1. willy s15

    FS: volk rays GTN-17

    hey to have a nice set of rims for sale spec is this (2) 17X8 ET 44 (2) 17X9 ET 44 rear is with bigger lips i can ship it anywherre at buyers cost and a pic from my s14 with it...
  2. JDM_virgin

    WTB: stock s15 injectors

    as above if anyone has swapped theirs out for bigger ones. ideally would like to buy just a couple
  3. P

    S15 Spec R - Cornwall

    Hi all, :wave: I picked up my S15 a month or so back and I'm totally in love! It currently has: Blitz FMIC, HKS silent Hi Power exhaust, HKS intake, HKS turbo timer, Tien coilovers, cusco strut braces and prob more.... There are quite a few bits that I want to do over the next few months: new...
  4. ArTo

    S15 from Germany

    Hey guys, want to show my S15 from Germany. She comes from Japan and was 3 months in UK and now 2 years in Germany. Already got a lot of specs as bigger FMIC, Genuine Bride seats, XXR Wheels, Mishimoto stuff, URAS bodykit, BuddyClub coilovers, Defi gauges, some carbon parts and some other...
  5. fez06

    epracing carbon cooling panel

    Has anyone got one of these iv bought on but the holes seem to be too small and don't just quite line up correctly don't know weather to drill the holes bigger or ring up and complain. I'm not one for complaints but it'd not a cheap part really
  6. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Selling up and moving on

    Hey guys so I've had my absolutely wonderful but +T S15 up for sale for a while now I've got a buyer now for 17g.. pretty dam impressive considering its a +t and I bought it for 14g. So hopefully the sale goes through then I'm onto the...
  7. Havoc

    WTB: Front and rear over fenders.

    As titled after both front and rear over fenders, preferably +25mm or +30mm nothing bigger! Thanking you!
  8. S

    Had some pics done

    A friend has a canon 7d and is getting into car photography and offered to take some photo's, came out very good so i thought i would share them, photobucket has killed the quality as standard but you get the idea! Also bigger ones on
  9. F

    Dash backlight bulbs

    Now before everyone shouts search/useful threads, I have done and cannot find anything particular of use or an actual answer - Nicelys 'jull' site no longer working so can't see that either. I've jus fitted the spec r dashboard/dash into my 14a and my dash bulbs couldn't light a matchbox! So...
  10. D

    Spec S.........R20DET

    Well lads said id put this up here been fairly depressed since I sold my last silvia So I said Id try and get an s15 as Ive never had one so looked at a few spec R's but they were all seriously rough really was amazed at how rough they were! So mechanic buddy suggested a spec s conversion...
  11. N

    New please

    Basically my turbo is dying a loud and smokey death, and basically i'm contemplating getting a bigger turbo rather than just a direct replacement...... My car is pretty standard other than a trust air filter(mushroom sort), a tomei manifold, an apex turbo elbow and de-cat and a cat back blitz...
  12. vengee*

    bigger S15 brake kits

    okay, Im searching for the bigger brake kit atm... I wanna know which setup are you guys runnin. ...currently choosing between Brembo, D2, Mu project and Endless. need your opinions :) many thanks!
  13. DeanS15

    Open Event: show presence 2011

    after last years summer meet i recall some chatting about having a bigger s15oc presence at shows in future....i'm going to try and go to as many as possible this year to make the most of the car in the better months, but would love to be going with s15oc if it's going to happen..... i...
  14. F

    Member around Bournemouth?

    Hi there, I'll be living in Bournemouth soon and I was hoping maybe someone on this board lives around there? I was especially thinking about someone with technical skills who can teach me a bit when he's working on his car. I'll happily help working on the car for free (or a beer or so :D)...
  15. K

    Assamble the gearbox!!

    Ive bought a "new" gearbox becuase my got circlip att broke. I thought the broken one was hard too remove soo now cant i get the new one up, im going mad, my old S14 gearbox was easy too romove and mount, but the S15 gearbox gota be bigger because its soo f*ing tight...... I would really need...
  16. P


    I'm Chris and I'm not an owner as such, just an admirer :) I think the S15 looks sensational, I really do. I saw one in Blackpool today and spoke to the guy. If anyone knows the car, can they direct him here, I have a bigger picture of the below. Such a great forum and I hope to get looking...
  17. H

    Rear seat space?

    Hi guys, been keeping my eye out for an S15 for a while now but have just read something in another thread which has prompted me to ask a question I should have asked months ago - how much space is there in the back? I come from an FTO and being 6'1" there was barely any space in the back of...
  18. Robbyp

    How good are these gt2871r

    Have been talking to a guy who has offered me a 2nd hand one complete with upgraded mani, turbo elbow and a new unused screamer pipe.He bought the stuff new and used them on a drift car on had three outings and he's now for building and engine with a bigger turbo again cause he's getting his EDC...
  19. TriniGT

    S15 Six Speed Problems

    Hi there I saw in a couple of posts mention that the six speed box is stronger than the five speed found in the 13 and 14. I also saw that the issue is with the circlips becoming loose and causing damage. I am living in Trinidad in the West Indies and currently have an S15 that I am upgrading...
  20. M

    Bigger alternator or bigger battery?

    Hi all, I've fitted a larger electric fan for my intercooler project, it works well but the problem is that it draws around 20 amps at max load. This seems to place some load on my car's charging system, with lights dimming momentarily when the fan kicks in. I measured across the batt...