1. B

    Servicing in 2020

    Hi all, New owner and I'm looking to get a few bits done. Including; a full service (soon) - all fluids and filters, brake rotors and pads. I'd like to know what people are running and where from? Genuine Nissan oil filters are easily locate, but something I'm having difficulties locating is...
  2. ChrisKnottIns

    Chris Knott extends opening hours

    COVID-19: Chris Knott EXTENDS OPENING HOURS to help customers Hi, We recognise that work and home patterns are disrupted at the moment for many people. So we're extending our opening hours to make sure you can get in touch with us when you need to. With immediate effect we're OPEN...
  3. willy s15

    FS: volvo r s60 s70 brembo front rotors drilled like new

    hey all i have a set front rotors drilled from volvo R is like new i change it with bigger rotors has on it 5.000klms is 330x30 \ pics on request price for it is 80euro plus fee and ship it anywhere cheers
  4. ChrisKnottIns

    Car Insurance - what to check as well as the price

    You could be missing out if you ignore the specialist brokers (especially if your car or situation is non-standard). You might think that you're going to get your best deal on a price comparison website but actually at Chris Knott we're just as likely to beat an online price as any other...
  5. ArTo

    FS: S15 Cluster Gauge Girly with Crystals

    Hey, I need to sale my cluster, it came with the car from Japan and looks like a girl was driven that. about 100.000km on the clock. It has a nismo shield that is cracked from transport. You can use yours. Price: 160 € + Shipping PS: still sux that I cant add any pics! Here are some dropbox...
  6. M

    What's it worth?? Current and future S15 prices

    Hey guys! I've been looking at buying an S15 for a while now and I often see them being advertised for anywhere between $11,000 to $30,000 AUD. Just because they are advertised for this, doesn't necessarily mean that's what they are all worth. What is a fair price for an average one and does...
  7. D

    2001 Nissan Silvia $13000, is it worth?

    As you know, Silvia has a unique aerodynamic frame and turbo-charged engine. In other words, it's very fast. That's why I prefer it than Skyline. And I'm considering to buy this car from Japan but the price is also an important requirement. Finally, I found the best price for 2001 S15 Nissan...
  8. N

    WTB: Bonnet and front fenders

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a bonnet and the front fenders. Can be original or aftermarket. Just show me what you have including price. Should be in good shape, colour doesn't matter. Cheers, NFX
  9. A

    FS: SSR SP1 18x10.5 genuine JDM GOODNESS

    Hey gang selling last pair as need money for a new bathroom. What can I say about these wheels. One of of the most sought after JDM goodness. Pair only 18x10.5 ET22 Wheels are in almost in excellent condition. Very hard to come by these sizes. 4inch dish on these Collection only looking for 1K...
  10. A

    FS: Sr20det engine

    Hey guys I have a blown S15 engine for sale it came of my 2000 Spec R. low compression on two cylinders. i was going to forge it and run big power, but I have been offered a forged engine at a very good price. So hence the sale. it a bare engine and collection from market harbourough in...
  11. vinnie

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Aero Fresh Import Arriving soon

    Right I know I've just bought this, but my contact has just shown me something else so I want it now ha ha. :love: Theres nothing wrong with her at all, she's clean underneath and outside, almost all stock. Hence why i bought her and up for cheap If she don't sell in few weeks I will just keep...
  12. S

    WTB: Washer Pump.

    My front washers have died. Swapped the pipe onto the rear and that's now dead too... Anyone have any replacements lying round? Price posted please :)
  13. S

    WTB: Washer Pump.

    My front washers have died. Swapped the pipe onto the rear and that's now dead to... Anyone have any replacements lying round? Price posted please :)
  14. I

    FS: Full Nistune package for S15r (S14a,S13r/x)

    EDIT: SOLD In short I am selling 1. Nistune fitted to S15 Spec R JDM ECU (no case) 2. Nistune software licence 3. Good quality Austrailian made consult cable 4. MAP sensor 5. DLP analog input cable for Data logging aftermarket sensors 6. D Link USB hub if bought as a package All that new...
  15. A

    Battery relocation

    How easy is it to do, what do you need (any recommended battery cages?) & if you got a garage to do it, what sort of price would it cost + any recommended places that do it? Thanks.
  16. ArTo

    FS: SR20 Aluminium Plug Cover Arrow Anodized

    Hey, I have some plug covers left, please check the picture for color. Price: 40 € Shipping: 15 € to Europe
  17. QONAGO

    Silvia S15 parts of QONAGO

    Hello there, We are selling S15 engine (blacktop). Price is 2300 GBP plus shipping. We are ready for offers. We think we could accept lower price offer. :) Eingine is in good working condition. Also have other parts that need`s engine like turbocharger, injectors etc. Here is link on ebay...
  18. Larsz

    FS: Nissan S15 Spec R (SR20DET)

  19. D

    WTB: Aero side skirt front part

    I'm looking for front part of the drivers side skirt that bolts to the wing, preferably in Pewter but not too fussed. Anybody anything laying around, may consider a complete set of skirts at the right price. Cheers :)
  20. J

    FS: Nissan Silvia Spec R full 3" custom exhaust system

    Please see pictures - this is a mint condition exhaust, removed from my S15 Spec R after only ~200 miles use. (The car suffered some front end damage and was moved on, new owner did not require the exhaust or wheels) This is a full 3" custom exhaust, made by Project Stainless (£850.00 new) so...