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FS: Nissan Silvia S15 spec R 1999

28 August 2006
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sheffield,south yorkshire
Here is my Nissan silvia s15 spec r turbo forsale. Ive been thinking of selling on and off so decided to put it on the owners clubs for somebody to have a chance before pistonheads etc and if I get what I want I will let it go.If not Ill keep it as ill probably regret it like I did selling the others.I have owned several silvias this being my 2nd s15 as some people will know on here or the sxoc. It is in great condition and kept clean and not really used much to be honest with approx 85000 miles Ill have to work it out exact. The 6 speed gearbox is all good as is the clutch.It has been sensibly modified which I will list below and comes with a folder full of history and reciepts whilst owning it and previous.It has recently had an oil change with 5w40 semi, z32 fuel filter and re conditioned the callipers

- Cat 1 alarm (with cert for insurance)
- Cd player
- Aero side skirts and rear spoiler
- Genuine (not copy) greddy front lip
- Daiyama coilovers (under 1 year old)
- unmarked 18 inch alloys shotblasted and powder coated at metal magic barnsley fitted with 4x toyo proxes
- Crystal/red rear lights
- Stainless turbo elbow, downpipe and full system
- Front mount intercooler & air filter
- Forge bov valve kit
- Walbro fuel pump
- Uprated splitfire coil packs
- Stock t28r ball bearing turbo(last month removed checked and re fitted with new braided oil&water hoses and new nissan genuine gaskets and new lock nuts and tabs)
- Manual dawes boost controller set to a safe .9 bar
- Recommended colder iridium ngk spark plugs
- z32 fuel filter

Unfortunately the car is down as a cat d due to very light damage to the nsf corner.The headlight was damaged, the aircon rad was cracked slightly and had very minor damage the nsf wing and bonnet edge only. Obviously the reason it went down as a cat d was price of parts for an s15 and labour etc. I purchased a headlight from Nissan brand new and bought deans15's front bumper off of here as the bumper was slightly cracked and fitted the air con rad. It went to Dave at Deepcar autobodies a well known highly recommended body shop if you are on the mx5 forums and had the bonnet and wings painted. It came back looking like new and all I had to buy was the air con rad, new headlight and deans great looking bumper. I hope this doesnt put people off too much viewing is welcome and recommended if your after a nice clean tidy example.

The car drives great and has everything for stage 1 minus the chip from horsham which I planned on getting done at somepoint but even without it it puts a big smile on my face with the performance.Im in no rush to sell and im looking for £8500ono, Im sure people who have seen it can vouch for it I was at japfest castle combe on the stand this year too
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