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FS: For sale S15 shell this roll cage

15 October 2008
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Car body is rewelded, homologate roll-cage
Custom made fuel tank with external Alloy Fuel Swirl Pot
Custom made place for radiator in the trunk with header tank. custom made
aluminium water rail from engine to radiator.
Aluminium fan shroud with powerful SPAL fans
Mounts for spoiler legs.
Some parts powder coated
Removable front for easy engine remove
Custom made 6 points front strut bar
Custom made tow
Custom made removable front for easier swap remove.
Sports interior/front window heater with electric water pump.
LHD S15 Dashboard
External shifter
Custom made carbon-fibre doors insides
Custom made carbon-fibre ground panels
place for battery
Rails for sports seats
rails for pedal box
new front window
Polycarbonate side and rear windowsCarbon-Kevlar BRIDE driver seat
Black fibreglass BRIDE passenger seat
steering wheel adapter/hub
Straight stainless steel exhaust system 4” with Magna flow muffler
Extra wide body BN Sports Blister wide body kit with air ducts.
All car is painted white, interior is black and roll-cage is orange
Carbon-fibre hood
Single wiper kit
Genuine OEM JDM Nissan Silvia S15 LH AND RH Halogen Headlight Lights
Black LED Tail Lights For NISSAN Silvia 200SX S15
Never been on track

http://s260.photobucket.com/user/laimonas_2007/Nissan S15/story

Price 11999e.