1. B

    FS: Cosmis Racing Wheels brand new 18x9.5 / 18 x 11

    **************************SOLD*************************** Set of 4 brand new boxed Cosmis Racing Wheels XT206r Bought 2 sets of these but decided to use a different size I believe these are the last 11 inch in bronze in stock with Cosmis Europe until summer Front 9.5x18 ET 10 Rear 11 x 18 ET 8...
  2. J

    FS: S15 Autech NA 200bhp

    Hi, So i bought this from bolf about a month ago to use as a daily while im building my skyline but ive come to realise i need something bigger and idealy a diesel... Its a s15 Autech so it has 11.8 compression, 272 cams, sports manifold (heat wrapped) etc.. from factory. The cams kick...
  3. S

    FS: AVS Advan mode 6 wheels 9"*17" ET20

    Selling a set a wheels which I don't have any need for any more. They are AVS Advan Model 6 wheels which originally came off an R33 GTR. Wheels are all the same size 9"*17" ET20. they are in good condition with no significant kerbing/damage and all are true and straight !! These are awesome JDM...
  4. D

    Really awesome wheels, size and offset any good?

    Hi guys, I can get my hands on a really awesome set of rims. Since my S15 will be transformed into a widebody Vertex Edge with +50mm fenders, i wondered the wheels i can get will fit the total package? Specs of wheels are: Front: 18" 10J offset-1 Rear: 18" 11,5J offset -21 Hope you guys can...
  5. pegliobaglio

    FS: Work emotion xd9 18"

    Work emotion xd9 18" Having recently got myself some cr2pc wheels these are no longer needed Work emotion xd9 in Matt silver (now discontinued) Specs are 18x9 et20 225/40 18x10 et38 255/35 All tyres are kuhmo ku39 with 2500 miles max on them so loads of life left . 3 wheels have light...
  6. S

    My GT C-west S15 Spec-R - F1R wheels & Avant Garde Wheels

    Here are a couple pics of new and old.... Doing a photoshoot next week with the new Avant Garde wheels. Old F1R wheels: New Avant Garde wheels:
  7. N80Jamie

    FS: Parts clear out, take a look!

    Aero Fog Lights + New Walbro Fuel Pump S15 Aero bumper fog lights Price - £70 + Postage costs Great condition fog lights removed from my Aero S15. Fully working before removal and have been stored in my house. Brand new Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Price - £60 + Postage costs As per title, brand...
  8. T

    19" on s15's

    Does anyone have pictures of s15's with 19" wheels? I've been running my car on 16"s then upped to 17"s, and am now tempted by some 19"s but don't know if they will just look silly big on an s15. If anyone has any pics of their car or other peoples cars on 19" wheels i would appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. S

    New wheels arrived - Custom AvantGarde F140

    Waited about 2 months for the wheels to arrive from AvantGarde. (www.avantgardewheels.com) These are a custom size/offset 3pc forged wheel. Technica Bronze face with Liquid Bronze lip and hardware. Can't wait to mount!! Ill post the pics on the car once the tires arrive. 19x9.5 19x11
  10. C

    FS: Volk GTC Face 2 18x10 ET -2 and 18x9 ET0 - Amazing wheels

    Here for sale (and finally with pictures) are my Volk GTC Face 2 18x10 ET -2 and 18x9 ET0. Front tyres are almost new, with light camber wear and rear tyres are done. These came from the SATS Supra a few years ago when Chris & Mark changed the wheels, they are very rare and fantastic sizes...
  11. B

    WTB: Wanted - Alloys & tyres

    As above, looking for alloys (tyres not necessary, but preferable). Ideally something black, grey or similar. Dont really want to spend over £600, but I am willing to relax that if the wheels are worth it. Obviously suitble for an S15 Cheers guys, lets see what you got. :)
  12. S

    19" wheels on S15?

    Does anyone have any pictures of S15's with tasteful, nicely fitted 19" wheels? Considering doing a set on mine. Hate wheel gap so I want to do a 19" wheel and slam the car giving it an aggressive, but functional look. Thoughts?
  13. E

    Spec S Owner from Scotland

    Hi people my names Iain and ive recently imported a spec s, I've wanted one ever since I first saw mint's thread on Driftworks for his Pewter Grey Spec R. Since the car arrived I've had it undersealed and bc coilovers fitted, it already had aftermarket rear lights (d-max?), spacers and some Wed...
  14. E

    18x11 fitment under stock arches?

    Hi there, i have recently bought a pair of Mae wheels which are 18x11 et-6 I understand that normaly people would go for the over fender route however i was wondering if anyone has managed to fit similer sized wheels under stock arches with a big pull?
  15. I


    hello, i have s15 spec s, so im thinking to get both wheels spinning. have anyone diff from spec r, or how should i better do, without welding it
  16. kujdm

    FS: 17" Work VSXX 3-split rim wheels (Staggered fitment)

    For sale is my full set of staggered Work VSXX split rims with tyres (quite some tread left).Please see below details and images: 2x 17" x 9j ET36 (wrapped in Cooper Zeon 215/45/17) 2x 17" x 10j ET36 (wrapped in Nexen N3000 235/45/17) PCD = 5x114.3 I bought these for my imported Honda Civic...
  17. G

    FS: Hinodex stern wheels, 20mm spacers

    hi guys, selling these wheels as ive got myself a new set:nod: Hinodex stern wheels 18' wheels (2 of them are 18-8, the other 2 are 18-9) all offset 38 tyres are 225-40. 2 tyres are just about legal, the other 2 have about 3-4mm left on them. looking for 450pounds for the wheels, buyer covers...
  18. M

    FS: 2001 Spec R. New Coilovers and wheels

  19. L

    Help on wheels offest asap for clearance

    Hi all need help, ive just bought some new wheels the fronts are 18x9 ET30 will this clear my coilovers (apexi N1's)? If not what size spacer will i need! anyone running a similar setup?
  20. M

    FS: Rota D2EX - Work SSR style wheels 18x9.5 ET12 and 18x10 ET12 5x114.3

    I bought these to go on to my S15 but it's too tidy at the moment to go flaring arches, running wide wings or lots of camber to make them fit. They had tyres put on them, got test fitted to the car, tyres were removed, wheels have never been driven on. What are they: Rota D2EX's - Work SSR...