1. Mycool

    Full service question

    Hi guys, i'm about to fit a new gt2560r onto my 15 but whilst at it i might aswell do a full service aswell. Can any of u guys please recommend me the best oils to use? The car is running around the 300bhp mark. Cheers :)
  2. Limitless Imports

    New Trader ' Limitless Imports'

    Hi S15oc, Thought I'd come and introduce my self. Some of you may know me already My names Matt and a run an import company here in the uk called Limitless Imports. I have been running it for over 1 year now with great success. What I can offer you is that im able to source parts from all...
  3. Jaydej

    WTB: Turbo elbow

    As the title says, does anyone have a spare or a decent one for sale Maybe a decat aswell
  4. B

    WTB: Speedo bulbs

    Hi has anyone got some spare bulbs for the back of my speedo or know where I can get them from? I need 3 and a bulb holder aswell, thanks
  5. D

    potential new owner!

    having wanted a supra TT i have moved onto wanting an s15, just seem to be the perfect car for me wanting to purchase as stock a model as possible aswell so everything done is my own work just thought i'd say hi anyways! :)
  6. B

    FS: 2 bride Brix reclining bucket seats with rails s14/s15

    Selling my bride seats, I imported them from Japan for a project I was going to do but I've changed my mind now, they are in excellent condition could just benefit from a clean and would be like new, come with genuine bride seat rails aswell! Drivers side and passenger side! looking for £800...
  7. sliding-r

    Lots of Amazing S15 Bodykit Pictures

    Be prepared to lose a few hours of your life lol: Theres a few member of s15oc car picutres being used aswell..
  8. justin666

    Cold start valve and CAS (99 Spec R)

    Hiya Still trying to get to the bottom of my non start so just need two quick answers for stuff that I will be trying next weekend when I can get back up to leicester to work on the car... First up, Where is this cold start valve ive been reading about? Secondly, need a part number for the...
  9. J

    WTB: front anti roll bar

    hi, i now need this aswell because it was damaged on impact. anyone got one? thanks
  10. sliding-r

    Awesome touge video- 20 mins.. Must see I've seen touge videos before but this has to one of the best, crammed with s15's aswell
  11. L

    FS: 'S15 OMG' - Reg plate

    I have for sale the registration "S15OMG" I have never got round to putting it on my car and as that is now for sale I may aswell sell this. Make me an offer :)
  12. specr

    WTB: Arch liners

    Arch liners also few other bits As above please if any one can help maybe 50/50 rear lights aswell thanks !
  13. S

    WTB: S15 Rear Subframe

    As above, I need one ^^; if the S14 one is identical (I'm sure it is, but not 100%) I'd take one of those aswell Ta, Rick
  14. C

    Exhaust gaskets..

    Wheres the cheapest place to get hold of OEM gaskets? Not in a rush so could wait for them to be sent from japan if this is cheaper? I'm looking for.. Turbo to turbo elbow Turbo elbow to frontpipe Manifold to turbo (may aswell while its all apart) and the locking tabs/plate for this ^^...
  15. N

    mounting defi boost??

    haha im sure this has been asked before but i cant find it! how have you guys mounted your defi gauge in the stock pillar mount? the stock one obviously has that bracket but i cant see how to mount it and havin a little trouble fittin it in aswell. its a 60mm which is what a few of yous said to...
  16. M

    WTB: breaking full s15 spec s

    full nismo exhaust,orange silvia seats,spec s bumpers and rear bumpers,nismo suspension,airbags aswell steering wheel:nod:
  17. W

    Sequential gearbox, which ones can be fitted to the S15?

    Quaife I assume. Are there cheapers ones aswell?
  18. P

    Paul D's S15 - updated 5/4/08

    Well after loads falling through i've finally getting this one and im over the moon :nod: All i know is its a 99 with 38,000km.. Aftermarket suspension Dif exhaust cat back Tinted rear windows Boost controller Air filter 17inch Ray's wheels (i think) Got pablo's spoiler on the way for it...
  19. G

    Opinions Please!

    Hey Lads, sold my mx5 at last woohoo let the games begin! ive 2 s15s in mind at the moment, one stock pearl 2001 model en route from japan at the moment but i came across this one aswell what do ye make of it? id be a bit...
  20. sushiming

    Group buy's

    hey guys ive spoke to james from DW today about some kinda discount what he suggested was that its much better if we have items which we can organisize group buys then contact then to get somekinda discount on them instead of a 10% discount I think thats a a much better way aswell... so if...