1. Joeh

    Anyone picking up the new iPhone 7 today?

    Initially was tempted to reserve one last week, nearly gone through the whole process and last minute I decided against it. Thought about it quite a lot but I've already gone an iPhone 6 plus, the benefits of upgrading are minimal (just the camera really and splash proof) and the price is...
  2. Stew

    ~ g h x s t s 1 5 ~

    I've lusted after an S15 since I first remember seeing one -outside of Gran Turismo- in 2006, this one in particular ;) After exchanging many messages, photos and video at the beginning of April I purchased a standard 1999 S15 Spec-R from a forum member, almost 500mi away in Scotland. The...
  3. S

    My GT C-west S15 Spec-R - F1R wheels & Avant Garde Wheels

    Here are a couple pics of new and old.... Doing a photoshoot next week with the new Avant Garde wheels. Old F1R wheels: New Avant Garde wheels:
  4. phillll

    My Pearl White s15

    Not created a thread yet as I was waiting for more bits to happen, so here's the story so far. Grade 4B in lovely pearl white. Imported by Torque GT in October 14. I'm the first owner and traded in my EP3 type r against it. Absolutely love it so far. It's my first RWD car and my first turbo car...
  5. phillll

    Removing front wings for loom tuck...

    Any pain in the ass bolts or hidden bolts in order to take these off? Going to get it done in the week and wondering how hard it is... Hoping for a simple and quick job tbh! thanks all :)
  6. Jaydej

    Pictures of ksports

    Hey people can you guys post some picture of your s15 with ksports, I'm torn between getting red (6-8 week) or get black which I can get ASAP
  7. S

    Lots of new bits on route from japland :)

    Have my shipment of parts on route from the mother land hopefully be here next week courtesy of Matt at Limitless Imports ;)
  8. S

    WTB: Coils / coilspack oem or aftermarket anyone

    As per title i need a spare coil mine one is week thus it flutters so any one nearer would be much prefer...
  9. driftmonkey


    After owning this 8yrs ago and this its the only logical progression that 7yrs later i open my front door to this caged drift tuned hks nismo full bn kit.... mot next week and register her fat ass:) and get front bumper fixed :rolleyes: imported by myself.... bought from GARAGE R japan
  10. J

    What can cause rubbish mpg's and burning a lot of oil?

    I know drift days will always kill my mpg's but day to day driving mine is still poo. i can get about 170 out of a full tank if I'm lucky. Oil wise I have to top every week.... I do around 150miles a week.... Costs me a fortune lol
  11. S

    Odd looking S15!!!

    Found this in the auctions this week! Never seen anything like it before! What do people think of it??
  12. N

    my new s15 :-)

    wel lads just picked this up last week, put on the wheels and nuts and lexus lights :-)
  13. M

    boost control issues

    i have a tomei arms b7652 turbo on my s15, . im having a bit of an issue with boost controll. when i turn off my electronic boost controller i am still making 1.1bar of boost by 5000 rpm. with a forge motorsport actuator with 5 - 10 psi spring. i am getting the car mapped next week, so i need...
  14. D

    New to site from cork, Ireland

    Hey, bought a spec s up the country with two s15oc stickers on it so said I'd look it up since buying its being converted to turbo courtesy of an s14 donor car will throw up a project thread if I can, where????? maybe someone knows the car [/IMG] Have been flat out buying bits for it since...
  15. crazymat666

    insurance due in a week

    so as the title says my insurance is due very soon in a week or so and i was wondering what companys are offering good qoutes i have a massive list of companys from off here but just wondered if there was any new ones out there? at the moment im with sky insurance im 24 3yr ncb 3points(nearly...
  16. EvilChap

    WTB: Standard - Not Aero bumper

    Anybody got one? I could do with borrowing one, only need it for about a week :) If you could email me to ben at 1000bhp.com that'd be ideal :D Cheers Ben
  17. 7

    S15 Silvia from Canberra, AUS..

    Hi, Purchased my Silvia last week Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  18. Fruitbooter

    Whats your MPG?

    Ive just worked mine out.. I think I do on average about 80 miles a week, I normaly put in £25.00 Shell V-Power a week and it lasts me the full 7 days then the light comes on :down: Anyway I think thats about 18mpg...not 100% as my speedo plays up and I dont know how many miles I do exactly...
  19. M

    looking for thread sizes on the filler caps

    hi folks i need the thread sizes for the oil, brake fluid, and power steering filler caps im looking to get a batch of the anodised caps made next week when all the other orders are completed. gonna get the correct sizes 1st though help would be great, otherwise im gonna have to ask to...
  20. S

    buying my first S15

    hey guys, new to this... im goin looking at a s15 during the week, this 1... http://cars.donedeal.ie/for-sale/cars/1306907 can any 1 tell me wat they tink??? thanks guys