1. LuPix_S15

    WTB: Aftermarket S15 Front Bumper :)

    Hola :wave: Any of you guys fancy a change for 2010 lol?? I'm on the hunt for an aftermarket front bumper - open to all the popular styles like Vertex, BN Sports, Origin etc the only one I know I don't want is URAS cos it's too aggressive and hovercraft like haha :wack: Doesn't have to be...
  2. E

    OEM tension rods part number??

    Hi.. may i know the parts number please? Coz my bushes is worn out.. :furious: or should i buy the aftermarket one?? Which one is better? I love the kazama rods but im not into drifting lol
  3. adz87kc

    Rear end update

    Hey guys, currently my car looks like this: Boring :down: I like the aero front bumper lots and the side skirts are ok too but the rear doesn't do it for me. Was thinking of a more aggressive look. I reckon the aero spats will be a right pain to get hold of so a replacement bumper will...
  4. W

    WTB: URGENT: T28 Aftermarket Actuator Bracket

    Only realised today that my actuator is all one unit with the bracket tack welded to it so in order to replace with an aftermarket HKS actuator I need a separate bracket. Anyone?
  5. B

    WTB: s15 aftermarket exhaust..

    anyone have one pref dublin area
  6. T

    S15 aftermarket head/rear lamp

    LED Rear Lamp USD300 Black round lamp USD180 Chrome round lamp USD180 White/Red JDM lamp USD185 Aftermarket fronthead lamp with projector USD330 I am located in Singapore, Payment can be made through paypal. PM me for more info.Delivery charges are based on your location, but i can get...
  7. N

    WTB: s15 carbon bonnet+front aftermarket bumper

    as title...... "s15 carbon bonnet+front aftermarket bumper" need this asap!!!got a big project and these part are needed in hurry!!!! money is waiting!!! thank you!!!
  8. andeep

    Aftermarket seats confusion

    I'm looking to get some aftermarket bucket seats when I get my Silvia and got a few questions. I'm looking at some Bride or Recaros, and I understand that they are side mounted seats. Therefore what will I require to fit them into my Silvia? I don't need the seat to slide as I am the only...
  9. paddyb01

    my s15

    Fenders Folded Nismo Pump Drivers Bucket Seat Nismo LSD GReddy Intercooler Kit SS Manifold Metal Suction Pipe Downpipe Trust AirInx Filter Decat Twin Plate HKS Clutch Trust IC Aftermarket Titanium Exhaust 17″ Gravity Gull Flame Wheels on front 18″ Gravity Gull Flame Wheels on back 5 Speed...
  10. meddler

    Aftermarket ECU for an Auto

    Guys, I have a mate that has an S15 with an auto transmission (yes I know it's an auto, but there is a good reason for it). At the moment it is pretty standard with just an exhaust. What he wants to know is what aftermarket ECU will he be able to use with the auto box. Supposedly there is an...
  11. T

    WTB: Wanted: Various parts, please look :)

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a random list of bits and bobs... what have you got and how much do you want? Looking for.... Uprated clutch Electronic boost controller Aftermarket rear lights Nismo engine and gearbox mounts Possibly 555's and Z32 AFM if the price is right.... What have you got...
  12. paddyb01

    one more newbie from ireland

    hi everyone names paddy im form westmeath and i just bought a s15 was lookin for one for ages hope ya all like her :):):) oh and miss s15 told me about the site spec; Fenders Folded Nismo Pump Drivers Bucket Seat Nismo LSD GReddy Intercooler Kit SS Manifold Metal Suction Pipe Downpipe Trust...
  13. J

    WTB: turbo/timer.manifold+elbow

    well guys lookin for a turbo timer aftermarket elbow and downpipe
  14. T

    Tail lights options

    In my opinion the only thing that lets the car down is the tail lights, no that they're a bad design or anything but I think they have a slightly dated look to them with the whole red/orange patterned lens going on! I was wondering if people could post up pictures/names of the various...
  15. F

    Info required on Exhaust manifold

    Hi All I have a standard S15 SpecR apart from air filter and 3" exhaust from the turbo back. I have blown the turbo to manifold gasket and have the whole lot off to replace it. So here's my question, how much benefit will I see from an aftermarket manifold and how much are they just for show...
  16. K

    WTB: Aftermarket Manifold

    Looking for an aftermarket manifold. Good quality is important. Have been looking at Tomei, HKS, Trust...... Anyone got some laying around?
  17. T

    Hello from Holland! :)

    Hi guys! I've been looking around here for several months now. But since i recently took delivery of my car, i'm now joining. I ordered my 15 around april this year. It has come straight out of Japan. I'm very pround to say that since 3 weeks I now own the ONLY blue S15 in the Netherlands...
  18. D

    Oil filter!

    Just have my sandwich plate fitted but my old oil filter didnt come off too handy so putting new one but the problem is that its saturday evening and everywhere closed till tuesday as its a bank holiday monday. Normally use genuine nissan parts but cant get one till tues but have an aftermarket...
  19. subzero

    tow hooks

    any 1 got one fitted, i think they give an s15 a right JDM / track feel to it. just wondering how they fit around an intercooler and aftermarket bumper.
  20. P

    garage defend -cooling panels

    hi guys. i have an arc titanium cooling panel (soon to be for sale) perfect fit, neat piece of kit, but now not much use with an aftermarket bumper. the problems are that areas where it would have attached to are now gone and retro fitting is not an option. basically my new bumper dips in the...