1. S

    バカじゃないの Bakajanaino spec s

    hey y'all. while on my last trip to japan seeing all the awesome cars over there i decided i was definately gonna buy an s15. been a long time coming. i've had numerous s bodies in the past, rx7's, skylines, datsuns... all sorts of rwd japanese tin. never been flush enough for a 15 but prices...
  2. J

    FS: S15 Autech NA 200bhp

    Hi, So i bought this from bolf about a month ago to use as a daily while im building my skyline but ive come to realise i need something bigger and idealy a diesel... Its a s15 Autech so it has 11.8 compression, 272 cams, sports manifold (heat wrapped) etc.. from factory. The cams kick...
  3. M

    what does this do ? do yours have it ?

    hello, i just got a s15 and it has this button on the side of the steering wheel that i would like to know what it is and what it does. when i flip it the light turns on and i have to flip it again for it to turn of. (sorry if this is the wrong section) sorry for the bad quality image :
  4. M

    what is this thing ?

    sorry if i'm posting in the wrong section. but i just got a S15 and it has this thing that i have no idea what it is or what it does. do some one know what it is ? and let me know ? :) (sorry for bad quality pic)
  5. S

    FS: S15 Spec R

    Hi I am selling my Nissan Silvia S15 because I need something I can use daily now unfortunately but it is a clean car never had any problems with it. It has roughly 73,000 miles on the clock (was converted from kilometres to miles on arrival to the UK) and was serviced last on the 3rd of march...
  6. K

    French man :)

    Hello, my name is Marc, I'm 25 years old and I'm french :) I'm here because I search a s15 ! I was going to by a yellow one to "paulbrowncars" but I found bad news on it on internet. So I decide to leave this idea and search one here :) I hope to find one !
  7. crazymat666

    Where are all the breather pipes?

    I wanna check anything to do with what might give me a air leak?just to be sure everything's cool as it runs a little bad when hot.i got a new afm on the way but would like to check all the airways lol
  8. T

    onboard footage from my S15 @ TT-assen

    i took my S15 on the TT circuit assen in holland. the track was very slippery and no grip. on the back i have Federal tires, very bad rain tire but it makes my car a handfull.
  9. spoonman

    Wanting to install a larger intercooler? This is what not to do

    If you are new to modifying turbo charged engine, this is a rather bad idea.
  10. Mike

    Epic Pugrrari.

    Take a moment to admire this bad boy! :rotfl:
  11. Hunts15

    REQUEST: BN Sports blister kitted s15's

    lookin for pics off bn bister kitted s15's, iv trawled the net for ones in solid colours red white etc etc but im hopin some off you have some pics hidden in yer photobucke accounts and some off ye in japan have unseen pics :) iv done google images search but photo are bad quality or too bad...
  12. JaseYpk

    Paul Walker (fast & furious) drives an S15!

    And as a result. the S15 is now uncool. and we need to sell up. photo is from november 2011, so is pretty up to date. Not a bad looking 15 either!
  13. JaseYpk

    Another bad idea, courtesy of Jase

    Ok, so this weeks bad idea, is to remove the exhaust gasket at the front of the cat, as it was rotten, and not bother putting a new one in 'for the mean time' End result - me sitting at traffic lights coughing and spluttering from the cabin filling with exhaust gasses. haha. top tip - always...
  14. lvaleiron

    WTB: need driver side rear quarter panel bad... :(, cash on hand!

    I'm needing a driver side rear quarter panel bad... can be new, from a wrecked car, don't care, just needs to be in good condition. Willing to pay for it!
  15. M

    Anybody can tell what size wheels and offset are these??

    Hi, Here's the beauty... I want this wheel setup so bad....:smitten:
  16. A

    Hello all :)

    Hi everyone names Andy and loving the website ;) Looking to buy a new car and seriously considering buying a s15. Can i get some good points and bad points if any in the cars. general maintenance ect service times also cheers guys.
  17. P

    hello there

    oooooppppppssssssss posted this on the wrong site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my bad.
  18. pegliobaglio

    windscreen condensation

    Right chaps quick question,noticed I get real bad condensation on my front and rear windows/windscreen mainly when its a bit cold out,its got really bad recently though to the point if I ran my finger through it it drips like a tap all over my dash and end up with big puddles of water on it...
  19. M

    Hi all

    Hello all, Been looking at this site for a while now and I thought I would finally become a member. I dont have an s15 as of yet but will hopefully be coming into some money in the next year or so which I will spend on a spec-s. I know the r is way better but I simply will not be able to afford...
  20. xlr8


    Can someone shed some light on this?This fella is selling an lsd he was told came off an s14a.He has sent me pics of the internals and housing.S15 half shafts are 6 bolt pattern arent they and anyone know (even with the bad photo) if it is a 1.5 way.He is selling real cheap and i just wanta see why?