1. S

    Standard HID lamps.....

    Does anyone know what the standard HID lamp kits look like? One of my bulbs has gone and I'm assuming the kit I have in there is aftermarket but need to confirm it.
  2. Alex De Large

    Steering wheel refurb

    I'm looking to get my suede Nardi steering wheel refurbed as it is looking a bit worse for wear after a few years of use. Has anyone had their stock or aftermarket wheel refurbed? and if so by whom? I've had a quote from Royal Steering wheels for £135 + postage but just seeing if anyone has...
  3. S

    Need advice on buying a Nissan S15

    Is a 2001 Nissan S15 Spec R worth $17000 New Zealand dollars ($12000 American dollars) 135000km on the clock 6 speed manual converted With the following mods: Aftermarket front mount intercooler Aftermarket Fenix radiator with twin cooling fans HKS airfilter Aftermarket dump pipe X-force 3"...
  4. F

    WTB: S15 seats

    Will consider some mint oem seats or a pair of aftermarket recliners with rails , must be in very good condition , thanks
  5. Saxon

    Quietest Aftermarket Exhaust?

    Just wondering - what is the quietest performance/aftermarket exhaust available? I've been looking at the HKS Silent Hi-Power exhaust and from what I've read it's not too much above the stock exhaust in terms of noise when you're driving it carefully, but louder when you give it some. Mine is...
  6. J

    WTB: Passenger side front wing/fender or pair of aftermarket standard size

    Need a front passenger wing standard, or can consider aftermarket but standard size
  7. S

    WTB: S15 Front/Rear bumper & side skirts

    On the hunt for a front bumper, rear bumper & side skirts. Preferably standard but I may be interested in aftermarket. These need to be in Pewter grey. Let me know what you've got, cheers.
  8. F

    S15 aftermarket rear lights

    Item number 121968487112
  9. C

    WTB: A few standard parts required

    Hi all, I'm after the following parts for my newly acquired S15.. - Standard steering wheel (any condition, no airbag) - Standard or subtle aftermarket gear knob - 1x air vent Please drop me a PM if you can help. Thanks, Craig.
  10. dave_t

    WTB: Aftermarket Bonnet - S15

    I really regret selling my Origin Type 2 bonnet, in favour of an OEM bonnet. I fancy something aftermarket again, seeing as it will having a respray shortly it is the best time to get one :thumbs: Not 100% sure what style i want, so here to see what people have to offer I can also p/x an...
  11. ArTo

    WTB: Looking for OEM Diff and aftermarket exhaust

    Hey, anyone have good condition diff and aftermarket catback?
  12. s15Irl

    Sr20det guaging interest and pricing

    Hi guys Trying to guage interested in this engine, its an sr20det from a 97 s14a. 106000miles on it. Good compression across all 4 cylinders would be sold with aftermarket tubular manifold, aftermarket coilpacks, braided turbo lines and an apex intercooler. I just want to know what kinda...
  13. S

    WTB: Aftermarket tail lights

    As per the title, I'm after a set of aftermarket tail lights, dmax, yashio or similar. I have a great condition set of oem rear lights I'm willing to px. Let me know what you've got, thanks.
  14. W

    WTB: Need s15 aftermarket diff

    Looking for a diff for s15 anyone have one?
  15. S

    S15 aftermarket body parts

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody has used Knight Racer before for aftermarket body parts. I'm interested in buying a pair of their +30mm front wings but I've heard mixed reviews about their products fitment etc... Anybody bought and fitted a pair of these before? Thanks a lot.
  16. Mycool

    WTB: s15 rear lights

    im after some rear lights, i already have the standard ones. i am ideally looking for some led lights or the other aftermarket lights - just not the lexus style. any about? cheers
  17. W

    WTB: Cooling panel

    As above ideally a full length one that goes from light to light, also after a set of aftermarket rear lights. Thanks
  18. s15Irl

    Show me... Your seats!

    Right guys, I'm after some pictures if your seats mainly fronts! Aftermarket only :brides, recaros what you got? And what rails are you using?
  19. S

    WTB: Bumpers

    Hi guy's, I'm currently on the search for standard or aero bumpers/skirts for my s15. My car currently has an aftermarket kit on it which isn't really my cup of tea. I'll consider anything so if you have any nice aftermarket bumpers then let me know also. My car is pewter grey so the same colour...
  20. Tom VWJ

    WTB: Aftermarket / Stock Front bumper

    Open to any ideas really, show me what you got