1. C

    FS: Volk TE37 17x9.5 and 17x8.5 (ET32ish all around)

    Here we have my Volk TE37's for sale, they are 17x9.5 and 17x8.5 with an offset of ET35 all around (measured with the tyres on so could possibly me a mm or two either way) I bought these wheels a couple of years ago and have ran them on various cars, they have always been my 'second'...
  2. N80Jamie

    WTB: Wider Front Fenders

    I'm after some 20mm wider front fenders to tuck these dam wheels in! What have you got?
  3. Jaydej

    Xxr wheels

    There is a promotion on sxoc and I want to get 18x8.75 fronts and 18x9.75 rear what ET would I need to get a fitment where I don't need any spacers anyone help?
  4. S

    FS: Rota MXR 18x10 et12 18x9 et35 with tyres finished in Anthracite 5x114

    FOR SALE: 5x114 My mint Rota MXR alloys in mint condition all bar one wheel which has just grased a kerb :( these wheels have just been refurbished in Anthracite only a week ago!! and look awesome! sizes are 18x10 et12 with week old 245/40/18 tyres. out of the box mint!! 18x9 et35...
  5. Mike

    FS: Work Emotion CR Kai Wheels

    Work Emotion CR Kai 17x7 17x8 Two nearly new A1 Condition in bronze. 17×7 et35 Two used shadow chrome 8/10 condition. 17x8 et32. The new pair of wheels were imported last Autumn by Injection Imports for myself and have done around 200- 500 miles so as new. Minor curbing as in 'pics. I have...
  6. sparks

    FS: Works emotion wheels

    I have 4 works emotion wheels for sale in good condition could maybe do with a re-paint. No weld or buckles. The two fronts have tyres falken fk452 80% left on tyres. Fronts wheels are 18x7.5 et35 rear is 18x8.5 et 38. Also have 4no ultralite spacers for sale really good condition have all...
  7. justin666

    FS: Left over bits from the Silvia - Fuel Pump, Wheels, Decat, Service parts...

    Hiya.. So since the S15 went off to its new home a couple of weeks ago, and a shed a clear out means the following bits are for sale.. Standard S15 Fuel Pump. Car was swapped to a Walbro 255 at 65 thou and this was working just fine up till then. £20 plus p&p Japspeed Silenced Decat. All...
  8. Jaydej

    Bigger wheels maybe?

    Hey guys I'm running 17" on standard suspension at the moment but I'm thinking about running 18" as a daily and keeping my 17" as track wheels. Now I have been trying to research what the standard et is on the wheels are so I can work out what I need to get. at the moment I'm running I think 8j...
  9. S

    Quick question about wheels.

    Now I know it's been covered all over the internet which wheels fit s15's but it's all a bit vague so just wanted to get confirmation that some wheels I'm looking at will fit (I appreciate it's not an exact science) They are 18x8 et38 all round, would have preferred 9j on the rears but I can...
  10. Franz_Cisco

    New S15 from Germany

    Hey Guys, I'm Marc from Germany. Until last Thursday I drove a Honda Civic Type-R (FN2) with some modifications. I really like that car but after some years of usage I think there might be something more powerful. I like to drive something special and rare, so there weren't much options and I...
  11. S

    WTB: XXR 530 in flat black

    after one of these after a lorry decided to side swipe my 15 and made a mess of my rear one. Needs to be 18" 5 x 114 9.75j....think its et20? will take a set or 2 wheels if no one has a single one.
  12. Parky

    FS: 18" Veilside Andrew wheels

  13. N

    Opinions on wheels

    The s15 that im importing has the standard 16" wheels on it so they've gotta go :) Now im currently torn between two sets of wheels. The XXR 527's or the Rota GTR's The XXR's will be 18x8.75 ET20 and 18x9.75 ET20. The GTR's will probably be 18x8.5 ET30 and 18x9.5 ET30, so will have a slightly...
  14. A

    How rare are skyline GT-R34 wheels & how much would you have to pay for a set?

    Im considering getting my GTR wheels refurbished, they all have curb damage & scratches on the spokes. ive been given a quote of - £250 but only the rim of each wheel £400 They take the tyres off & refurbish the entire alloy so they would be like they were when they were brand new. Im...
  15. S

    test fitted new wheels

  16. N

    FRUSTRATED! s15 offset

    I don't care if this has been covered a million times on every car forum made. I'm so frustrated! My wheels hit my calipers. so I need to buy new wheels. Can anyone pleasee tell me what offset I need for 17s or 18s to clear the front brakes..
  17. zefside_s15

    My Super Silvia =^.^=

    Hey guy's, my names Nate & here's my Silvia S15 First owner in Oz I have these wheels at the moment, but will be changing to a staggered set of bronze wheels shortly Here's a pic of my JDM option only cluster Put this bad boy on last week Plenty of other mods to come :) Cheers
  18. NICKO

    What wheel colour for my S15??

    Here is my S15 from a while back when the wheels looked stunning, but now the wheels are starting to look tired where water has got under the finish and raised up the chrome finish :( so its time for a refurb :nod: only trouble is I cant decide what to have done? at the moment im thinking...
  19. N80Jamie

    FS: Cosmis Racing XT206-R Wheels, Dish and Concave

    I have literally only just bought these and it's pretty stupid that i'm selling them again so soon however, my plans have changed. These wheels are only available in the USA and (in my opinion) look great! Fitment of the wheels are 18x9.5 ET10 - this is for all 4. Finished in Bronze and all in...
  20. J

    New S15 Owner

    Hey guys, just bought a blue spec s in Japan this morning. First jump into S Body ownership so gonna be a learning curve. Will hopefully have the car home in 8-10 weeks but will know final details later today/tomorrow. Plans are to stick in a SR20DET, some nice wheels and take it to driftland in...