1. laimis

    FS: For sale S15 shell this roll cage

    Car body is rewelded, homologate roll-cage Custom made fuel tank with external Alloy Fuel Swirl Pot Custom made place for radiator in the trunk with header tank. custom made aluminium water rail from engine to radiator. Aluminium fan shroud with powerful SPAL fans Mounts for spoiler legs. Some...
  2. Blizz884

    WTB: S15 roll cage wanted

    As message says. Does anyone got an s15 roll cage for sale?
  3. S

    Back in an S-Chassis! S15 owner now. Dallas, TX

    I built a S14 up back in the day... after many years apart from S-Chassis, I picked up a JDM Right Hand drive Silvia S15. The car currently has a full c-west widebody kit, Volk Racing wheels, HKS Coilovers, Full Cusco cage and a few other mods. It's good to be back!! :2f2f: old car: S15:
  4. dave_t

    Fitting Harnesses to Bucket Seats WITHOUT a cage

    I have a pair of Bride's i will be fitting to the S15 but i want to know if any of you guys have fitted a 4 point harness to a Silvia WITHOUT a Harness Bar on the roll cage. I dont plan on getting a cage anytime soon :down:
  5. M

    WTB: Looking for some parts

    Just a few parts I'm after 50mm Rear d-max over fenders 7 point bolt in cage, dash or throw dash Vertex lang front bumper, a copy or a real one not fused
  6. D

    S14 roll cage into S15?

    Hi, does anybody know if I could get a 5 point S14 roll cage fitted into my 15?
  7. Havoc

    WTB: S15 Roll Cage.

    As titled! I need a full roll cage through dash that meets all FIA, BDC and track safety standards.
  8. R

    FS: S15 Bolt in Roll cage - BDC compliant etc

    as above, being removed from my comp car rare to see a cage come up for sale for a s15.. Its a fabricage through dash and heres a couple options for you; 1. £500 cage as is 2. £600 cage as is + my already cut down and trimmed flocked dash and you give me your stock dash (top half only)...
  9. R

    WTB: roll cage

    long shot i know but after a 6 point one please for comp
  10. tooley

    FAO - Everyone - Where can i get S15 Sills from (Not Nissan direct.... rip off gits)

    After removing my skirts ive noticed that my sills are ****ed by the odd bank impacts i have had drifting........ Since the car is getting a cage atm its worth getting new sills. Where can i get them from? Has anyone got any before? and finally would s14 sills be the same?
  11. J0R04N

    Gauging Interest!!!!

    I am currently building a custom battery relocation kit to allow a stock sized battery to be used. I know a lot of you have had to switch to smaller battery's when fitting a FMIC which tend not to work to well due to there size. The main part of the kit is the battery cage which will fit on...
  12. D

    FS: Cusco 6 point rollcage for S15

    right, i was going to sell my s15 as it is but there seems to be a lack of money out there at the moment so, im selling bits off to raise funds for my next project ive been told that given the size of the bars on the cage its most likily to be a cusco item but im not 100% sure, correct me if...
  13. W

    FS: My Roll Cage!

    Ok after a lot of hard thought ive decided to remove my cage and put it up for sale. these are the only pics i have of this im afraid, it mounts in 6 positions and is a seriously strong cage, i have removed the padding as it wouldnt come outta the car otherwise! In the sale of this cage i...
  14. pegliobaglio

    WTB: oem stereo cage

    Right i am finally getting around to sorting out my stereo and am in need of the original cage that bolt in behind the fascia any ideas where i would be able to get one?
  15. 2

    s15 cage?????

    lookoing to get a dash dodger . any one know where i can get one from ? and i want to keep interior any one got pictures?
  16. xlr8

    s15 half cage

    well guys stripped out the rear interior,and id like to know do any of you have a half cage fitted to the rear.thinking of fitting is what is left in the back,might leave in the rear board and speakers.some sound deadning,clips and brackets that i have to remove welcome!:thumbs:
  17. subzero

    Plans for your s15 in 2009 ??

    well i do it every year , make out a list and try my best to get em done ... heres mine so far ... : Defi's - Get 3 defis and fit them ( just bought them last week so its on ) : Bonnet - Relaqure my Carbon bonnet . : Tyres - new set all round and get the camber sorted as its eating tires at a...
  18. DeanS15

    head unit brackets?

    hello people, just wanted to pick some of your brains (again). the car i have bought hasn't got a stereo in it and i am considering two options, a double din screen or single motorised screen, but either way i need to know whether i need to buy radio brackets to bolt the cage to in order to...
  19. K

    2jz S15

    Tried searching but have not found anything, and i hope this is not a repost. Damn this is one tight S15. This is just off the hook. Would any of you do this to your baby ? ;) Very nice build, nice cage, a lot of custom bits and fabrication involved, the only thing I'm not quite sure is the...
  20. S

    Roll cage measurements?

    Anyone here got roll cage in their silvia s15? If so do you have the measurements?