1. J0R04N

    WTB: Aftermarket bonnet please :)

    After an aftermarket bonnet. Preferably carbon fibre however would take a frp one. I have a standard bonnet I can swap if needed otherwise cash waiting :)
  2. pinky15

    WTB: front lip, rear spoiler, and aftermarket tail lights

    Im looking for the front lip that attaches to the stock bumpers, a small step lip rear spoiler, and some aftermarket tail lights (not chrome). Thank you
  3. ali619

    Where do you purchase your aftermarket parts?

    Just really a general question I suppose, where do you purchase your aftermarket parts from? Seeing as S15's are imports do you look at Japanese sites or uk sites? I know for my Honda I usually look at
  4. L

    Aftermarket ecu question

    Hi everybody, I've just fitted an aftermarket ecu (orientworks) to the s15. Upon installation, on the back of this ecu there is two thin black wires with a connector on the end. Looking at the original one, there are no wires... The car fires up as usual, but i haven't taken it for a spin...
  5. mattyjp

    hi from somerset

    hi all im new to all this so bare with me. im matt im from lancashire but work in somerset as an aeronautical engineering technician (helicopter mechanic) i bought my x reg s15 in december last year trading in my 05 civic type r ep3 with 10k less miles on it than the silvia which i have to admit...
  6. Havoc

    WTB: Stock Spec R boost guage or aftermarket replacement.

    Hello. I'm after a replacement boost guage as the light bulb has gone on mine. Or if somewhere offers a straight plug in and go aftermarket one that drabs psi that would be fine. Cheers!
  7. Alex De Large

    Alex De Large's Phat Ride

    Well back in December I put my deposit down with JM Imports for a Pearl White S15 Spec R. After that the 2 month wait began, which was torture to say the least as I didn't have a car for this period! :( Anyway Thursday the 27th January was the day I went to collect my car :) parked right in...
  8. LuPix_S15

    LuPix's Nissan Stagea RS M-34R *RB25DET*

    Hola :wave: Well as some of you know, with the S15 up for sale (definitely up for sale lol!!) I went up to JM Imports in Newcastle just over a week ago to collect my new car: Nissan Stagea RS :) She's a rare RS version with RB25DET which means RWD instead of AWD something I'm very happy...
  9. A

    Pewter Silver, in Cambs

    Seen this a few times. 5 spoke wheels (unsure of make) aftermarket exhaust
  10. T


    What's the difference between the S15 Spec R and a S14a?? I got quoted on a 200sx S14a with wheels and a aftermarket FMIC for £811
  11. M


    anyone know where i could buy a cambelt for the s15 spec r. oem or aftermarket. thanks
  12. J0R04N

    WTB: S15 Bonnet, front bumper, side skirts

    After any of the above. Bonnet and front bumper can be aftermarket or standard. Got any bits pm me :thumbs:
  13. 2

    HI im from down under

    Hi ive had my silvia for two and half year now. Im from cairns far north queensland. Have some mods seeing the car make 300rwhp. But have lack of tunes up here. Built in 2000/06, some mods sunroof vertex front bar standard spec r skirts vetex rear bar shaved boot lid sunroof 25mm fenders 18"...
  14. M

    anybody want aftermarket LSD for your stock one

    am after a stock diff to replace with an aftermarket diff 1,5 way. its a fun diff but need a stock one. thanks
  15. D


    Hello everyone. Can someone help me out please. I'm getting a pearl spec r and want to know what everyone's prefered choice for aftermarket tailights are. I was thinking a set of Yahios but not sure how they'll look on a white s15. Regards Jack
  16. M

    wide arch vertex

    hey hows it going, new to this forum ,here is the spec and a few pics of my s15 its a 2000 spec r HKS Actuator HKS GT SS Turbo Cusco Front Tower Bar Trust Induction Kit GReddy Front Mounted Intercooler Z32 AFM GReddy Suction Pipe (Metal) Greddy 2 Layer Alloy Radiator...
  17. R-Spec

    Replacement aftermarket diffs - same part numbers as S14s?

    As it says...are the aftermarket S14 and S15 diffs mix and match compatible?:thumbs: ...oh and does anyone know how the helical fails if it ever wears out? Do different oils make much difference to the operation? :)
  18. paddyb01

    my s15 project

    have the car a while so said id put up a proper thread heres the spec when i got her from wez wkd imports Fenders Folded Nismo Pump Drivers Bucket Seat Nismo LSD GReddy Intercooler Kit SS Manifold Metal Suction Pipe Downpipe Trust AirInx Filter Decat Twin Plate HKS Clutch Trust IC Aftermarket...
  19. W

    WTB: Front & Rear Aftermarket Bumpers

    What do you have lying about?
  20. Yakozan

    Happy new year!!

    I'd like to wish everybody a happy new year. May the aftermarket parts flow. Happy new S15 year (although I don't have one anymore :o )