1. T

    Dealings with Japspeed

    Well I am thinking to use this crowd for my front mount intercooler and my braided turbolines i see the name Japspeed pop up alot lately so just wondering how good are the parts they sell and has anybody dealt with them in the past
  2. S15_SAM

    My Japan trip story! Very long and pic heavy!

    Well Japan, the holy land of JDM, temples, touge and thankyou's. As some of you may know I recently went to Japan on my honeymoon here's my story..... I cannot describe how incredible Japan is. Its one of those places you have to visit to appreciate. I can tell you 10 times over how polite...
  3. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    what engine oil?

    Ok guys last time i done a oil change it was too thin and i got the cam ticking bad noise. My oil has leaked and i need the good stuff and the right stuff what's the best oil. What do you guys use? ps. i know people have probably asked this before alot sorry
  4. crazymat666

    Thinking of adding a screamer pipe is it worth it?

    So I went to USC(ultimate street car) this weekend and there was alot of cars popping etc and asked my mate what it was and he said a screamer pipe so I wouldn't giving it a go to see if I like it but isit alot of work is it actually just when you hit the limiter when it pops or isit all the...
  5. J

    more problems :( starting to lose the will to live.

    my s15 slowly seems to be getting more more unrealiable. sometimes it will boost fine and pull through all the gears but most of the time it splutters alot and feels like it has now power? feels like someone keeps pressing the brakes hard then letting off. also it backfires alot very loud...
  6. crazymat666

    How do you recirc a hks sqv bov?

    As the tittle says: I have a hks sqv bov fitted and I would like to know if and how you can recirc it as it would run alot better .any help much appreciated :)
  7. J

    FS: Exedy hyper twin plate clutch

    hi, im selling the clutch of my car, i brought it with it in but couldnt handle it (haha) it bites hard but when your going i loved it. its just i drive around alot with stopping and starting which caused me to stall it alot. from what i can see it still has meat on it, ive tried to take photos...
  8. K

    Im back!

    after many years i finally managed to buy back my s15 ;) im so glad to be back in the seat, though it needs alot of love:cry: but i shall be around the board once again :D
  9. M

    Just a quick question.

    Hello all, Only rescently joined and im hopeing for a s15 within the next year or two. Ive been looking on the usual sites for cars such as autotrader and the like and imports look much better value. I was just wondering from experience how much would a Spec S or an Autech be to import to the UK...
  10. D

    FS: 4x Genuin Nissan 16" alloys for sale

    As above, all wheels in very good condition, tyres haven't got alot of life left in them. Open to offers, pics available if required
  11. D

    WTB: urgent!

    Hello everyone, i am rather urgently after the centre console/cubby hole lid for an s15. my hinge went the other day and now I just have a hole and no lid!!! If anyone has or knows of one for sale please could you pm me Thanks alot Jack
  12. sliding-r

    S14 wheel arch liners fit S15??

    Hi, does people know if they fit the S15 as alot of parts are interchangable... one of the front ones flew out originally but the other side has now cracked and rubbed a big hole in it, so i have no front ones in atm. the rear parts of the front ones are in place, its the fronts that arent...
  13. superK

    WTB: Recaro Seat Rails Wanted

    As in title, looking for sliding rails for dc2 recaros to fit into the s15, or has anyone adapted the original rails? looks like the originals need alot of fabricating. Thanks
  14. D

    WTB: 1.5 way diff

    Hey everyone, I have a 2 way LSD on my soon to be s15 and I am really after a 1.5 way diff, preferabley A Cursco or Nismo. Please get back to me on 07896848324 if you have one or know of one going. Thanks alot Jack
  15. Mark_D

    Is it me or are S15's floating into the country at a rapid rate of knots now?

    I've been a little bit out of touch with my S15 passion recently.. lol. But whilst looking at Pistonheads and even the bay! :eek: There seems to be ALOT of fresh newly imported S15's around. I know the import rules have changed.. therefore 2001 / 2002 + Spec S + autospazmatic etc models can be...
  16. V

    less boost after FMIC

    i fitted my FMIC recently and noticed my boost is alot more stable, it used to spike to .9 bar, now on full shoe it will only rise to .6 bar and rarely spike over it, anu suggestions what it could be? also does any body know can the standard ecu be mapped or do i need a PFC?? its just they...
  17. T

    WTB: dash, clock and dash loom

    hi guys im new to the 15 forum but been on the sxoc for about a year now i have an s13 and looking to do a dash conversion. there doesnt seem to be alot of 15 parts on there so just wondered if anyone here has one for sale thanks and loving the day i will have a 15!! Gary :thumbs:
  18. C1TPT

    What are my wheels worth?

    Hi guys, Im thinking about swapping or selling my wheels and just wondered if anyone new about them and what sort of money they are worth, I've heard that they are pretty good wheels and are worth quite alot but I just assumed they were normal wheels.. anyone got a clue? The make is Gewalt...
  19. mint

    JDMtas V2 live

    Hey guys, Id just like to post up now that my website is now fully up. Well i say fully,, but i still have some reviews to do. Anyway, feel free to check it out to see some of my photo's from around Japan and cars i have featured etc. If this is a no no, then nicely please let...
  20. C

    2 way diff

    hi all Has anyone used a 2 way diff? What do you think of it and how does it feel and sounds like? I'm currently using a nismo gt pro one and it's causing alot of weird noise, which sounds like more than the diff itself. thanks andy