1. 4

    Battery light on

    I there guys I picked silv up 2 days ago and on the way back from work the battery light come on. And kept dimming and flickering everything still worked like the wipers etc. Any ideas? Also it used to have a defi fitted and he put the std guage in and it shows -7 all the time it does the swoop...
  2. G

    1993 MR2 battery problems i think!

    Hey Lads, havin problems with my mr2 at the moment. i put a new battery in it but if the car is left sitting for 2 days it goes completely dead. is the altenator the most likely problem? if so any idea how much it would cost to get it sorted? this would never have happened in my S15 :no:
  3. D

    a little question

    Hi! yesterday i had an accident. I had my car on charging and I forgot about it. Soo when I tried to start it the cabel from the charger to the battery whent around this. Is there something I should be vorried about or what? //Daniel
  4. D

    FMIC battery tray!

    Was told iv to only cut hole in battery tray for intercooler pipes but was lookin at the tray and under it is like the inner shell/valence. have i to cut true both or whats the story:confused::confused::confused:
  5. raytsang

    starting and electrical problems.

    Hi Guys. have some issues with the car yesturday.. Basically was parked waiting for GF, engine off but radio still on. 10mins later went to turn the car back on, got nothing as if the battery went dead.. engine was not ever turning and no cranking noise. got a jump of 2 different car and a...
  6. F

    GReddy fmic Q

    Hey guys, I'm guessing a few people on here would have the GReddy Spec M fmic kit on their I'm just wondering if you could help me out and post a pic of where the piping goes through the battery tray and maybe some measurements of what size battery would fit? I'm about to buy a new...
  7. Topper

    Battery Cut-off

    I'm looking for a quick and easy way to disconnect my cars battery, at the moment i disconnect the negative side when the car is in storage. There are a lot of battery cut-off switches available, but i've been thinking of something along these lines -...
  8. J

    Battery Issues

    Hi Guys. Not be on here for while but really need your help ad recommendations. Recently moved house and im now within walking distance of my work and gym my girlfriends mini is always parked behind mine on the drive so my S15 hhdant been started for a good week or so, and i presume this along...
  9. G

    S15 Origianl Key Fob

    been meaning to ask this for a while, an original nissan key fob came in my car with a button on it and no battery in it and the key cut off. did these come standard with the S15? i dont have an alarm in the car yet, mite this work the central locking if i threw a battery into it?? finally got...
  10. E

    Part Number Help: Wiring Harness :(

    Hi all.. having an issue trying to work out in FAST what the part number is for the sub harness for the ignition coils is. I have attached an image from the service manual.. basically I need the one that has the connectors 101-106 on it. FAST isn't very clear on the major numbers. I...
  11. P

    Battery terminals too big

    Okay, bit of a noob question :o but I'm not really up to speed on car electrics :confused: . I have a new battery for the car, it is nice and small so I can fit the FMIC but the terminals on the battery are larger than the factory battery clamps. What are my options to get the two to meet...
  12. J

    Sigma Alarm System, Fried?

    Hello, When i got into my car today, after unlocking it via my fob i turned the ignition and the car failed to start, beeping at me. Thinking the obvious, the battery, i tried folding out my electric mirrors, they made it about half way, heh. So i charged up my battery for roughly 2 hours...
  13. D

    Battery Question

    Lads whats the story with the battery. Its shit. 1. Has anyone changed the battery? 2. Can i change terminals for a Uk/irl domestic battery? 3. Anyone reccomend a battery to put in or know what amp the battery is. 4 Can i get a battery with terminals that small? I was doing a bit of wiring...