1. willy s15

    FS: nissan sr20/sr16 vvl head

    hey to all i have 2 head vvl for sell 1 is from sr20ve 1 is from sr16ve head is complete untouch complete with cams or not i have more crack pulley oil pump and more two complete motors pics on request i can ship it at buyer cost anywhere
  2. FreakensNL

    Detonation Cans

    He fellow S-owners, I'm busy getting a good Knock-Detection-System, building this: http://www.enginebasics.com/EFI%20Tuning/Det%20Cans.html Earmuffs with a air hose attached to the blok. Seems simple, and simple solution are the best! :D Anyone tried this on a SR20DET? any good results...
  3. A

    where to get Head gasket + head bolts

    I think my head gasket is leaking oil. Does anyone know where to get a standard gasket + bolts or which aftermarket one is best, I hear metal ones aren't good. or theres that Cosworth multi layer one, but its got many options 87mm bore, 1.1,1.5,1.8 thickness & 90mm bore 1.1,1.5 thickness...
  4. C

    FS: sr20det performance parts for sale

    sr20det performance parts for sale all price is shipped and paypaled to europe country the engine has been built but never installed and started and now sold for a parts New JE Pistons 86,5mm (no box) - 390gbp New Eagle rods (no box)- 240gbp Engine block strocked to 86,5mm perfect cleaned...
  5. M4TT

    WTB: Single din head unit facia

    Struggling to source a single din head unit fascia, if anyone has one for sale give me a shout :thumbs: Cheers, Matt
  6. jake

    WTB: Sound system

    Hey I'm after a decent head unit / stereo Amp Sub And speakers Mostly after the head unit tbh but if any one has one can they let me knows Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. SlidewayzS15

    HID S15 head lights discussion

    Anyone know what the difference between the Halogen and HID version of the S15 headlight? I keep looking at different images of both and I cannot tell the difference, I'm sure the projector is probably different but can anyone confirm this? Can you still get HID headlights new through Nissan...
  8. J

    FS: SR20DET Breaking

    I have an engine that has been damaged due to DET all parts other than the pistons Block And cylinder head are fine. Crankshaft in std size good condition, no damage at all. £100 Rods £10 each no damage Rocker arms £8 each inlet and exhaust valves are yet to be removed from head but i...
  9. I

    FS: Cheap SR20DET (VVT)

    I have an engine that came out a 96k auto s14a that spent most it's life standard, then went 1a (manual conversion) and the head gasket failed. Rather than changing the head gasket I swapped engines with a spare I had and planned to forge this one. That cars gone now so this engine is for sale...
  10. S

    FS: 2002 Nissan Silvia

    Posting this up to gauge some interest. It was imported from Japan through the US Military. Because of this, the import tax has not been paid. To tax the car is £725. It'll be paid for prior to selling. As the title states, it's a 2002 Nissan Silvia. It was originally a SpecS, but has been...
  11. ichigo-300

    FS: Innovate Wideband Kit (BNIB) + Prepped S15 Head

    Garage clearout part 2... All prices in GBP£ and exclude shipping costs. Forgot to put these on the last thread, so.... These are for sale: - Innovate LC-1 Kit with Blue DB meter (Complete wideband kit including controller, O2 sensor and Blue LED gauge) - Retails@£140(see below) (BNIB -...
  12. Max

    FS: Nismo AFPR, fuel rail, OEM clutch & flywheel, throttle bodies, DET head

    Custom Steel Top feed fuel rail for DET £60 has mounting pieces for DET rail, not pictured AN6 in and out, for injectors with 11mm tops (blue InjectorDynamics ones) (ignore the ID's, NOT FOR SALE) Standard turbo inlet and outlet pipes with bolts/nuts £25 RB20E throttle body 60mm £20 same...
  13. S

    The heads comming off!

    Ok so car is heading to the garage for some work, iv got to have the head off to fix the common head gasket leak, and I'm proberly going to get the head skimed at the same time refitting with a 1.8 mm gasket Also replacing the clutch ( probably an organic one) what about the fly wheel? I here...
  14. Tommy Kaira

    Audio upgrade

    Hello boys and girls, I want to upgrade the stereo in my S15 but it's been years since I've done anything like this so I'm after some recommendations. Head unit: I was looking at the Pioneer AVH-X5500BT. Anyone got any experience or recommend anything else...
  15. M

    FS: S15 hid head light, vented bonnet and rear lights

    Got a right front head light. It's a HID one with a good clear lense accept one of the mounts is snapped. £200Got a vented bonnet. It is a standard one with a vi style vent cut in it. It's in black but could do with a tidy up. Offers Also some aftermarket rear lights. £40 If any interest I can...
  16. Max

    Spec R Cylinder head

    Will be doing a VE head swap on my car soon, so will be shifting some parts. Is a standard S15 Spec R cylinder head any use to anyone? for example people doing a Spec S to Spec R conversion? I have promised the rocker cover to a new home but will also have splitfires to move on as they...
  17. S

    Car Mapping

    I should be getting my car back today, the latest by Monday. Since I had the head skimmed and a new head gasket put on (not sure if it's smaller or larger than the old one), it would be a good idea to get my car remapped. I have an Apexi Power Fc, so essentially I could map it myself, but with...
  18. S

    WTB: SR20DET ARP Head Stud Kit, Cosworth Head Gasket

    As the title says, I'm looking for an ARP head stud kit and a Cosworth head gasket. I've found a few online that I'm waiting to pull the trigger on, but wanted to give the forums a quick go just to see if I can scoop up a decent deal. Need this asap....
  19. S

    Need Help with Head Gasket Order....

    After talking with my mechanic, I'm unsure on what head gasket to purchase. Originally I was going to go with a Cosworth metal head gasket. My mechanic said the issue with going to a steel head gasket is the fact it isn't as "forgiving" as an OEM gasket. Meaning, if everything isn't 100% level...
  20. I

    Depin ECU harness conector

    Anyone know how to Depin the ECU harness connector? iv tried using a small flat head but no luck im going to brake it other wise