1. Z

    Installing Yashio/Aftermarket Tail lights | S15

    Hello world! Looking to make a quick tutorial on how to change out your tail lights in the s15 for a set of aftermarket lights. I have attached a video on the process you can view, and I have written the process underneath! Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Steps...

    FS: Bonnet dampers GROUP BUY

    Hi guys, I've contacted my Agent in Japan about the Yashio Factory Bonnet dampers but Yashio don't manufacture them anymore. These are the next best thing from Japan http://www.maroya.jp/bd-1.html There are 3 patterns Black Black Carbon Silver Carbon Also 2 specs. - Strong - for steel...
  3. Havoc

    WTB: S15 parts

    Hi guys, Right I'm after the following... +50mm rear over fenders URAS front bumper Vented bonnet (DMAX, MI etc...) DMAX Or YASHIO tail lights 3" exhaust (cat back) " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "
  4. gaz15

    WTB: Yashio Factory Spinner knob

    As above anyone got a new Yashio Factory Spinner knob (handbrake button)?
  5. V

    WTB: Yashio Style LED Rear Lights

    Im looking for a pair of Yashio Style LED rear lights. Dont need to be real Yashio Factory ones, can be also Mars, Origin & and other manufacturers, as long as they are in good condition. Cheers, Andreas.
  6. jinli

    Yashio Taillight fogs mod?

    Hey all, I've fitted the yashio lights on my s15 a while back, but without considering it doesn't have fogs! I cut the wire from my standard one, so is there a way to solder it to one of the yashio's LEDs? Was thinking of using the unused brake light on the wing as a possible easier alternative...
  7. L

    WTB: Yashio Factory Gear Knob & Handbrake Button

    Hi Just purchased a Yashio Factory gear gaitor but wanting the gearknob and handbrake button to match Many Thanks Liam
  8. K

    WTB: WTB: Genuine Yashio Factory smoked S15 tail lights

    After a set of genuine Yashio Factory smoked tail lights for S15. Will pay handsomely for a pair in excellent condition. Please PM me!
  9. Mike

    FS: Bride Low Max Vios 3, Yashio Factory knob, gator and slider button.

    Bought the seat of James LuPix with a Zeta but I'm only using the one so may aswell go to someone that is going to use it. (Currently in the loft so I'll get current pics tomorrow!) it has a black back and some scratches. £270 collected. Yashio factory knob, gaitor and slider button...
  10. Jordan

    WTB: Yashio factory spinner knob / drift button

    Anyone got one they no longer use I can purchase off them??? :P
  11. B

    WTB: WTB: S15 Yashio Factory Genuine Smoked Tail Lights

    As per thread title, Need to be in excellent condition, genuine yashio factory, and the genuine smoked version. Pm me if you have a set and let me know how much youre asking... Cheers, Benji
  12. Luke

    WTB: Smoked Lights

    Hi people Has anyone got smoked or normal yashio LED lights for sale in the uk
  13. J

    WTB: Yashio Factory Gear Gaiter

    Looking for one of these carbon look pink stitching gear gaiters for the S15 pm me if you have one Also needing to know, what the collar size is and where can I get one?
  14. Shorty

    FS: Yashio Factory Gear Gaiter

    As title says, I've got a Yashio Factory Gear Gaiter sitting about that I dont need. Never been used and will fit a Spec R no problemo as that is what its for! I'll get a photo of it up when I'm home if I remember... £35 ono Picture just an example off of Mints one but obviously not the same...
  15. J

    new from tipp (ireland) :)

    hi all im jamie just got myself a turbo s15 a few weeks ago.. finally got a chance to take a few pics and heres some spec :) iv big plans for this 99 gunmetal grey engine 120k vvt s15 engine apexi power fc thrust td06 20g thrust external wastegate thrust top mount manifold split fire...
  16. E

    WTB: Wanted: Yashio UNsmoked LED tail lights

    As the title says, I want to get some clear Yashio LED tail lights. They seem really hard to get hold of - none on eBay, only Nengun seem to list them, and they're eye-wateringly expensive. Anyone know of a cheaper supplier or any going 2nd hand? I've seen the smoked ones for sale from AUS, but...
  17. ichigo-300

    DB's S15 Build Thread

    Hi Guys, I’ve had my S15 for about a month so far and have been busy on the mods, manifold/down pipe fitted plus some bolt on parts (Blitz air filter/HKS SSQV3/Craft Square mirrors etc), waiting on the injectors to get the new turbo, Fuel Reg, HKS Fcon fitted and mapped. I know the S15’s...
  18. armouredsnake

    Ichigo Project

    Its been a long 5 months since the day I bought my new S15 spec R in Japan to get it on the road in the Uk but I finally pick her up last weekend from Torque GT. :thumbs: (Great guys!) The cars a beaut, with a low mileage of 26000km on the clock she drives as if she was brand new, interior has...
  19. 70YSR

    Yashio led tail lights, smoked vs clear

    Hey guys i am really keen on the yashio led tail lights, just wondering if anyone has seen/or has a blue s15 with clear or smoked yashio lights, i'm not sure which way i want to go yet as i'm not exactly sure how they would look on my car. opinions would be great... and if someone has any for...
  20. LuPix_S15

    FS: Yashio Factory 'Okachan' Water Temp Gauge

    Hiya, As some of you might have seen on my recent thread, purchased this kit from RHDJapan only to find it doesn't work on my car cos I have an Apexi PFC fitted :( So for those who don't have an Apexi PFC then this is a great bit of JDM wackiness from renowned tuning garage Yashio Factory :)...