1. brickolo

    S14/S15 suspension measurements/scans

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum, I'm trying to create a virtual replica of nissan S15 suspension, I'm wondering if anyone has access to a full set of OEM suspension measurements for the front and/or rear axles. I can't measure anything myself since I don't have access to a real s15...
  2. I

    WTB: Rear top mounts from stock suspension

    I'm looking for stock suspension rear topmount assembly, pair. The metal spring platform with any bushes and washers above and below the mount itself
  3. subzero

    Thoughts on Air ride / Air bag suspension on silvias ?

    Ive always liked the idea of it for everyday/weekend road use (ie not track obviously) but wondered if the performance is actually there. I dont really need rock hard suspension for the road but at the same time dont want super soft bouncy suspension either. My suspension is getting near the...
  4. S

    Suspension Setup

    Hi all, Just posted another thread ( about wheel fitment and now Im looking to do the suspension at the same time due to wanting to run 18s hence looking to lower the car by around 25-35mm. I gather i cant do...
  5. S

    Wheel Fitment

    Hi all, I am looking to import an S15 soon and am starting to plan my build in advance with wheels being near the top of the list. I have read the wheel fitment sticky thread started by Jull and have also researched fitment as much as i can elsewhere but still have a couple of questions i...
  6. F

    Nismo s tune suspension

    Anyone know what there worth? Possibly thinking of getting coilovers , can anyone recommend any? Thanks
  7. K

    WTB: Standard suspension

    Looking for standard suspension for front and rear.Please help!
  8. E

    Hi from Birmingham

    Hi all I'm Emmanuel I recently bought a s15 relatively fresh to UK soil only being imported last December. It's really clean and pretty stock apart from the wheels and nismo suspension. I plan to improve braking abit, see how she handles on the nismo suspension and get abit more power out of it...
  9. chris2287

    Brake and suspension query...

    I've been looking around this forum and SXOC and it seems there are many different brake set ups that people are using. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, does anyone have any experience with Apexi N1 coilovers? How do you adjust them as I the ride gets quite unsettled with the...
  10. B

    FS: Standard S15 wheels and suspension

    Suspension now sold...... Standard S15 wheels with tyres (approx 3mm tread) Good condition, 1 has minor kerbing and a couple small chips / scratches as shown in pictures £75 delivered Location north west Pete 07917 697564 Sent from my HUAWEI GRA-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. V

    My British S15 Replacement

    I forgot to do this when I actually got the replacement. I sold my S15 in March and replaced it with this! It's a 2010 shape Exige 240s modified to around 290bhp with Ohlins suspension. As much as I loved the S15 this is on another level!
  12. mattyjp

    FS: Cs short shifter, low milage 6 speed spec r box and lots of other parts

    Selling as I’ve recently sold my S15 spec R(soul) there’s probably more parts and I will add more info/pics as interest dictates to prevent the same questions being asked. Open to sensible offers. parts may be sent at extra cost price does not include postage. Unless otherwise stated parts are...
  13. Chriscooke

    FS: Energy Suspension S14/s14a/s15?? polly Diff bushes full set + front lower arm bushes

    I've got a set of Energy Suspension diff bushes which I imported for a mate but due to a delay in shipping they are no longer required. This is a full set of diff bushes for front and rear of diff May fit s15 too. Part number 7.1118G Brand new in box unopened parts (the ones pictured are...
  14. N

    How much is my Nismo suspension worth?

    As title Nismo S-Tune suspension Currently on my S15. No idea how many miles the suspension has covered but it looks in decent condition Looking to sell them to fund my coilovers
  15. Lanyard

    Rebuilding Tein Suspension - HELP needed

    As above I have a set of Tein StreetFlex coilovers that I want to get rebuilt to sell on as I'm now running DW CS2's. Does anyone know of a company in the UK that can supply all the parts or do the rework for me? Cheers guys:thumbs:
  16. L

    FS: OEM S15 Spec R suspension

    Item for Sale: Oem S15 Spec R suspension (Struts & Springs) Price: Offers/£40 (i dont know what theyre worth) delivery at buyers cost, but prefer collection or can meet you at motorway services nearby Location: Horsham, West Sussex Condition: As you would expect, around 50K miles, no knocking...
  17. V

    Suspension identification

    Hi guys, I could do with knowing what suspension my car has got. I can't see any markings anywhere so I thought I'd get some photos and hope someone might recognise them? Front: Rear: Thanks!
  18. D

    FS: S14 / S15 Suspension - Nismo & APEX

    Full set of Nismo S-Tune shocks and springs (Blue & Yellow variants) which came of my S15 when i bought her. (Pics will be up at the weekend) - No leaks or knocks at all £250 ovno NOT THE ACTUAL SETUP, but exactly like this, and admittedly not as clean. Will get pics up at the weekend. I've...
  19. JDM_virgin

    s tune nismo suspension?

    I found these on ebay, but dont know if they are the s tune nismo suspension or another nismo variant. Im only interested as I'd rather have the s tune suspension than coil overs. but dont want to buy if they are the same height as the stock setup. From what i can see on RHDjapan, the s tune...
  20. S

    Bouncy suspension

    My s15 seems to bounce a lot over even apparently smooth roads, I noticed on the motorway that I was bouncing quite a lot in my seat. Also been told that when I pulled up to work yesterday that the front end looked like it was bouncing up and down as I came to a stop. This is my first s15 so...