1. N

    Wheel alignment help

    Hey guys I just straighten my rear wheels to 0 camber. I also got a wheel alignment but the problem is after 2 days my right rear wheel camber went into negative camber by itself and my wheel alignment is off. Any thoughts my car is lowered around a inch. Got new tie rods and caster rods installed.
  2. Sandor_

    Alignment parts

    Might was answered before, but couldnt find the right thread. So I m looking to lower the car by around 25mm . What alignment arms are a must have? The coilover going to be driftworks cs2 so it has caster and camber adjustment up front. The car is used for street\daily\sometimes fast road. Can...
  3. D

    4 wheel alignment with HICAS

    Has anyone else got experience of trying to get 4 wheel alignment with hicas system. I took the car to two separate garages at the weekend and was told by one that they couldn't touch it because they didn't have a hunter machine. Garage two did have one but they told me they couldn't do it...
  4. A

    Got my top mounts fitted & alignment sorted out. Before & after measurements :S

    Got my top mounts fitted & alignment sorted out. Before & after measurements :S Got the Cusco top mounts replaced on the fronts & then got the geometry & alignment sorted, I didn't think it handled badly before but it drives really well now, looking forward to some dry weather. (the rear camber...
  5. Fruitbooter

    Tyre recommendations

    Hi Guys Okay here's the problem, I fitted brand new Michelin Pilot Sport 2's in Feb and they need replacing already.. That's normal daily driving too, no streeto or alignment settings are off a tad but mainly camber where as the wear on the tyres is very central (the 3 tread...
  6. JaseYpk

    Rear Arm Bolts!!

    Does anyone know where i can find replacement bolts for the rear toe and camber arms? i've tried driftworks and cant see any there, our local large garage doesnt have any, and they do alignment?!?! so yeah.. where can i find some pronto? i think theyre a mixture of 17mm and 19mm.. thats only a...
  7. JaseYpk

    Coilovers - Upper mounts or not?

    Do i need (or do you recommend) i get uppermounts to go with coilovers? I'm looking at the Tein Super Streets and they sell with and without the mounts. are these a requirement for good alignment and futureproofing or are they just an add-on that doesnt serve much purpose for road use? cheers
  8. N

    WTB: SR20 Clutch Alignment Tool

    Simple, If you have a clutch alignment tool for the with the right spline for the SR20 engine lying around that you received when fitting a new clutch Please could I possibly borrow it off you or buy it? If I could borrow it I will pay for all the postage costs there and back + a bit...
  9. sliding-r

    Which alignment bits do i need?

    As above, will list my spec first so you can get the picture of handling mods so far I have: Apex gen 2 coilies- set quite low, 6/5 Subframme Locking Collars- Ace mod i think and cheap enough;) Whiteline ARBs to go on that I have sourced second hand Cusco F+R Strut braces Im...
  10. T


    Ill share this here as it may be a good reference. Took the 15 to get an alignment check today as it nearly killed itself and me a few days back Anyway, the display below shows what happens when you just 'deck' it on coilovers without a care for anything else. The after display is after it...
  11. ichi-go

    Adjustable Rear Camber Arms

    Hey guys, I'm sure you guys had fitted one of these. I'm gonna tackle mine soon so a couple of questions before I start. When you put it in, how do you set it? As in do I need to leave any thread for the alignment? A - This should be the locking nut so that the thread doesnt move around...
  12. P

    Off-throttle problem

    Bit of a concern here, I had this problem after fitting coilovers and dropping the car. As I release the throttle from being on full load (at the point the stock bov releases) the car feels like it sways to the left. I thought at first it was an alignment issue, however alignment was done...
  13. R-Spec

    WTB: Bushed alignment arm set

    Anyone got a set? :)
  14. Darren_S15

    Alignment Arm Fitting

    Wanted to get people opinions on this really. Im going to be replacing my alignment arms in the next few weeks and am unsure if I should be replacing the nuts and bolts that I will be undoing. Ive found a few threads on the SXOC and people generally dont seem to bothered about reusing the old...
  15. sushiming

    FS: alignment kit bit and bobs for sale

    check it out pair of standard S15 front seats £260 offers around great condiction HKS filter could do with a new foam £15 to fit SR20 sold delphi dot5.1 brake and clutch fulid 1 and half bottles £8 sold Apex Alignment kit S14/S15 sold Rear lower tie bar £30 S14/S15 sold Subframe collars £35...
  16. JEZ 8553

    APEX Gen2 S14 Coilovers + Alignment Kit...

    Hey Peeps, Just brought myself a set of APEX Gen 2 Coilovers with 6/5 spring rate at ?495 + bushed alignment kit for ?319 on their special deal. Saving nearly ?170 or thereabouts on buying them seperately later. Seeing as i dont even have the car yet does anyone think i made have made an...
  17. J

    Alignment setting

    I will be booking in for a full 4 wheels alignment soon and wants to use the Whiteline fast road setting. Do you need the adjustable camber arms to get those setting? my car is lowered about 20mm on Nismo S-tune suspension.
  18. sushiming

    jointed alignment arm set/ C Collars

    hey guys ive just been speaking to dazz0i about geting the arm set and was thinking is there anyone else wanting to get one as i thought it might be worth talking to apex about geting a group buy for us I myself am intrested inthe C Collars aswell anything else ppl intrested in?? The Alignment...
  19. Nicely

    Whiteline Suspension Alignment

    Whiteline's alignment sheet for the S15 has now been removed from their web site. As many people use this as a setup guideline, I have provided the details here. Many thanks to Whiteline for forwarding the details to me :)
  20. Topper

    Factory Alignment settings for the S15

    Anyone know the above?? Getting my alignment done tonight so just wanted to know as a referance. Cheers :)