1. JDM_virgin

    Horn and alarm wiring help

    Started to instal my horn back onto the car as I took them off when I did the front mount and need them back for the MOT. Stupidly I didn't take a photo when I took them apart. I have two blue wires with spade connections that I have traces back to a junction clip thing and I think they are for...
  2. JDM_virgin

    Oil Gauge wiring help

    i started this late last night and once i tried it how I'd wired it up it wasn't 100% working. I have browsed here and the net and also looked at the wiring diagram in the manual but the colours don't seem to match up so I'm hoping someone on here can offer me some help. So first the gauge-...
  3. A

    How to rewire 12v socket?

    I like to use my 12v socket for my air compressor but the wiring is not there... anyone give me advice on how to rewire it up? Theres 1 red wire going to it (illumination?) but 2 empty terminals, I can see 1 wire which seems to be being used for something else (guessing the gauges or boost...
  4. T

    Electrical stuff after S15 Spec S auto to manual conversion

    I have been googling and forum hopping for the past two weeks, and I am now 99% clued up on what a auto to manual swap entails, but the only question that still go unanswered is "Which wires go where?". I intend to run the auto ECU for now, since I'm building a new motor, and when it is finished...

    WTB: Spec R wing mirrors

    Wanted to buy or swap. Must be working with all wires ready to use I have these if anyone wants them to swap
  6. M

    S15 headlight

    Hey all. Anyone got an s15 head light off there car. I just want to know how many wires there are on the back of the headlight. I think there are 2 conectors with 2 wires and 2 connectors with 3 wires Can anyone confirm this. Thanks for reading Matty
  7. Krish

    FS: Infinity Basslink sub

    150watts sub with built in amp. Quality kit. Good for space saving. Only got it in September but I want a bit more bass. Cost £150 new Yours for £90. No wires included and no box. I have the legs to stand in flat or upright. Collection preferred but will post at cost.
  8. M

    Loom/heater problems

    my loom had been moved up above the arch but on the last dwyb day ive manged to start rubbing into it. so i took the wing off and cleaned the wires up and any that where broken ive cut and joined with new wire then taped up. ive also cut into the arch to give the loom more clearance now but on...
  9. 2fst4u

    Defi racer gauge wiring

    So far i havent delved into the world of auto elec-trickery but some of you might have some ideas. I just got a defi racer boost gauge. Hooking up the sensor is easy enough but the four wires that need splicing in im not confident with. What is the best method to attach the wires and most...
  10. dave_t

    Hesitation When on Boost?

    Since i collected my, standard engine wise, S15 from Liverpool docks, it has started, idled, and rev'd perfectly fine. Being as it hasn't been road legal, the only 'test drive' i have managed to do is to the top of my road and back :rotfl: This is where i noticed, when it comes on boost it...
  11. T

    Starting problems.

    Hello, My second type S turned up a few days a go and i cannot get it started. It would appear to have a Trust eManage piggy back ecu with some of the wires having been cut. It was running before it got put on the boat and i cannot for the life me understand why it isn't now. Would it be worth...
  12. H

    Running on 3 cylinders

    I can't figure this **** out. Last weekend I went out for a short drive and coming around a roundabout I got into and it dropped a cylinder. It has done this before about 6 months ago. I remade the coilpack harness and it has been fine ever since. This time, I figured out which coilpack...
  13. fadli256

    Speedometer stopped working

    My speedometer just died on me :(. Everything on the cluster still works including my odometer. I can still get a speed readout on my pfc hand controller. Havent had a de-limiter of any kind installed according to my mechanic (no spliced wires) Any input would be great guys. Thanks :)
  14. B

    Xanavi Disconnected from s15

    So after a few weeks of getting my s15, I had had enough of the bright green japanese screen that popped up in the dash. The faceplate was in japanese and the buttons didn't work at all, therefore it was useless and distracting when driving at night. So I tackled the beast and took off the...
  15. S

    S15 jdm oem boost gauge wires

    Need some help wiring my S15 jdm oem boost gauge to the a-pillar wires, can someone show me which colour wires match up (a-pillar --> boost gauge)? I removed the white clip off the apillar a while back when i changed the boost gauge and now I decided to put oem back on. Wires from the boost...
  16. D

    Reverse Light Switch wiring.

    Im looking for a wiring diagram to show how the reverse light gearbox switch and the actual reverse lamps are related. i need to find where the wires go from the reverse light switch?.any help would be great..
  17. L

    Aftermarket ecu question

    Hi everybody, I've just fitted an aftermarket ecu (orientworks) to the s15. Upon installation, on the back of this ecu there is two thin black wires with a connector on the end. Looking at the original one, there are no wires... The car fires up as usual, but i haven't taken it for a spin...
  18. S15_SAM

    Wiring info for central locking

    I'm going to install a sigma cat 1 on Saturday, and was hopin someone could let me know where the locking module was and which wires are which, either via wiring diagram or by personal experience! Thanks Sam
  19. S

    Fog Lights Help

    Hey guys, I just bought some fog lights for my s15. Now these are ADM fog lights that i bought off some other guy and they have no blubs in them atm and all the wires have been cut. Taking apart the fog light, i saw two wires inside. Now can someone please explain to me why there are two...
  20. C1TPT

    2 Boost Sensors?

    Hey guys, I have fitted my EBC and therefore lost my standard boost gauge. I don't have allot of time or money at the moment so thought about trying to keep the standard boost gauge. Now I thought about just plugging it in and teeing off of the vacuum line. but then the car would get 2...