1. A

    Aero Side Skirt Fitting

    Hi all. I'm planning to fit a pair of Aero side skirts to a non-Aero Spec R and I was hoping somebody with the OEM Aero kit out of the factory could tell me whether or not you have holes drilled into the lower sill where you slot the tabs from the side skirt into? I'm reading conflicting posts...
  2. A

    WTB: S15 OEM Aero Spoiler

    Hi all. I've been trying to source an OEM or OEM style aero spoiler for my S15. Anybody have one they're looking to sell? Any colour will be fine as it's going to get resprayed. Also I'm happy to collect or arrange collection if need be. I've seen them going for £250-300 but name your price...
  3. M

    WTB: Areo bumper foglight grill

    as above i am looking some spot light grills for an aero bumper mine have been trimmed to suit a FMIC
  4. M

    WTB: Nissan silvia s15 spec R Aero grey if possible

    Good evening guys. I'm looking for a good conditioned s15 spec r with the aero kit. It must have front aero bumper and I really want a grey one but I would consider other colours. Not after big huge specs but if it's really clean I don't mind some work. Cash ready, let me know what you...
  5. mixvariety

    FS: S15 Spec R Aero - Pearl White, TE37's, GTX2876R, 351bhp+!

    Due to the boring adult reason of looking into buying a house, I’m reluctantly putting my S15 up for sale to help towards it. I’m not in a rush to have rid of this, so it’ll only go for the right price. This has been my dream car (on my dream wheels) since the early Gran Turismo days, and I hope...
  6. T

    WTB: Aero spoiler wanted

    Hi all, after a aero spoiler preferably grey but wouldn't mind a random colour either. Thanks.
  7. DomuKum

    WTB: I am looking for aleron original S15 Aero

    I am looking for aleron original S15 Aero I could also be interested in the part of the brake light separately. My spoiler was removed ...
  8. mixvariety

    WTB: Aero front bumper

    As above, looking for an OEM Aero bumper. Don't necessarily need the grilles/fogs, though I'll take them if they're part of the package! Pearl white would be ideal, but any colour will do. Cheers!
  9. T

    WTB: Fog lights and grills urgently!

    Hi all desperately in need of the aero front fog lights and grills, if you have please hit me up.
  10. M

    WTB: S15 JDM SpecR Aero Kit (Full)

    Hey guys i'm looking for a dealership or someone with a FULL (Front bumper, Side Skits, Rear Pods) JDM specR Aero Kit for sale. Seller must be willing to ship internationally. Thanks in advance Mr.C4
  11. R

    WTB: Aero Bumper

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for an aero bumper, colour doesnt matter but should be with fog light holders, i know its very rare but maybe someone has one ;)
  12. T

    WTB: Wanted - s15 spec r aero grey.

    Hi guys, after selling my previous beloved s15 I realised I need another back in my life. really after a grey full aero kit spec r. if anyone is thinking of selling or know anyone who is, let me know thanks.
  13. M

    Aero Bumper, Pods and Wing

    Hey guys, got my s15 a few weeks ago and I'm keen to put some aero gear on it! Atm I'm looking to buy a front bumper, rear pods and the aero GT spoiler. I'm based in Australia if that helps! Any ideas on where to start looking would be great! Cheers, Matt
  14. Lil SpecR

    Intercooler that doesnt require butchering the aero bumper?

    Intercooler that doesnt require butchering the aero bumper? Does such a thing exist? Thanks!!
  15. mixvariety

    WTB: Swap/Wanted: Aero Bumper Non Fog Light Grilles

    As above, looking for a pair of non fog light grilles for the aero bumper, as seen here: I have a pair of grilles with working fog lights I can offer in swap if needed, but happy to buy outright as well! Cheers :)
  16. R

    WTB: Aero bumper with fog light holders and surroundings

    Hey guys, Im looking for an aero bumper with fog light stuff, if someone has one or knows where i can geht one that would be awesome :)
  17. S

    WTB: Wanted - spec r bits and lights

    After a set of oem rear lights and aero side skirts and rear spats. Anyone selling by any chance?!
  18. Krelis SX

    SpecR Aero from The Netherlands

    Hello everybody, my name is Niels and i’m since 22 December 2017 a proud owner of an S15 SpecR Aero from 1999. Straight out of Japan, waited 5 months totally (incl shipping, mot etc.) but now it’s finally mine. I’ve owned an S13 as well back in 2009 till 2012 Then decided to have kids and...
  19. A

    Aero wing bolt holes

    Hey guys. I just bought an aero wing, which my car didn't come with from the factory, but I noticed the boot has three holes stamped which look like they would be for the wing? All the boots would've had that I assume. Is this where it bolts on? I'm deleting the middle pillar, so I'm not worried...
  20. S

    OEM aero front bumper? clones?

    Hi all, bought a lovely S15 which i am going to pick up soon but the only box i didnt tick with it was the OEM aero bumpers as they were super hard to find in blue. I realise i wont be happy until I have one on the car but so far have found only one website selling primed OEM ones for £1100...