1. S


    I have been looking through the forum but can’t find an exact answer. I would like to keep metal wings and rear arches standard with no roll or a tiny bit. In 17” what’s the best offsets and j for front a rear? Thanks in advance guys 👍
  2. G

    WTB: front and rear anti roll bars

    as above. i'm after front and read anti roll bars but also need the U brackets that bolt to the chassis. or if someone just has the U brackets then i can buy some aftermarket bars then that will be good. for some reason my 15 didnt have any on when imported. thanks
  3. laimis

    FS: For sale S15 shell this roll cage

    Car body is rewelded, homologate roll-cage Custom made fuel tank with external Alloy Fuel Swirl Pot Custom made place for radiator in the trunk with header tank. custom made aluminium water rail from engine to radiator. Aluminium fan shroud with powerful SPAL fans Mounts for spoiler legs. Some...
  4. Blizz884

    WTB: S15 roll cage wanted

    As message says. Does anyone got an s15 roll cage for sale?
  5. D

    WTB: Rear anti roll bar and complete SR20DE wiring loom

    Hi, I am looking for a rear Apex Performance anti roll bar, preferably with droplinks. And I am looking for a SR20DE uncut wiring loom with abs and a/c. Let me know if you got something for me. ;)
  6. D

    S14 roll cage into S15?

    Hi, does anybody know if I could get a 5 point S14 roll cage fitted into my 15?
  7. R-Spec

    FS: S15 Ultra Racing Anti Roll Bar front (29mm) NEW

    Hi Guys, I'm selling this Front Anti Roll Bar. I bought a pair but only needed the rear so this is brand spanking new These RRP new for over £250.. check it out...
  8. R-Spec

    Anti roll bar thickness of different makes

    Hello, sorry didn't search very well as I'm sure its been covered but: 1. What are the standard front and rear anti roll bar (aka thickness's / size) diameter in mm please? 2. What are whiteline 3. and any other makes? 4. Are S15 the same as S14?
  9. Havoc

    WTB: S15 Roll Cage.

    As titled! I need a full roll cage through dash that meets all FIA, BDC and track safety standards.
  10. N80Jamie

    Identifying Parts

    Got the S15 up on the ramps for the first time tonight and spotted some extra chassis/ suspension parts i didnt know i had. I'm unsure on what each part is as im not really clued up on all this! If someone could let me know from these crap pictures (sorry!) what they are, that would be great...
  11. R

    WTB: roll cage

    long shot i know but after a 6 point one please for comp
  12. J

    WTB: front anti roll bar

    hi, i now need this aswell because it was damaged on impact. anyone got one? thanks
  13. J

    Need help with SSR Professor fitment

    Hi guys, I was looking for a set of SSR Professors, and I just want to know if this set would fit on my S15. Specs : Front 18x9 +29 and rear 19x10 +37. I already have coilovers and will roll the guards. will they be fit? any recommendation for better wheel spec or tyres? Thanks
  14. LuPix_S15

    DB-Power Group Buy!

    Hola :) Just wanted to make sure if anyone's interested in ARB's, camber arms and alike then don't miss out on DB-Power's latest group buy!! Dan needs 20+ orders in order for the group buy to go ahead so roll up roll up lol :D I'm ordering a...
  15. K

    My New Spec R

    Bought this on Friday. So far fitted: 18" Ultralite Atecs Tomei ECU Red Dot Vented, drilled discs. Walbro Fuel pump. Tomorrow: Apex Coilovers Rear lights Whilteline anti roll bars Oh and up the boost to 1.1 bar :) Happy days. The car is great. Really turns heads. Pics up tomorrow.
  16. Adam L

    Front arb bushes

    I'm after the two front anti roll bar bushes for my car. Is it just me or does nowhere do them for the S15, bar Nissan? Ebay produces nothing, google much the same and I called Powerflex today and they didn't have a clue. I've searched on here for info and sxoc with the only results being...
  17. J

    WTB: part wanded

    looking for a new or second hand 50/50 back light " " " 2 new or second hand power fc " " " new or second hand nismo 2 way diff 4.7 or 4.9 " " " new or second hand dash dodger roll cage
  18. Hunts15

    WTB: s15 roll cage

    must be a bolt in dash dodger ;)
  19. Roots82

    Sloppy Rear....

    Hey guys, As the weather is getting better i have had a little more confidence in the car and have been trying out all the handling mods i have done to the car over the past few months... New Driftworks CS2 coilovers, Rear camber and toe arms, Rear strut brace, Full alignment using the...
  20. S

    Roll cage measurements?

    Anyone here got roll cage in their silvia s15? If so do you have the measurements?