1. C

    WTB: Pearl white standard back bumper

    Hi again everyone, I recently took on a wee bit of damage to my standard back bumper and had it repaired. Unfortunately, the guy who fixed the crack wasn't successful in matchin that sweet glittery white colour. If anyone out there is upgrading to an aftermarket kit, I'd gladly take the back...
  2. A

    S14 suspension on S15??

    I want to know if aftermarket coilovers for S14 will fit on my S15. It's the same hardware?
  3. jp

    Are these optional headlights or aftermarket?

    I've seen these silver-backed/clear headlights on only a few S15s & am wondering were they an optional extra or are they an aftermarket buy?
  4. slammedmind

    aftermarket diff oil

    im considering changing the diff oil when i get the car back and am wondering what oil to use? Im not sure what make of diff is in the car but its a 1.5way aftermarket diff. What viscosity and standard should i use? any ideas?
  5. S

    Rear Diff mount reinforcement

    The S15 diff is mounted onto the rear subframe with 4 mounts, 2 below the diff and 2 behind the diff casing with rubber bushed mounts. The 2 rear mounts will tend to sag first due to weight of diff stressing the rubber bush at point load. I hear that there are such aftermarket bush locks for...
  6. R

    Definitive ESVA Can/Can't

    Right, after asking around for a while, it seems that there are lots of different opinions on what can be ESVA'd and what can't. I rang the local ESVA centre and they were less than useful! From what I've gathered so far : Bodykits are a no-no Engine mods have to be put back to standard Are...
  7. J

    Apex intercooler/ Greddy spec-m

    I am thinking of buying the Apex intercooelr with the group buy. But how does the two compares?? Both similar price so I am not sure.. Has anyone got the Spec-m fitted, how easy is it? Does both need the bumper trimming? Even aftermarket ones, I will have thought most aftemarket bumper will...
  8. S

    aftermarket longshaft

    dear guys, did anyone of you guys ever thought of changing to aftermarket longshaft? i knew Greddy has a aftermarket longshaft which claim to half 50% reduce of weight compare to stock longshaft, but i was told by my friend it is no longer in production. do you think is a wise decision to...
  9. C

    WTB: anti roll bar

    I want to find out where i can get some aftermarket anti roll bars?? thanks
  10. C

    WTB: tie rods

    hi all im after a set of aftermarket tie rods. Anything good around? cheers andy
  11. S


    What gear knobs do you guys use for your S15? My standard one is fading, and was wondering if there's any aftermarket ones which can keep the boot up.
  12. E

    WTB: S15 ECU

    HI, for all those who've gone with an Power FC or other aftermarket ECU, I'm looking to buy your old ECU! :) cheers Chris