1. tooley

    WTB: S15 Automatic Diff 3.9

    Stab in the dark but I need one so i can change my ratio on my 2 way!
  2. pegliobaglio

    Compression ratio for Pistons

    Just nailing down the final few parts for my engine build need some advice . i am getting 86.5mm Pistons and am swaying towards a slightly higher compression ratio 9:0:1 is there any solid reason not to go for this? Would I be better sticking to the 8:5:1 ? car will be running around 450 Hp I...
  3. sibbers

    WTB: 1.5 way diff for s15 spec R (3.7 ratio)

    As per title :)
  4. L

    S14a LSD centre into s15 diff to keep ratio

    Hi guys as above the s14a has a crap ratio compared to my spec s diff , trouble is mines open, is it possible to fit the LSD into mine keeping my ratio if so please explain how and a guide would be awesome thanks
  5. L

    WTB: S14-a auto LSD diff or other good ratio lsd for s15

    Hey just brought a lovely s15 na of Ashley Meade looking for a good ratio LSD that will lock well for drift days pm me thanks
  6. N

    WTB: 4:1 ratio diff

    Hi guys I'm looking a 4:1 ratio diff for my s15 spec r, as far as I no my standard one is a 3:7 if that's any use to anyone! Need one ASAP thanks ryan
  7. I

    does engine compression ratio affect drivability?

    Hey all This is been on my mind for quite some time now and i can never get a real answer from anyone. Question: does engine compression ratio affect drivability? im asking this because ever since iv installed my Tomei Poncams iv noticed that the drivability has been terrible. I don't mean by...
  8. G

    Please help

    Hey everyone im looking at changing my diff in my s15 it currently has a ratio of 3.9 iv got a feeling its viscous. is it true or even possible to get s15s that comes factory with a 4.1 helical lsd? if not are there any nissan helical 4.1 lsd's that will fit? and being higher ratio will it give...
  9. S

    FS: sx-si's Sale Thread **updated**

    Autobahn 88 Fmic for s14-s15 japspeed and apex both sell them for a little over £300 as its not perfect due to light fin damage and wherer the pipes have rubbed on bare metal i think £150 is acceptable theres no holes and run perfectly on my s15 damage Horsham Developments recirc kit for...
  10. D

    Diff ratio for n/a s15

    I have a non turbo aero s15, i think there might be a spec r diff in it but not 100% sure, it definitely is not spec s diff. Im looking to put a 2way into it, I found a cusco with 4.3 ratio. Just wondering if this ratio will make a difference to the performance of the car? power and drifting...
  11. S

    FS: Os giken 5speed close ratio gearbox

    Hi, i bought these from RB motorsport and now have changed project and are wanting to go for a 6 speed so i have on offer: a s14a Geabox with brand new OS Giken Close Ratio Gear Kit only done 1000miles (running in) and i also have OS Giken Twin plate cluch again only 1000 miles. please make me...
  12. JaseYpk

    What is 'Final Drive'?

    Basically I keep seeing this phrase pop up and dont really have much of an idea of what it is.. Also whats the advantages/disadvantages to having a lower ratio/higher ratio final drive, and what does it mean. many thanks
  13. LuPix_S15

    Close Ratio Gearbox

    Ok folks :) I'm just purely asking this question out of interest as I know the prices will make most people feel queezy but in the long distant future, when I'm trying to get my Silvia more and more hardcore in terms of acceleration and response (not big power), is summat like a gearbox with...
  14. jp

    Custom Gear Ratios

    I know from reading elsewhere that the final drive ratio for the S14 & S15 boxes are the same, but I was wondering would it be possible to take the gears 1-5 from a 14 box, put them into a 15 box, & modify the 6th gear to such a ratio that you could quite happily sit at 1800 or 2000rpm at...
  15. J


    This question is a bit :ghey: but I have no pride so I don't care :p Since the car dumped all it's coolant when the turbo hose split, I simply refilled it with neat water (i.e. no coolant) to get it running again. Now I need to get it topped up properly. Question the first - How can I drain...
  16. Yakozan

    Nismo gearbox.

    What do you think of this gearbox. It's way cheaper than the HKS gearbox. Does this gearbox fix the circlip isue? Anyone know how much power it can handle? Just investigating mods for year 2057 :D Edit: A link to where I found it. http://www.ooparts-international.co.jp/index/car/frameset.html