1. S

    Which battery?

    Hi. I know this sort of thread has been posted in the past, but just wanted to double check with other members. My battery has finally died, so I'm looking for a replacement. It never had much oomph ever since I got the car, and has recently let me down on a couple of occasions. Mike at...
  2. E

    Which battery?

    Hi, I went on holiday for three weeks and the battery in my S15 has died :( Does anyone know what I need to replace it? Size, Amp-hourage, and where I might get one? Most useful would probably be "you need a UK market Z32 one." The current battery is marked completely in Japanese, I can't...
  3. pegliobaglio

    Battery issues

    Been having problems with my car's battery,mainly because i was not driving the car very much over the winter period,it seemed to be loosing it's charge after 3-4 days of not being driven ,but now it does not have enough cold crank power to start her up. I am looking into gettin a fmic in the...
  4. C

    OEM Recirc valve fix

    This guide was made by 'Adams' on SXOC... The job is really simple - all the tools needed are a 8mm and 10mm socket spanner, a screwdriver plus some instant gasket. 1) The factory DV is located behind the battery, just under the fuse box: 2) First you need to remove the battery...
  5. D

    FS: FOR SALE: 1999 S15 in QLD, Australia!

    Hi Guys, Time to part with my baby! Pass on the word as this one is an excellent buy. Here's the deal: There's a movie in there also. Asking $19,800 - Goddamn cheap. Registered, RWC, new stuff: front tyres, clutch, battery, alternator, belts, catalytic, manifold...
  6. A

    Battery / Electrical issues

    Hi All, Can anyone give me any advice about how to check if my battery is knackered?? Basically have found since having my car that if it is left for 2 weeks say whilst i am on holiday that I come back and the battery was flat.. In late 2008 i therefore swapped out my battery for one of these...
  7. Dan H


    I've had to buy a new battery for my recently imported 15, so I thought I'd stick up a post with the details, as I couldn't find any when searching. Armed with a tape measure, I went to Halfords to find one matching the original that was fitted. Mine had got a small battery that I assume is...
  8. H

    FMIC battery fixing

    Hi, Just fitting my Apex Type 1 intercooler and have drilled the hole in the battery tray and swivelled the battery around but not sure on how to fix it back on again. Will I need to drill any holes to fix it in again? Thankyou :wave:
  9. adz87kc

    FS: DB power battery relocation kit

    I bought this a few weeks back from a guy over on sxoc to put the stock battery on the boot in order to accomodate FMIC piping. But, my S15 come from Japan with a smaller battery that i just moved to the side hence the reason for sale :) Just want what i paid for it: £80+pp
  10. Nicely

    Airbag in Motion

    Clearing out the shed earlier today and found my old S15 steering wheel (leather damaged). Thought 'what a waste to just chuck it', so had a bit of fun first. Amazing what you can do with a 9v battery... :D
  11. paddyb01

    battery box

    does anyone know were i could get a cover or a box for the battery getting the engine bay spayed up soon and gonna spay the box too if i can get one:thumbs:
  12. S

    Intercooler Wiring Issue

    right, got the lovely hole cut in the battery tray and all that fun stuff. problem is, the positive terminals will not reach round far enough to get near the battery now its moved. ive seen some pics with new wiring made up, and ive seen others with the stock red thing still being used...
  13. G

    What is the size of Factory Battery?

    Hey, Anybody knows what is the original battery size and spec for Spec-R S15? Mine came with a tiny NS40 size with 335 cold cranking amps. I'm planning to relocate my battery to the rear trunk as it was claimed will double the life span due to lesser heat. While I am at it, I was thinking to put...
  14. V

    ground wire

    alri fellow mebers, can anybody tell me if the metal holder on the ground wire to the battery is nessecary?? its on the wire and is bolted into the battery tray, because after fitting my FMIC i had to turn my battery sideways, and my ground cable just about stretchs and its begging to slip off...
  15. V

    amp lead??

    story people? can somebody please help me, im putting my old amp into the boot of the 15 im puzzeld as to where i can find a place in the friewall to bring the power lead from the battery into the car! can some body please help thanks
  16. D

    Why immobilzers suck... haha

    Last night I went out christmas light driving with a friend... nobody was in the spirit this year, crappy displays, so we decided to drive out of town and cruise up a nearby mountain to just look out over the city. Lovely view. fantastic. Went back to the car... remote central locking wasn't...
  17. S

    Battery Advice

    I have been looking at batteries for the S15 and just have a couple of queries as to what spec the the battery should be. 1. I know what CCA is, but what is the ideal number (I currently have 330) 2. CA I assume is cranking amps but how does this differ from the above (is it a warm CA) 3...
  18. mook

    Quick Q for Matt S

    Matt, Apologies if you've mentioned this in order threads but I did a search and skimmed through a couple of pages and couldn't find anything. I see on your spec that you've got a GReddy fmic. I also see you still have your fogs and don't appear to have had to cut your areo bumper at all to...
  19. S

    Electrical Expertise

    I have a small battery on my car, think its 330 ca. If I leave the car for a week its unlikely to turn over. The battery is fine just my alarm and earthing kit possibly draining it. My question is would it be better to relocate to boot area with a large battery or put one in the boot thats...
  20. DeanS15

    battery cabling identification

    hey people, im going to be turning my battery around soon when i fit the fmic, the terminals are opposite to the standard ones so ill have to do something with the standard wiring as it wont reach. what i need to know is what the largest of the cables on the positive terminal goes to. im...