the old black rubber joiner from the intercooler cold pipe to the throttle body but am unsure of what size I need to get, can anyone advise?
  4. N80Jamie

    FS: Pioneer JDM Double Din CD Stereo

    This came on my car from Japan and I have since replaced it with another unit. Unsure on a price so open to offers!
  5. N80Jamie

    FS: LED Yashio Rear Lights

    Have a set of LED Yashios for sale; they're in full working order and cosmetically in great condition! Price I'm after is £170 plus postage (unsure on this until I get it weighed tomorrow).
  6. R

    Spare Keys

    I've coded many keys for VW and I know specialist software is needed, I'm hoping Nissan work differently. I currently have 1 Key and Fob which I'm using. I also have a Nismo Key from the previous owner and another fob, While the fob works I'm unsure the key would work if its cut? Would I still...
  7. N80Jamie

    Identifying Parts

    Got the S15 up on the ramps for the first time tonight and spotted some extra chassis/ suspension parts i didnt know i had. I'm unsure on what each part is as im not really clued up on all this! If someone could let me know from these crap pictures (sorry!) what they are, that would be great...
  8. P

    Just popping in :)

    Thought id say hi as just popping in from SXOC as im on the hunt for a pair of S15 seats for my Onevia :) I THINK im after Spec R ones but unsure - basically the black cloth ones :wack:
  9. G

    driving with a 2 way diff

    hey guys came to get some more knowledge I just test drove a car. worst conditions, it was raining and was very distracting. I noticed that the drive in low gears (mostly 1st and 2nd) wasnt smooth. (in reverse too i think) and the owner said it was due to the 2 way diff installed. He said he...
  10. M

    My first nissan silvia S15 JDM market! :D hope you like

    hey guys! new to the club! live on south coast NSW but in sydney and canberra often, wannna do cruises and track days with you lot names Chris and just thought id show off my new pride and joy let me know what you think! some Mods are Drift BOV (unsure how to make it stop the fluttering...
  11. dave_t

    Name That Spoiler (Pics Inside)

    Been after this style of spoiler for a while, and finally bought one, the one pictured below. However, I am unsure of exactly what make/model this particular one is, it was described as an 'Origin', but as it extends over the rear lights i am unsure, as the origin spoiler i know of is a lip...
  12. J

    How to remove Interior?

    I'm looking to spray my interior, I was wondering if there was a how to anywhere as to how to get the main part out? I'll be able to remove the centre console, just unsure on the part it goes onto that holds the glove box etc.
  13. M

    harness fitting

    any body got harnesses fitted in there 15 without a roll cage where did you fit your rear aye bolts to. im going to be using weld in i bolt plates but im unsure where to fit them
  14. A

    Pewter Silver, in Cambs

    Seen this a few times. 5 spoke wheels (unsure of make) aftermarket exhaust
  15. I

    TE37's on a S15

    Dose anyone have any pics of TE37's 17" on a S15 with the off set of +30 or just post the pic and if ya know the offset let me know i want some for my ride but im unsure what size to go on if i can get a view on what thay look like i can deside on what offset thanks!
  16. mint

    Mints s15 ^_^

    READ LAST PAGE TO SEE HER NOW!! haha Ohiyo !! ^_^" Well im afraid i dont have pics this second but i WILL tomorrow.. anyways, i picked up my 1999 Spec-R Aero from Torque last night. She is pewter gray (Sorry Topper :( ) and its done around 44k iirc. Mods include from what i can see.. -Apexi...