1. S

    Genuine Aero Bar

    Hey guys, Im thinkin of selling my aero front bar with fog lights. This is an genuine aero bar with fog lights and is in mint condition which was recently purchased brand new. How much do you think I should list it as? Price will be in AUS dollar. Cheers
  2. P

    I'm back.....

    Well it's been a while, about 5 years actually. My username must have been cleared because I was able to register with the same name...yay. This is my ride: 2002 model ADM S15 200SX. Still has the Veilside front bar, in fact, nothing new has...
  3. K

    FS: Brand New S15 Vertex kit $700 Brisbane

    I have a brand new vertex kit for an S15, still wrapped up in plastic. Full kit, front bar, side skirts and rear bar. Changed my mind about wanting a kit so have had it sitting here for a while. Asking $700 ono it's in excellent/brand new condition.
  4. crazymat666

    what speed is a S15 actually capable of?

    just abit of curiousity on what top speed our s15s are capable of as my mates s14 done 160 easily enough and i mean standard one or one running a bar of boost?just always wondered as dont like the idea of giving it that much grief to find out.
  5. L

    Request: S15 aero front bar ONLY

    Pics pics
  6. Alex De Large

    WTB: Wanted - Drivers side headlight & front crash bar.

    Well this morning I had a bit of misfortune :( I'm after a drivers side headlight and front crash bar if anyone has any of these for sale. or if anyone knows of any S15's that are being broke at the moment. Also might need an s15 bonnet! Thanks, Scott
  7. I

    FS: FS: Do-Luck front bar & side skirts pewter/grey SYDNEY, Australia

    FS: S15 Do-Luck front bar & side skirts pewter/grey SYDNEY, Australia Hi Guys, I have a S15 Do-Luck front bar and side skirts for sale as i'm replacing them with a Vertex kit. Any takers? Front bar: $120 or best offer Side skirts: $150 or best offer Pretty rare kit, I've never seen any...
  8. J

    Hey there from Albany, Western Australia

    Hi Everyone, I'm from Albany, Western Australia. I bought my S15 in feb this year, its an 2002 ADM Spec R, with very low KM's. Its fully stock as far as the engine goes (but i'm working on that), it has a veilside bodykit, work rims, xforce exhasut, but thats all. I have an Apexi intake kit on...
  9. S

    Aero Bar

    Hey guys, I know this is a very noob question but im gonna ask anyway haha:D On the JDM aero fron bar, is the bottom bit carbon fiber? Or is it just painted black? Cheers
  10. S

    WTB: s15 aero bar fog lights

    Hey guys im looking for a pair of s15 fog lights for the aero front bar. If you have some for sale could you please PM me :) Cheers
  11. pegliobaglio

    intercoolers, advice please

    I have needed to sort a front mount for quite a while now as my car is running over 1 bar on the wing mount which must be pretty much the limit for that. But I really don't know which one to go for at the moment,have been reading up loads on the different types and if I am honest am now more...
  12. S

    boost issue!!

    hi guys, ive had my car on the road for just over a week now!! the car is great but it doesnt seem like its boosting right! it revs right through the rev range but its only hitting 0.5 bar on the guage, and i can feel the car, sort of hesitating. it did boost at 0.7 bar for a few days but was a...
  13. H

    Boosting Issue

    Hi all, for the past month my turbo/something else has been playing up when on boost. It should be running at 1.6 bar and was mapped by Norris Designs just before christmas but whenever you get to around 1.4/1.5 bar the boost is wandering around and refuses to climb all the way to 1.6. I have a...
  14. M

    Re-introduce (Moving to Melbourne)

    Hi i'm Michael Theo. A Visual Effects Designer & student. I owned this baby S15 for almost 2 years. I bought a stock standard reckon 2002 Spec R. I'm moving to Melbourne on 17th of Febuary 2011 for my Master degree in Film & Video @ Deakin University. I hope someone could lead me to the...
  15. L

    Custom front bar?

    Hello, I was wondering what front bar this is? To me it looks like it is a factory non-aero front bar but has opened the 'mouth' and installed a front splitter. Is that correct? Is there much work involved in that? This is a stock front bar: It looks as though he just removed the number...
  16. T

    WTB: Bumper support bar - Passenger side headlight

    Hi, I'm after a bumper support bar and a passenger side headlight Cash waiting !! Cheers Doug
  17. M

    help identifying bodykit

    Hey guys. Does anyone know if this is a modified OEM front bar, or a aftermarket kit? I love the look of the front bar, except the bottom lip, it keeps the OEM style but with a larger opening.
  18. S

    FS: new stuff for sale

    need all this stuff shifted to finish my car s14 front strutbrace 70 tommei 1.5mm headgasket for sr20det 105 delivered s15 carbon stero surround slight damage so 55 delivered s15 480 injectors including fuel rail 105 delivered 2x work equips all 17" 8j et 36 £150 2 Avs model7 wheels...
  19. fadli256

    Boosting help

    Hi guys, Hope you can help me with this I only have a FMIC, full exhaust system (only from downpipe to the cat-back) and aftermarket air cleaner. Planning to get the HKS FCON IS ECU and HKS EVC boost controller along with an aluminium radiator by end of this year. Im currently running on...
  20. Nickichi

    Jacking Points

    Heya, done a little searching through the older posts but I felt I needed some confirmation before I did any more Lifting Since a pic speaks a thousand words you can see were I jacked the front up using the engine support bar which I believe is the front jacking point for the car according to...