1. L

    S15 Headlights

    I have a set of L Package XeNon headlights but I want to change to original black base one. If i bought a non xenon set could i put the xenon mech into the black base one without too much hassle i.e. without dismantling the light casing
  2. T

    FS: Bride seat rails

    these are a pair of s15 bride seat rails that I don't need now due to change of plan. These come with base mount adaptaplates so will fit most base mount bolt is missing and could do with a lick of paint so only asking what I paid £250 collection only due to work but I will bring to...
  3. S

    New guy from Cornwall...

    Just a quick hello guys :wave: I've recently bought my first S15, very happy indeed as I've always wanted one! It's a super clean 1999 spec S. A great base model for a project car... I may start a project thread once I get stuck into it in the new year so keep an eye out!
  4. N

    WTB: Gear gaitor base

    Does anybody have the plastic base that the gear gaitor attaches to which clips into the gear surround? All 4 of the tabs have broke off on mine so it keeps popping out Thank youuu :)
  5. S

    FS: Fia Sparco evo 3 bucket seat XL modded to fit on bride base mount rail

    Sparco evo 3 bucket seat in great condition fitted to to a bride low base mount (driver side) XL for the larger male/female Fia approved £300 for the seat and rail
  6. Parky

    FS: Recaro Evo 9 MR seats - half leather recliners for sale

    I bought these for my S15 but actually prefer the oe seats, so I took them out. Call me mad, I know. I got them from JapPerformanceParts for £850 shipped, with Evo rails. I do have recaro base rails out of a PS13 but they will require modding to work in a 15. They're black leather with grey...
  7. Parky

    WTB: Gearstick gaiter / base and surround

    The plastic ring that my gearstick gaiter attaches to is damaged and doesn't seem to fit the surround, assuming it's the original gaiter and base from an automatic, so if anyone has one then let me know, cash waiting, cheers!
  8. S15Cro

    WTB: Ashtray and Gear Gaiter base

    Gear Gaiter base *Ashtray sorted* As above i'm looking for the plastic bit the gaiter is attached to. I'm not sure what it looks like on the Spec R (if someone could send me a picture, that would be great), but here is the situation i'm in which i will explain using pictures: Picture of...
  9. Joeh

    FS: Genuine Bride Seat Rails - 2x Drivers sides (No passengers sorry) - Side & Base mount

    Genuine Bride Seat Rails - 2x Drivers sides (No passengers sorry) - Side & Base mount Hi all Got 2x Genuine Bride Drivers Seat Rails. One is side mount and the other is base mount. Their models are Base Mount #: N045SL Side Mount #: N045VL The side mount one has a few extra holes drilled to...
  10. S

    FS: seat mounts, both side mount and base mount. s-body

    Hay, ive got the following for sale BOTH DRIVERS SIDE: BRIDE Base mount rail in perfect working order 100 pounds+delivery DRIFTWORKS LOW Side mount rail also in perfect working order 100pounds+delivery postage will be between 5-10 pounds for UK delivery and i will send outside the uk but...
  11. M

    WTB: Bride/recaro seat rails

    Need a pair of seat rails for base mount seats. Cash waiting!
  12. S

    FS: s15 JIC coilovers

    Location: Brisbane, manly. Australia. payment: cash only. $650 ono contact: PM, and we'll go from there. item: Set of JIC FLT FAS coilovers out of my s15 silvia, fairly sure thats what they are. base adjustment on all 4 corners. i bought 2nd hand about 4months ago, used them for about 4...
  13. JaseYpk

    How To: Overfill The Gearbox

    This is just a basic guide for those who don't know how to do it on how to overfill the gearbox, beyond the filler plug on the box itself. It was new to me so i guess it'l be new to some of the newer owners aswell :) Firstly, jump inside your car and eye up the gear stick: Remove the gear...
  14. M

    Howdy from North Carolina

    Well, figured I'd join this forum and see how things are across the pond ;) I love the S15, but America has the stupid rule that an imported car has to be a minimum 25 years old, so for me to own a S15 would be highly illegal here. I do have an s13 that is stripped down and ready for an LS2...
  15. Mark_D

    FS: Goowwwd Blimey! Blue S15 on Pistonheads (Not mine) This speaks for itself really. Saw it on PH last night and spent some time admiring it. I have to say it looks superb considering its only got the non-aero front bumper. Seems to be in very good condition, and would be a good base for modding since...
  16. Topper

    Which hose fits here.....

    ...I dont appear to have a hose left to connect to this: From/passes under the throttle body, any ideas: The outlet is at the base of the red strip See here for ideas so far:
  17. E

    Anyone here using the AEM Plug and Play ECU?

    Looking for some tips and maybe a base map or two.
  18. D

    base boost....

    Does anyone know what the base boost is on just the actuator alone? this is needed to setup my EVC. Cheers.
  19. D


    this weekend is one of my more expensive weekends.... went out sunday morning to find. both sides of my car had been keyed....... along with the roof, and the bonnet now tells me i'm a "wanker".... to say the least... not best pleased! ?1300 to sort it out.... for what? what has "this" person...